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Fonseca Trending 03/24/21


- Business Insider says 100 million Americans will have received their stimulus checks by today.

- Bloomberg says Pfizer is developing a new coronavirus pill that is taken at the first sign of illness. The pill is designed to block covid-19 from replicating in the body. The company says testing is going well

- Business Insider says Regal Theaters are reopening in April in order to show ''Godzilla vs Kong'' and ''Mortal Kombat.'' The theaters have been closed due to the pandemic

- WPLG says the Miami Beach police are using pepper balls to disperse rowdy Spring Breakers from local streets. Some Spring Breakers continue to ignore the city's 8 p.m. curfew

- Ace Showbiz says Matthew McConaughey's star-studded fundraiser for Texas residents affected by Winter Storm Yuri raised over $7.7 million.

- Deadline Hollywood says Jerry Springer's latest show, ''Judge Jerry'', has been renewed for a third season in syndication.

- Uproxx says Helen Mirren is going to play a villain in the sequel to Shazam.

- Busted Coverage says LaVar Ball is selling a new hot sauce called “Stay In Yo Lane Hot Sauce.” He says, ''The sauce will turn any dish into a delicious masterpiece. We’ve meticulously crafted a flavor for elegant dining experiences. Stay In Yo Lane if you can’t handle the flavor.”

- says Papa's Tomato Pies, in Robbinsville, New Jersey, is going viral because they are selling a Mustard Pizza. A spicy brown mustard is drizzled on the dough before cheese and sauce are placed on top of it

- The Daily Mail says My Health Space recently conducted a study to find the best days to start a diet. The company concluded that Mondays, the day after your birthday and after a wake-up call, such as a hospitalization, are the best times to start a diet. The worst days are weekends, New Year's Day and right after a holiday.


Man Finds Shrimp Tails In Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal: Bro Bible says a man, named Jensen Karp, recently found freeze dried shrimp tails in his box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

He posted pictures of the tails online before Cinnamon Toast Crunch responded: ''Oh, hey Jensen, sorry about the vaguely horrifying shrimp tails you found in your breakfast cereal — why don’t you slide in your DMs so we can mail you another fresh box of our $4, non-shrimp tainted cereal! Sorry for the inconvenience!”

Jensen wrote: ''GUYS - I am not sure I’m ready for another box!!!''

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Tweeted, ''After further investigation with our team that closely examined the image, it appears to be an accumulation of the cinnamon sugar that sometimes can occur when ingredients aren't thoroughly blended. We assure you that there's no possibility of cross contamination with shrimp.''

Survey. "What's the weirdest, scariest or funniest thing you, or someone you know, has found in their food?"

Instant Phoner ... this woman found a Band Ai
Download MP3 • 136KB

Instant Phoner ... this woman bit into a burr
Download MP3 • 318KB

Instant Phoner ... this womans family was on
Download MP3 • 528KB

Instant Phoner ... this woman worked at a wel
Download MP3 • 352KB

Instant Phoner ... this woman was eating mash
Download MP3 • 190KB

Instant Phoner ... this woman was dining out
Download MP3 • 166KB

Instant Phoner ... this woman found a Band Ai copy
Download MP3 • 165KB

Instant Phoner ... this guy found a metal bol
Download MP3 • 248KB

Instant Phoner ... this woman found a frozen
Download MP3 • 344KB

Entertainment Tonight says Taylor Swift has donated $50,000 to a mother of five, who lost her husband to the coronavirus. Vicki Quarles' friend, DeQuanda Smith, set up a GoFundMe page to help the family. She wrote: “With daily prayer and providing dinner for my friend and her daughters, the gesture seems so very small in comparison to what lies ahead for this family. In support of Vicki and her girls to offer financial relief and worry from things associated with basic immediate needs as well as for their continued growth, goals and aspirations.”

Over $60,000 has been raised for the family

Olivia Rodrigo tells that she's addicted to 'Jeopardy'. “My favorite show right now is Jeopardy. I never get any of the answers right but I watch it religiously.”

Ava Max tells that she learned to expect the best, but also prepare for the worst. “Growing up, I had a lot of friends who would say, ‘Be super positive. Don’t think about the bad.’ My parents always taught me stay positive, but you have to be prepared if anything bad happens, too. So, it’s kind of a double-edged sword. You’re not always going to be happy all of the time and that’s okay.” says fans think Katy Perry and Taylor Swift may be recording a song together because Katy posted: “Can you imagine if Taylor and I work together, what we could do?”

The NY Post says Justin Bieber will never tattoo his hands. The newspaper quotes him as saying, “I promised myself I didn’t want to get tattoos on my hand. Something about just being able to wear a suit and not having tattoos on my hands… that’s really one of my only places left [to tattoo] or my feet or my legs.”

24kGoldn tells The Clash magazine that his parents exposed him to many different things growing up. “My parents liked everything. They both travelled the world before they had me, so they formed a very diverse and cultural perspective in terms of food, music and movies. Everything I did from a young age exposed me to different aspects of the world”.

