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Fonseca Trending 03/23/21


- NBC says Krispy Kreme Donuts is giving away free donuts to anyone, who has been vaccinated. The company says vaccinated people can get a free Original Glazed donut “anytime, any day, even every day.'' A vaccination card is required.

- TMZ says the Evander Holyfield-Mike Tyson fight is not going to happen because negotiations have broken off. Holyfield's team says Tyson wanted more than a 50/50 split. Tyson also turned down $25 million.

- A new survey by Express VPN reveals that 54% of Netflix users may unsubscribe to the service if the service cracks down on password sharing.


Women Washing Their Hair In Toilet: WSHH says women are taking part in a new challenge called the Tik Tok Toilet Challenge. The women are placing their heads in toilet bowls before their friends shampoo their hair and then flush the toilet. The water quickly rinses their hair. The women lay back in the toilet bowl like they would if they were in a salon chair.

Survey: "Do you know someone, who took part in a dumb and foolish Internet trend or challenge? If so, what did they do? What hilarious and dumb things happened as a result of them doing the trend or challenge? Did they get injured?"

Justin Bieber tells Billboard magazine that he's learned success doesn't always equal happiness. “At this point, I’ve reached a level of success so many times that I know success isn’t a be-all, end-all to my happiness."

Billie Eilish tells Variety magazine that she loves 'The Office'. “Every time I watch it, I understand something new, because I started at 12. And I honestly, if you asked my parents, most of the things that — this makes me sound so stupid — but the most of the things that I know are because of ‘The Office.'” says Dua Lipa is going to headline Elton John's Oscar viewing party. It will take place on Sunday, April 25th. Proceeds benefit Elton's AIDS Foundation

Olivia Rodrigo tells NBC that she likes putting her feelings into her songs. “When I came up with ‘Drivers License,’ I was going through a heartbreak that was so confusing to me, so multifaceted. Putting all those feelings into a song made everything seem so much simpler and clearer — and at the end of the day, I think that’s really the whole purpose of songwriting. There’s nothing like sitting at the piano in my bedroom and writing a really sad song. It’s truly my favorite thing in the world.”

Ava Max tells Elite Daily magazine that the pandemic made her realize how much she took traveling for granted. "I took traveling for granted for sure, because I was so jet-lagged and tired. I was in the U.S. a lot. It was a lot of Europe, a lot of Australia, a lot of Asia, and also the U.S. I remember walking around Paris like a zombie. I had to work, but I didn't sleep on the red eye. Like, was I in real life or heaven?"

Decider magazine says Jamie Foxx's new Mike Tyson movie is going to be turned into a limited series that will be produced by Martin Scorsese. The series will explore Tyson's life. No word on what network will carry the series

Jamie Foxx Dishes On Playing Mike Tyson In An
Download MP3 • 736KB
Jamie Foxx Talks About Playing Mike Tyson ...
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Jamie Foxx on The Tonight Show ... Jamie Foxx
Download MP3 • 935KB

The Sun says Sharon Osbourne won't quit "The Talk" unless she is paid millions of dollars. Sharon is feuding with her co-stars because she supported Piers Morgan after he departed ''Good Morning Britain'' because of comments he made about Meghan Markle A source tells the newspaper, "She is furious about the slew of accusations made about her and is refusing to bow to the mounting pressure to leave. As far as she is concerned, she apologized over the on-air debate and hasn’t done anything else wrong. She has a contract and they will have to pay her off if they want her to leave and that will cost them tens of millions. If bosses expect her to go quietly, they have got another thing coming. It has formed a rift behind the scenes of the show but Sharon has made it crystal clear that she wants to put this behind her and carry on."

Entertainment Tonight says Chelsea Handler is recovering from a skiing accident.She slammed into a tree and tore her meniscus and broke two toes. Chelsea posted, “I ski so many days a year and I keep falling like this! I skied into one tree today and ski patrol was skiing with me and he was on the phone. He’s like, ‘Oh, I gotta take a call.’ I’m like, ‘Excuse me, I’m in a tree well.' I mean, it’s just ridiculous. I get no respect on the mountain.”

