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Fonseca Trending 03/10/22


- Variety magazine says the release of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's superhero movie, ''Black Adam'', has been pushed back to October 21st

- Variety magazine says a movie about Billy Joel's life, titled ''Piano Man'', is in development. The biopic will follow his early years and breakout performances in the 1970s.

- Sports Illustrated says Tom Brady has filed 26 new business patents for a food delivery service, a boutique retail store, candles, bed linens, towels and meal planning services, among other things

- Pop Culture magazine says Rob Gronkowski and Miranda Cosgrove are going to host the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards On Saturday April 9th - The NY Post says Alaska Air, Allegiant and other airlines may cut back on flights because of skyrocketing gas prices.

- Deadline Hollywood says Jerry Springer's legal show, ''Judge Jerry'', has been cancelled. It will air until the end of September.

- WWLP says Dunkin Donuts is planning to celebrate Easter with coffee-flavored jelly beans. Flavors include ... French Vanilla, Caramel Latte, Butter Pecan, Toasted Coconut and Hazlenut. The beans will be available at Dunkin and other retailers


Russia-Ukraine Trending

- The NY Post says seven year-old Amelia Anisovych, who went viral earlier this week for singing ''Let it Go'' inside a Ukrainian bomb shelter, has safely made it to Poland with her grandmother. Her parents stayed behind in the Ukraine to cook for soldiers defending the country against Russia.

- WMTW says an Oklahoma City liquor store, named The Well, is doubling the price of Russian vodka to help Ukrainian children. They are selling $100 bottles and then donating the money to an organization that provides mental health counseling for war victims.

- The Streamable says Amazon has stopped streaming its Prime Video service in Russia because Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine.

- Engadget says the Bumble dating app has temporarily suspended service in Russia and Belarus because Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine


Tinder Offering Background Checks: Business Insider says Tinder is offering a new feature that allows members to run background checks on potential matches. Members get two free background checks and then have to pay $2.50 per search after that. Tinder will allow its members to boot matches that have criminal records.

The Daily Mail newspaper says Rebel Wilson has arrived in London to host an awards show. She posted a picture of herself along with the caption; 'I'm here. And I'm going to try my best at the BAFTAS Sunday night. Does anyone have Robert Pattinson's number? Wanted to low key invite him … Rebs x'

Robert has yet to respond.

The Wrap says HBO Max is moving ahead with plans to do a new series about Colin Farrell's Batman character The Penguin. ''The Batman'' has made over $301 million worldwide since it was released last week. The show will chronicle the Penguin's criminal rise to power in Gotham

US Weekly Magazine says Kelly Clarkson is allegedly dating again. A source tells the magazine, “Kelly has entered the dating world. She’s being set up with friends and is open to dating again. It’s hard for Kelly to find time for romance with her schedule, but her friends are still into setting her up.”

People magazine says Pete Davidson is becoming annoyed with Kanye West's drama. A source tells the magazine, “Pete is being as calm and cool as possible, but it’s not a comfortable thing. This is not his scene. He’s a very cool and chill guy. This is a big reason why Kim is so upset and why she texted Kanye in the first place. It’s not fair to Pete or her what he’s been doing.”

Deadline Hollywood says Pete Davidson is going to star as a fictional version of himself in a new comedy series called “Bupkis”. ''Saturday Night Live'' producer Lorne Michaels is developing the series. Some are comparing the series to Larry David's ''Curb Your Enthusiasm''

NBC says Black Panther director Ryan Coogler was detained by the police earlier this year after being mistaken for a bank robber in Atlanta. He went to a Bank of America wearing a hat, sunglasses and a coronavirus mask. Ryan handed the teller a note asking her to discreetly withdraw more than $10,000 from his account. She thought he was trying to rob the bank and had a manager call 911. Officers quickly arrived and handcuffed Ryan. He was released after the bank realized they made a mistake.

Pop Culture magazine says John Cena is starring in a new Looney Tunes movie called "Coyote Versus Acme". Wile E. Coyote decides to sue the Acme Corporation because their products haven't helped him catch the Road Runner. Will Forte is going to play Wile E. Coyote's lawyer. Cena will be playing Forte's boss

Pop Culture magazine says Nick Cannon's daytime talk show has been cancelled. Jennifer Hudson's new talk show will replace it in the Fall. Around 400,000 people a day watched Nick's show. A source tells the magazine, "You can't survive with those ratings. That's Bethenny Frankle and Kris Jenner talk show rating territory- it didn't end well for their shows either." says Robert Pattinson is allegedly open to starring in another Twilight film based on a Stephenie Meyer's book. A source tells the website, ”Rob is very proud to be connected with the Twilight franchise as it supplied so many forever memories for him personally and certainly helped his career through all the films and fandom that came from it but when it comes to the new book he hasn’t been given an advanced copy to know what other directions it may go besides obviously being about Edward’s perspective. He would love to do somethin and is not against coming back in some way but by the time that happens, if it were to happen he is also very realistic and knows that he might be way too old to do anything with it. But no decisions or discussions have obviously been addressed at all but he wouldn’t be surprised one bit to be offered something down the line in a few years and he will cross that road when it comes.”

Breakfast Survey

A new survey by One Poll reveals that 31% of people would give up dinner in order to have a second breakfast. Other findings:

- 65% of people believe that breakfast food tastes better for dinner

- 65% of people have turned their dinner leftovers into breakfast the next day

- best breakfast dishes ... eggs followed by omelettes and pancakes

- best breakfast sides ... coffee followed by sausage, bacon, milk, orange juice, fruit and toast

- 31% of people like a quick breakfast

Bathroom Survey A new survey by One Poll reveals that 46% of people don't go to the bathroom in public because they don't want anyone hearing them. Other findings:

- top reason people don't go to the bathroom at work ... fear of taking longer on the toilet than a co-worker.

- worst bathroom etiquette... Peeping through gaps in bathroom stall doors

- 20% of people returning to the office from working at home say they get stressed when they have to use the bathroom with other co-workers

Biggest Bathroom Pet Peeves... According to a new survey by One Poll

thin toilet paper 44%

bad smells 43%

bathroom stall gaps 37%

co-workers that talk while you are in a stall 36% hearing sounds from other stalls 34%

Emoji Survey

A new survey by Samsung reveals that 87% of people find it easier to show emotions with Emojis rather than talking face-to-face. Other findings:

- 10% of people would dump a partner using an emoji or short video

- 81% of people regularly use emojis to express their emotions

Dear Fonseca

My husband's company is throwing a formal party for their clients on Saturday night. I bought a new dress for the affair. My husband says he likes the dress, but wants me to wear something more revealing. At first, I took his comment as a compliment thinking he wants to show me off. Then, I started thinking that I might be viewed as a piece of meat at the event. Can you help me? Which is it? Should I be flattered or insulted by my husband's request?

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