LAD Bible says a Cheeto, that resembles Arnold Schwarzenegger, is being auctioned off for $10,000. The Cheeto's description reads, "Flaming hot Limón Cheetos! One of a kind! Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Olympia pose! Single Cheeto bag not included. Not to be eaten... stored as collectible item." So far no one has bid on the Cheeto . The Las Vegas seller is offering installment payments of $417 a month for 24 months

The Sun says Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer may have reconciled. A fan recently spotted Jennifer in a picture with what they believe is John's white dog. The fan posted: "John Mayer and Jenny An. Is that Jennifer Aniston's dog in JM's new TikTok announcing his new music. A doggy playdate perhaps." Side by side pictures of the dog with Jennifer and John were posted. The dog appears to be wearing the same collar in both shots

The Globe says George Clooney is allegedly glad to be out of the house and filming a new movie. A source tells the magazine, “He’s ready to break free after being grounded for so long. George has given up so much to please Amal. Everything from riding motorcycles to drinking with his buddies. Now, the fear is he could slip back into those bad habits without her watching him like a hawk. It’s raising eyebrows given that Lake Como was George’s party place in his bachelor days. Amal is being understanding or trying to be, but her place right now is in L.A. with the twins, not gallivanting around the world. The reality is George and Amal could go weeks if not months on their own, and that’ll put them back in the bad place that’s caused a lot of tension.''

The National Enquirer claims Kelly Clarkson allegedly dislikes it when Blake Shelton takes shots at her on ''The Voice.'' A source tells the magazine, “Kelly was shocked Blake found it funny to take shots at her on-air especially while she’s going through such a difficult time. Everyone knows she’s having a hard time with the divorce from Brandon Blackstock and trying to juggle two young kids and a talk show on top of her duties on The Voice. Kelly believes if anyone should be aware of all she’s going through, it should be Blake. She thinks his jokes were cruel – and won’t forgive him anytime soon.''

The National Enquirer claims Ellen DeGeneres was allegedly crushed when it was announced that she would not be hosting the "Friends" reunion special on HBO Max. A source tells the magazine, “She has had Jennifer Aniston on the show so many times promoting the idea of a reunion. She feels like it’s a personal betrayal. It was like getting kicked when you’re down. They just believe that a lot of people would be turned off by her being a part of it and not tune in. It’s already showing up in Ellen’s ratings. And it’s just not a good look for these guys to be seen publicly embracing somebody who has been accused of being abusive to her staff. Jen was by far the closest to Ellen among any of them. So she was the one to deliver the news. Ellen understood that Jen and the others had no choice. But it didn’t make it any easier for her to take.''

TMZ says Mike Tyson is going to fight Evander Holyfield on May 29th. Tyson tells Haute Living, "I just want everybody to know the fight is on with me and Holyfield. Holyfield's a humble man I know that and he's a man of God but I'm God's man. Listen, I'm going to be successful May 29."

W magazine says Britney Spears has no plans to do a tell-all interview with Oprah. A source tells US Weekly Magazine, “The report about Britney considering a tell-all is greatly exaggerated and essentially giving false hope to the fans who tweeted calls for it after the Harry and Meghan interview. Britney would like to tell her story and has always wanted to write a memoir, but the conservatorship makes that difficult and it’s not something on her immediate radar, anyway.” says Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are still a couple because of their children. A source tells the website, “Jennifer hasn’t told her kids of any decisions in regards to Alex right now. It was devastating for her to hear the news break when it did because she didn’t want them knowing anything was wrong. She doesn’t have the energy to even be mad. Alex and Jennifer feel like they have a family right now. They may stay together a little bit for the sake of the kids, but that’s why they’re together right now.”

The Guardian was recently doing an interview with Orlando Bloom when they asked him, ''What was your most embarrassing moment?'' He replied, ‘’When I was four, I was on stage, dressed as a monkey. I turned around so I wasn’t facing the audience and scratched my bottom, which obviously brought the house down. It mortified me. That probably gave me stage fright, which I’ve been living with since.’’

America's Favorite TV Shows Of All-Time ... According to a new survey by YouGov

  1. Jeopardy!

  2. Tom and Jerry

  3. The Flintsones

  4. The Bugs Bunny Show

  5. Sesame Street

  6. I Love Lucy

  7. The Jetsons

  8. The Twilight Zone

  9. The Golden Girls

  10. Wheel of Fortune

  11. Bewitched

  12. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

  13. The Muppets

  14. The Looney Toons Show

  15. The Carol Burnett Show

  16. M*A*S*H

  17. The Muppet Show

  18. The Price Is Right

  19. The Andy Griffith Show

  20. Gilligan's Island

  21. Happy Days

  22. The Munsters

  23. I Dream of Jeannie

  24. Family Feud

  25. The Beverly Hillbillies

  26. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  27. America's Funniest Home Videos

  28. Cheers

  29. The Three Stooges

  30. Lassie

  31. Married...With Children

  32. The Simpsons

  33. Everybody Loves Raymond

  34. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

  35. Law & Order

  36. Home Improvement

  37. Little House on the Prairie

  38. 60 Minutes

  39. The Jeffersons

  40. Laverne & Shirley

  41. Sanford and Son

  42. Seinfeld

  43. The Dick Van Dyke Show

  44. House

  45. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Carson

  46. Three's Company

  47. Friends

  48. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

  49. All in the Family

  50. Columbo

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