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Fonseca Trending 03/25/22


- WCCO says a 12 year-old tiger at the Minnesota Zoo recently died unexpectedly during a routine medical procedure. The tiger was named Putin and arrived in Minnesota from Denmark in 2015.

- Ad Age magazine says Pepsi and IHOP have developed a new limited-edition Maple Syrup-flavored cola. People can get the cola by posting pictures of their pancakes along with the hashtags #ShowUsYourStack, #PepsiSweepstakes and @IHOP. Only 2,000 cans have been produced

- Hypebeast says Kellogg's is launching three new Frosted Flakes flavors including Strawberry Milkshake, Cinnamon French Toast and Chocolate


Chicagoan Gives Away $1 Million In Free Gas: NBC says Chicagoan Willie Wilson gave away $1 million in free gas yesterday. Dozens of gas stations teamed up with Willie for the free fuel. Some drivers waited in line as long as six hours to get the free gas. Willie made his millions selling medical supplies

MovieWeb says this year's Oscars goodie bag is worth $100,000. It contains a gift certificate for a plot of land in Scotland, a stay at a Scottish Castle worth $50,000, skin care products, liposuction, pretzels, wine, olive oil, a hairbrush and unisex perfume, among other things

2022 Oscars Survey

A new survey by YouGov reveals that only 23% of people enjoy the typical Best Picture nominees at The Academy Awards. Other findings:

- The most watched 2022 Oscar nominees are "West Side Story" (46% of people have seen it) and "Dune" (44% of people have seen it)

- only 20% of people have seen the Best Picture nominee "Licorice Pizza"

- 58% of people have no idea which film will win Best Picture this year

- 16% of people think "West Side Story" will win Best Picture

- 10% of people think "Coda" will win the Best Picture award

- 9% of people think "Belfast" will win Best Picture

- 6% of people think "Dune" or "Don't Look Up" will take home the Best Picture prize

- 17% of people think "West Side Story" deserves to win Best Picture

- 12% of people think "King Richard" deserves to win Best Picture

- 10% of people think "Dune" deserves to win Best Picture

- 9% of people think "The Power of the Dog" deserves to win Best Picture

Giant Freakin Robot says Tom Cruise is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.The website says he is going to make an appearance in Doctor Strange 2 as a Multiverse version of Tony Stark. Tom is also working on another project for Marvel. He will most likely play Iron Man in another movie.

Newsweek magazine says a Tik Tok user, named Kayla Abbott, has invited 50 celebrities to her wedding. Among those who received invites Mickey Mouse, Dwayne Johnson, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Elon Musk, Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Tim Allen, Morgan Wallen, Luke Combs, and John Cena. Kayla found the celebrity addresses on the Internet.

The NY Post says Carole Baskin is going viral because she was recently videotaped dancing to a song accusing her of killing her husband. The lyrics for the Brooklyn Charles track ''Savage: Tiger King Edition'' read: “Carole Baskin/ killed her husband/ whacked him.” Carol claims she never fed Don Lewis to any big cats

Heidi Montag tells US Weekly that Lady Gaga derailed her music career because she saw her as competition. “It’s hard because people are like, ‘I love Lady Gaga!’ And I’m like, ‘I’m sure she’s great but I have not had the best encounter with her'. She did not want me working with RedOne (producer) and she told RedOne she wouldn’t work with him anymore if I kept working with him. And he’s like, ‘I’m sorry. She’s my writing partner for huge things.’ We even went out to dinner with him several times and we were hanging out with him and she pulled the cord.”

The National Enquirer claims Britney Spears is allegedly having issues with writing her memoir. A source tells the magazine, “Britney can sing and dance but she’s no writer. The pages she’s written so far are all over the place and don’t make sense to anyone but her! Having a ghostwriter will guarantee a well-written, gripping book, but the ones Britney’s shopped her book around to are horrified. She’s adamant that what she’s written so far stays exactly the way it is, but it’s drivel, with poor grammar and run-on sentences and paragraphs that don’t flow. This would be the assignment from hell!”

Law & Order star Ice-T is going viral for posting the following dad joke: ''I was robbed at a gas station in NJ last night. After my hands stopped trembling..I managed to call the cops and they were quick to respond and calmed me down..... My money is gone.. the police asked me if I knew who did it..I said yes.. it was pump number 9…''

The Daily Mail says a screening of Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum's new movie, ''The Lost City'', was recently interrupted by a broken projector. Comedian Tiffany King stood up in the middle of the Burbank, California theater and did a 15-minute comedy routine. She chanted in gibberish, sang opera and told bad jokes as she jumped around. The movie returned after 30 minutes

Entertainment Tonight says Orlando Bloom flew to Moldova yesterday where he met with Ukrainian families that fled because Russia invaded their country.Orlando posted pictures of himself spending time with children and babies. Katy Perry posted; “My hero and many others”

Coffee Good For Your Health

A new study by the Baker Heart Institute, in Melbourne, Australia, reveals that drinking two cups of coffee a day may cut the risk of heart disease and early death by 15%.

Researcher Peter Kistler says, ''Our data suggest that daily coffee intake shouldn't be discouraged, but rather included as a part of a healthy diet for people with and without heart disease. The biological compounds in coffee can reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity — which reduces blood sugar — and boosts metabolism. It also reduces the gut's ability to absorb fat and blocks receptors involved with abnormal heart rhythms. But our study shows that regular coffee intake is safe and could be part of a healthy diet for people with heart disease.''

Pay Raise Survey

A new survey by CIPHR reveals that 70% of people don't feel their last pay raise accurately reflected their job performance. Other findings:

- 64% of people feel their last pay raise was unfair

- 59% of people say their last pay raise was not in line with the market rate for their role

- 17% of employers say they cannot afford to give their employees a pay raise because of inflation

Exercise Survey

A new survey by One Poll reveals that the average person works out four days per week. Other findings:

- 34% of people say the hardest part of working out is finding time to do it

- the average person has tried five workout routines in the last two years

Screen Time Survey

A new study by Lightspeed Systems reveals that 70% of parents are worried about their children becoming Internet zombies. Other findings:

- 66% of parents say their child's behavior has changed as a result of increase screen time

- 29% of parents don't think their children are mature enough to surf the web by themselves

- 40% of parents randomly check their child's browsing history

Dear Fonseca

I am fuming and am writing to you because I need a release. About an hour ago, my nephew called and told me that my son got arrested on Spring Break. He thinks it was either for underage drinking or using his fake ID. I left a message for my husband because he is working. We told our son not to get in trouble before he left. My nephew says my son needs money for bail. I am thinking about letting him sit in jail rather than bailing him out. He needs to be taught a lesson. My husband, will of course, want to bail him out because he is sometimes soft. What would you do if you were me?

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