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Fonseca Trending 03/10/21


- NBC says Disney's four theme parks in Orlando have sold all of their Spring Break tickets for next week. They started a reservation system when the pandemic hit. The parks are operating at 35% capacity and require temperature checks, social distancing and mandatory coronavirus masks

- Deadline Hollywood says CBS is going to rebroadcast Oprah's interview with Meghan and Harry on Friday night. Beyonce acknowledged Meghan yesterday and posted: "Thank you Meghan for your courage and leadership. We are all strengthened and inspired by you."

- Screen Rant says Steven Spielberg is developing a movie loosely based on his own childhood. He grew up in Cincinnati and Phoenix and plans to direct the film.

- says Tracy Morgan may portray Louis Armstrong in a new movie about the Jazz great's life. Morgan once said that playing Armstrong is his dream role

- Dark Horizons says CBS has renewed Queen Latifah's TV series, "Equalizer", for a second season.

- Brobible says Patrick Mahomes' alma mater, Texas Tech, has offered his newborn daughter, Sterling, a soccer scholarship. The university made the offer two days after Sterling was born. She is less than a month old.

- The NY Post says Evander Holyfield wants to fight Mike Tyson again. He posted: “Getting back in my rhythm just waiting on my dance partner now @miketyson to show up. Where you at?”

- says a Sterling Heights, Michigan bakery is going viral because they are selling a Superman ice cream cheesecake with Fruity Pebbles. Cynthia's Edible Arts says the cheesecake costs $55. It is selling out.


Disney Cancels Dumbo, Peter Pan, The Aristocrats and Swiss Family Robinson:WGN says Disney+ canceled Dumbo, Peter Pan, The Aristocrats and Swiss Family Robinson yesterday because the films contain negative stereotypes. Disney previously placed content warnings on the films for “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people and cultures”. Adults can still access the films on Disney+, but children cannot.

Olivia Rodrigo tells that she received a special gift from Taylor Swift. “I got a package from her with this handwritten note. And she gave me this ring because she said she wore one just like it when she wrote ‘Red’ and she wanted me to have one like it … and like all of this amazing stuff, she’s like hand-wrapped these gifts.”

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that she realized being a performer isn't a competition. "It’s not like this massive thing that sometimes my brain makes it into, and sometimes the media makes it into, where we’re all on this battlefield and everyone’s gonna die except one person, who wins. It’s like, “No, do you know what? Katy is going to be legendary. Gaga is going to be legendary. Because the work that they made completely overshadows the myopia of this 24-hour news cycle of clickbait.” We’re just entertaining people, and it’s supposed to be fun.

Extra says Hanson star Zac Hanson and his wife, Kate, are the proud parents of a new baby named Quincy Joseph Thoreau Hanson. This is their fifth child

Justin Bieber tells Billboard magazine that his song, 'Hold On', is a message of hope for people. "This song is just basically like a hopeful record of just holding on, because a lot of us I think want to give up at times. We want to let go and just give up, but I think the message is just basically to hold on, you know?"

The Weeknd tells Billboard magazine that his musical journey has made him more spiritual. “I’m definitely spiritual now. I was a full-out atheist, but then I started performing and I was able to kick my destructive habits. I felt like it was a test. I felt like, ‘you had to go through this.’”

The Daily Mirror says Meghan Markle slammed a door in Kate Middleton's face after Kate made her cry. Kate was attempting to apologize to Meghan with a bouquet of flowers. The two reportedly had an argument the day before

In touch Weekly Magazine claims Brad Pitt is allegedly helping Kanye West through his divorce with Kim Kardashian. A source tells the magazine, “Talk about an odd couple. But Kanye and Brad have a strong bond, and Brad’s someone to lean on. Things were really bad with Angelina Jolie, so Brad was looking to Kanye for answers. Now, he’s talking about what life is like after a high-profile divorce, suggesting Kanye seek therapy and sharing how the kids were affected. Kanye doesn’t have many close friends or family right now, so he’s grateful to have someone like Brad. He may even get a shoutout in Kanye’s next song.''

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims George Clooney is allegedly thinking about leaving Hollywood to become a stay-at-home father. A source tells the magazine, “He tells friends he contemplates leaving Hollywood to become a full-time parent all of the time. Those children are his number one priority these days, not work.''

The Sun says Gillian Anderson ripped Alec Baldwin yesterday because he made fun of her British-American accent in the TV show ''The Crown.'' Gillian told Entertainment Tonight, "It's so not a newsworthy item. But I'm sad that it's caused him so much distress. I don't have social media on my phone so I wasn't [aware]. A couple people texted to say that something was going on. I didn't pay any attention to it because it's just something that I live. I grew up between two countries and so depending on who is in my ear is which direction my accent. So I'm so used to it that it's kind of old news for me.''

OK! magazine claims Tiger Woods plans to play golf again once he recovers from his car accident injuries. A source tells the magazine, "The accident's raised a lot of questions about Tiger's future in golf — and there's talk he'll never be able to play again, at least not at the level he used to. Tiger had said he wasn't sure he'd be able to play the Masters in April, and that's going to be near impossible now given the severity of his injuries. He doesn't want to go out this way. It's going to be a long and tough uphill journey, but Tiger will do whatever is possible to get back to the game."

OK! magazine claims Aaron Rodgers is in no hurry to introduce his fiance, Shailene Woodley, to his family. A source tells the magazine, “It’s no secret that Aaron’s been estranged from them for years. The last thing he wants is for Shailene to get caught up in the drama, She wants Aaron to clear the air with his folks, but he’s not ready to do that, and he doesn’t want to bring Shailene into a toxic environment.”

TMZ says Lady Gaga's dognapping may have been a gang initiation. Lady Gaga has yet to pay the woman who found her French Bulldogs because cops are still investigating her.

The NY Post says French Bulldog owners are nervous because of what happened to Lady Gaga's dog walker.

They react ...

“First a lady in Cali & now Lady Gaga’s frenchie dogs get stolen!!! It makes me scared to walk my little guy. I think I’m definitely gonna invest in protection”

“I’m honestly scared to walk too far with [my dog because] a lot of these situations are premeditated. All dog owners, especially Frenchie owners, make sure you change up your route when you walk them!” claims Brandi Glanville trolled Lori Loughlin yesterday when she posted the following tweet: ''Amazing news my baby got accepted to the University of Southern California and I didn’t even have to fake any rowing pictures or bribe anyone''

A person then slammed Brandi when they tweeted: ''Must be an April fools on March 9......USC doesn’t release acceptance notes until April''

Germ-O-Phobe Survey

A new survey by OnePoll reveals that 42% of people now consider themselves germaphobes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Other findings:

- 65% of people are tired of others not taking the pandemic seriously

- the average American washes their hands nine times per day

- 18% of people wash their hands 15 times per day or more

- 20% of people do NOT wash their hands at least five times per day

- 90% of people are aware of the CDC's guidance on washing hands for 20 seconds

- 41% of people are sick of the 20-second recommendation for washing hands

- 65% of people say their hygiene habits have improved over the past year

Survey: ''Do you know a germ-o-phobe? If so, who? In what funny ways do they try and avoid germs? In what funny ways do they clean and sanitize things?''

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