E! News says Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have not reconciled. Rumors started after she posted a picture of herself wearing a half-heart pendant. When people reacted, Anna tweeted a bunch of memes for the words "Nope" and "No".

TMZ says Vin Diesel's nine year-old son, Vincent, is going to star in ''Fast and the Furious 9.'' He will play a younger version of Vin's character, Dominic Toretto. Vincent earned $1,005 a day for his work on the film.

OK! magazine claims Angelina Jolie is allegedly asking friends, including Ellen Pompeo, to set her up on dates. A source tells the magazine, “Angie likes the idea of dating a fellow A-lister who can relate to her about living in the spotlight, and Ellen’s been helping out with suggestions. Now the hunt is on to find a suitable bunch of candidates. She wants fun and adventure again and is ready to really go for it. After months of just being Mom, dressing up, putting on some perfume, and engaging in stimulating conversation sounds good to Angie.”

E! News says Ellen DeGeneres' wife, Portia de Rossi, is recovering from emergency appendicitis surgery. Ellen rushed Portia to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well. She is now taking care of her at home.

Decider magazine says ''The Ellen Degeneres Show'' has lost over 1 million viewers since allegations surfaced that her workplace is toxic. She was averaging 2.6 million viewers a day until workers went public with their complaints. Now, 1.5 million viewers are watching Ellen on a daily basis. Around three million people watch Dr. Phil and ''Live with Kelly and Ryan'' on a daily basis

The Blast says Brie Bella posted pictures of her stretch marks yesterday along with the caption: "Sometimes it’s hard for me to look in the mirror and see my body. I always tell myself to be kind and grateful but I’m human so picking myself apart happens. You might see me at the pool in my one piece but I’m showing all of you that my treasure marks are something special. They remind me of a special connection I got to share with my sweet babies for 9 months''

Orlando Bloom tells the Times newspaper that he loves being a Girl Dad. “My son’s first word was ‘Mama’, but Daisy said ‘Dadda'. It’s amazing to be a father again. Daisy’s a very happy baby. I’ll kiss her and we’ll spend some time connecting. ’ll do eye-gazing with her and sing songs, ‘Daddy loves his Daisy Dove,’ so she knows who Daddy is.”

The NY Post says Chevy Chase is okay after spending five weeks in the hospital.He posted “These are my first few days home. I can only say how happy I am to now be back with my family. I’m feeling good. I was in the hospital five weeks. A heart issue. So, for now, I’m around the house. Not going anywhere. I used to go out and do anything. I’d do slapstick in front of 3,000 people. But at this moment I have no need to go out and meet COVID. I read. Turn on TV. Watch the news. All drek. I see actors, comedians, producers, screenwriters working and, God bless them, but I don’t see anything great on television. It all became a generation of s–theads laughing at the world. The humor today’s giving the next generation worse stuff than they already have in their own lives. It drives me nuts.”

Mother Tests Her Family By Quitting Household Chores

Bored Panda says Twitter user Miss Potkin recently conducted a hilarious experiment with her family to find out what would happen if she stopped performing household chores. Potkin quit doing the dishes, laundry, and other activities to see if anyone would pick up the slack. She tweeted the disgusting results each day as her husband and children failed to step up and do the chores. It took a whopping three days before her family finally began tidying up the house.

Highlights from Miss Potkin's tweets ...

"There is a pan on the cooker with a single sausage in it. It's been there for two days. I can't look at it because it's turned the color of the man that washes up in 'Cast Away.'"

"Let me know when you want to talk about the fact that I stopped doing the laundry too. It's getting a bit post-apocalyptic. The piles are everywhere."

"The last of the [toilet paper] roll in the downstairs loo was used at 7:04 p.m. last night. It hasn't been replaced. The downstairs loo is now out of action for anyone that remembers. For anyone that doesn't ... God help them."

"Do I switch on the dishwasher? It's killing me. Knowing the dishwasher is full but just sitting there is KILLING ME."

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