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Fonseca Trending 03/09/22


- says Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Packers on a four-year, $200 million deal. The extension makes him the highest-paid player in NFL history. $153 million is guaranteed

- Pop Culture magazine says Taco Bell has announced their Nacho Fries will return to restaurants tomorrow. They originally appeared on their menu in January of 2018.

- A new study by Wordtips reveals that St Paul, Minnesota is the best city at solving Wordle. Reading, Pennsylvania finished second followed by Ann Arbor, Michigan, Berkeley, California, Malden, Massachusetts and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

- The NY Post says WWE star 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is coming out of retirement to fight Kevin Owens at WrestleMania. Austin's last match was a loss to The Rock 19 years ago

- LAD Bible says McDonald's is closing hundreds of restaurants in Russia because Vladmir Putin invaded the Ukraine. Restaurant owners plan to keep paying their 62,000 workers while the war continues

- NBC says Starbucks has suspended operations in Russia because Vladimir Putin invaded the Ukraine.

- Newsweek magazine says 4,311 babies have been born in the Ukraine since Russia invaded. 3,973 couples have gotten married since Putin put troops in the country


Playboy Model Divorces Self: LAD Bible says a Playboy model, who married herself, has now divorced herself so she can party more. Cris Galera went viral in 2021 when she married herself because she was disappointed with relationships. She says, "I didn't divorce myself because I got tired of myself. I like to have a very solid reason and that's why the partying. For a man to get my attention he has to be beautiful, powerful, charming, fragrant and rich. That's the kind of man I want to attract to be on my side."

The Sun says doctors are warning people not to go on the Batman Diet. The phrase was coined after Robert Pattinson described how he sipped water to lose weight for his shirtless scenes in "The Batman". Doctors say the diet is life-threatening because it affects your heart rhythm and can cause dehydration.

Uproxx says Golden State Warriors fans went wild last night when Will Ferrell took the court before the game. He was dressed as his ‘’Semi-Pro’’ character Jackie Moon. Will was wearing a Flint Tropics uniform and an orange and white headband. He took shots with Klay Thompson and Steph Curry. Will received the loudest cheer of the night when he hit a half court shot

The Blast says Kelly Clarkson has finally settled her divorce from her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock. She is going to pay him $45,601 a month in child support for their two children, River Rose and Remington. Kelly must also vaccinate the children and give Brandon a large, one-time pay off. Kelly has agreed to reimburse Brandon so he can fly on a private jet to see their children in Los Angeles. He is going to remain at their Montana ranch Kelly also gets their guns and Can-Am four wheeler

People magazine says Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are trying to repair their relationship. A source tells the magazine, "They both had intense work schedules in the fall and it wasn't possible for them to focus on their relationship. Now when Aaron's season is over, he wants to give it another try. He thinks Shailene is very special. She is more hesitant though."

The couple was spotted yesterday arriving in Palm Beach, Florida on a private jet

Cameron Diaz tells the BBC that she no longer cares about her looks. "I don't care, literally the last thing I think about on a daily basis, like maybe not at all during the day is what I look like. I like never wash my face. Twice a month if I'm lucky, I'll be like ‘Oh, I better put this on… one time works, right?’ Like is that all I have to do? I mean, for me, I just really want to stay strong. That's really important. I do feel like 50 is different than 40."

The Daily Beast says Prince Harry was recently spotted at a Texas rodeo in Fort Worth. He was wearing an Indiana Jones fedora. Harry chatted with several bull riders, but declined to get on a bull himself

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells Entertainment Tonight that he, Danny DeVito and Tracy Morgan are going ahead with plans to make a sequel to "Twins''. “We had a little setback because the man that was suppose to direct it, who directed the first one, ‘Twins’, Ivan Reitman had passed away sadly to say. And so, you know now that we just wait a little bit until this whole thing cools down and then we’re gonna readdress it. But that’s a project suppose to be filmed in October and so it could still be you know. But we just have to now look into a different director and just get into and to see if we are going to continue with this project.”

The Star claims Mariah Carey is allegedly upset with Nick Cannon because he is about to have his eighth child. A source tells the magazine, “Mariah read him the riot act. She told him, ‘Is this the message you’re sending our children, that it isn’t healthy to fall in love and be faithful to one person? Mariah tells them their dad’s situation is not normal. That different people live their lives in different ways. It’s a tricky situation!”


'Smart and Sad'' OR ''Dumb and Happy''

You Gov recently asked 10,000 people if they would rather be smart and sad or dumb and happy.

- 37% of people said they would prefer to be dumb and happy while 35% would prefer to be smart and sad. The rest of the people were unsure.

- 40% of men would rather be smart and sad than dumb and happy (33%). The rest were unsure

- 40% of women would rather be dumb and happy than smart and sad (30%). The rest were unsure

Most Popular Brand Tattoos ... According to a new survey by the coupon and discount site DealA

1 Disney

2 Nintendo

3 Harley-Davidson

4 Lego

5 Nike

How People Plan To Improve Themselves In The Coming Months … According to a new survey by American Greetings

Give more compliments (66%)

Use more polite language (55%)

Set aside my phone during conversations (52%)

Give others the benefit of the doubt (47%)

Be tidier (46%)

Acknowledge important events and milestones more often (30%)

Dear Fonseca

I have a date on Friday. She lives an hour away. I am driving to her and want to know if there is anything wrong with asking for some gas money. I know it sounds crazy, but gas prices are through the roof. I would give her money if she asked. Am I wrong for even thinking about this?

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