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Fonseca Trending 03/08/21


- OK! magazine says CBS charged $325,000 for each 30-second commercial that ran during Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah. The couple was not paid for the interview

- Footwear News says Kanye West released a new $200 sneaker on Saturday called the Adidas Yeezy 450 Cloud White. It sold out in one minute and is now being resold on the Internet for as much as $900.

- Yardbarker says one of Tom Brady's rookie cards recently sold for a record $1.32 million. The autographed card shows Tom getting ready to throw a pass

- CBS says Tesla owner Elon Musk lost $27 billion last week because shares of his company dropped by 11.5%. He is now worth $157 billion and is the second wealthiest man on the planet behind Jeff Bezos ($177 billion)

- The Daily Mail says Jeff Bezos' ex-wife, Mackenzie, has married a Seattle-area science teacher. Mackenzie met Dan Jewett at her children's school. He makes $38,000 a year. She is worth $53 billion.

- Team LeBron beat Team Durant in the NBA All-Star Game last night 170 to 150.Steph Curry won the 3-point shooting contest. Portland Trail Blazers star Anfernee Simons won the dunk contest

- ABC says a 91 year-old Hamilton, Ohio man recently received two coronavirus vaccine shots on the same day. Victor Smith went into shock. He was taken to the hospital where he is recovering. The shots were an accident.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. Raya and the Last Dragon - $8.6 million

2. Tom & Jerry - $6.6 million

3. Chaos Walking $3.4 million

4. Boogie - $1.2 million

5. The Croods: A New Age - $780,000

6. The Little Things - $550,000

7. Wonder Woman 1984 $511,000

8. The Marksman - $500,000

9. Judas and the Black Messiah - $282,000

10. Monster Hunter - $260,000

Pepe LePew Next To Be Canceled: TMZ says the New York Times recently ran an article that claimed Speedy Gonzales is racist and Pepe Le Pew assaults female characters. Journalist Charles M. Blow wrote the article and then responded to critics with a tweet that read ...

blogs are mad bc I said Pepe Le Pew ...

Let’s see ...

1. He grabs/kisses a girl/stranger, repeatedly, w/o consent and against her will.

2. She struggles mightily to get away from him, but he won’t release her

3. He locks a door to prevent her from escaping.

Uproxx says Pepe Le Pew has been removed from the new Space Jam movie. The website says a character in the film got a restraining order against him. LeBron James reportedly tells Pepe that he can't grab any of the other characters without their consent.

Screen Rant says Gabriel Iglesias tweeted: "I am the voice of Speedy Gonzales in the new Space Jam. Does this mean they are gonna try to cancel Fluffy too? U can’t catch me cancel culture. I’m the fastest mouse in all of Mexico"

The Daily Mail says Billie Eilish has been granted a five-year restraining order against her stalker, John Hearle. He has been threatening her outside of her Los Angeles home for the past six months. At one point, the 23 year-old was camping outside of Billie's home.

Ariana Grande tells Elle magazine that people with differing opinions should talk more “Everyone has to have uncomfortable conversations with their relatives. Instead of unfriending people on Facebook who share different political views, comment! Have a conversation! Try to spread the light.”

The Weeknd tells that he has a lot of respect for his mother. “My mother was by herself. She was working three, four jobs. Single-mother jobs. The way you see in the movies.She was a great mom, very protective, very cultured. Nothing but respect for her. ”

Olivia Rodrigo tells that her debut album may have a folk song on it. "I love the songwriting and the lyricism and the melodies of folk music. I love the tonality of alt-rock. Obviously, I’m obsessed with pop and pop artists. So I’m going to try and take all of my sort of influences and inspirations and kind of make something that I like.”

Justin Bieber tells ABC that Boyz II Men was a big influence on him. “My mom played a lot of R&B, like Boyz II Men. That played in our house a lot. I would take the CD and take it in my room and try to do the little runs they did. And mimic what they were doing."

Perez Hilton says Meghan Markle allegedly was pressured to postpone her Oprah interview. A source tells the website that the Royal Family wanted the interview moved to a later date because Harry's grandfather, Prince Philip, is currently in the hospital. “Even if Meghan had the choice to postpone the Oprah special she said she wouldn’t because it has absolutely nothing to do with Prince Philip and that this is just an excuse by the palace to keep her muzzled. Meghan said not once did anyone from the Palace come to her defense when she was being shredded by the tabloids, but now all of a sudden it’s okay for those same people to talk to the media. She said it’s a double standard and not in a million years would Kate ever be treated this way. Meghan said she was singled out from day one.”

A source tells the Daily Mirror newspaper, “It is totally disingenuous, frankly ludicrous and wholly untrue to suggest anyone at the Palace has been peddling disinformation and has been briefing on these matters. There are far, far more important things going on right now than the circus surrounding a media appearance.”

The Daily Star claims Meghan Markle may return to acting following her interview with Oprah last night. A source tells the newspaper, "Meghan is creating a new form of celebrity for herself with media conglomerates in the 10s of 100s of millions of dollars. It sets her on a path of unparalleled stardom. Let's not be surprised if we see her return to acting."

TMZ says Bethenny Frankel slammed Meghan by tweeting: "Cry me a river...the plight of being a game show host, fairly unknown actress, to suffering in a palace, w tiaras & 7 figure weddings for TWO WHOLE YEARS to being a household name w @Oprah on speed dial, fetching 7 m for interviews, hundreds of millions in media deals. Thinking face #MARRY"

The Sun says Bear Grylls has been approached about replacing Daniel Craig as James Bond. He tells the paper, “I have been approached to play Bond by a few people I can’t name. It’s flattering. I’m privileged to be considered. But I don’t want to appear too greedy. I’ve had so much more than I ever imagined and I’m grateful with that. I grew up loving Bond films. It was such a landmark moment when a Bond film came out and you’d go to the cinema.”

The Nicki Swift website recently asked 627 people which celebrity they least want to be President. Here is what they found ...

Kanye West 37%

Jake Paul 15.9%

Kim Kardashian and Charlie Sheen 14.6%

Chris Brown 7.3%

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston tells the BBC that he has lost some of his hearing. "I’m 65 years old and I’ve been to my fair share of rock concerts, and I know I have lost some hearing, so trying to hear what people are saying through masks is challenging!” says Nicolas Cage recently got married for the fifth time in Las Vegas. The 56 year-old tied the knot with his 26-year-old girlfriend Riko Shibata. The couple met in Japan a year ago. They got engaged on FaceTime. Nicolas than FedEx'd a black diamond engagement ring to Riko. says Nicolas Cage recently got married for the fifth time in Las Vegas. The 56 year-old tied the knot with his 26-year-old girlfriend Riko Shibata. The couple met in Japan a year ago. They got engaged on FaceTime. Nicolas than FedEx'd a black diamond engagement ring to Riko.

Ace Showbiz says Eddie Murphy is working on a third Coming to America movie.They quote him as saying, "There's an idea for a Coming to America 3 that I have, but it doesn't happen for 16 years. I have to be 75 to do it. And not make me up like (I look) 75, but really be 75." claims Kanye West thinks he can win back Kim Kardashian. A source tells the website, “Kanye honestly feels that he can get Kim back. There is so much strain thanks to so many obstacles with quarantine and both of them wanting to live in different parts of the country, to the kids and to his overall health. He is realistic and knows that co-parenting is the way forward since Kim has had enough, but he feels it can be used as a breather to where distance will make the heart grow fonder and she will realize what she is missing.”

The Daily Mail says Tom Cruise recently surprised medical staffers in London when he showed up to their medical center to thank them for being coronavirus frontliners. A source tells the paper, ''He told his team he wanted to pay his personal tribute to frontline health staff who have helped get movies back on track. They were really shocked to see such a huge movie star. Tom wanted to keep it a secret and ensure it was a nice surprise for them. The world had heard his rant at crew on set and that proved just how seriously he has taken the pandemic.''

OK! magazine claims Matthew McConaughey continues to explore a run for Texas governor in 2022. A source tells the magazine, ''He has been putting out feelers to see if he's got sufficient support. If enough donors are willing to write checks, he'd mount an aggressive run in 2022. At this point, he needs to see an actual path to winning because he's not interested in just making a protest statement. Don't be fooled by his aw-shucks attitude — Matthew means business!"

Coffee Survey

A new survey by Califa Farms reveals that 22% of people would rather give up social media than their morning coffee. Other findings:

18% of people would rather give up TV than their morning coffee

16% of people would rather give up booze then their morning coffee

4% of people would rather give up video games than their morning coffee

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