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Fonseca Trending 02/26/21


- CNN says the U.S. bombed a site in Syria yesterday that Iranian militia groups used to launch rocket attacks on American forces there. The site is used for weapons smuggling.

- CNN says Victoria's Secret is planning to close 50 more stores in 2021 because of declining sales and the pandemic

- Popsugar says Starbucks is celebrating St Patrick's Day by adding a Leprechaun Frappuccino to their secret menu. The green tea creme Frappuccino is infused with peppermint syrup, caramel crunchies and whipped cream.


Lady Gaga Dognapping: TMZ says a thief shot Lady Gaga's Hollywood dog walker late Wednesday night before stealing two of her French Bulldogs. Gaga is offering a $500,000 reward for the safe return of her dogs. A third bulldog escaped and has been found. Gaga is in Rome working on a new movie. Bro Bible says the dog walker was shot four times in the chest. A source tells Entertainment Tonight, “Lady Gaga is beside herself about this situation. Ryan is not only her dog walker, but also her friend. She is horrified that this happened. Gaga considers her dogs like her babies. She is completely devastated and sickened by this. She feels somewhat helpless because she is far away in Italy, but is doing everything she can and praying for Ryan, Koji and Gustavo.''

The dogs could sell on the black market for as much as $5,000

A friend of Ryan Fisher's tells People magazine, "It's just heartbreaking and I know he must've been absolutely trying to protect them. He would literally lay down his life for any one of our dogs and I certainly hope that that was not the case this time."

Gaga's father, Joe, tells Fox News, "Our whole family is upset and praying Koji and Gustavo are not harmed. Help us catch these creeps"

Lady Gaga's Dogs Taken For Ransom: The Daily Star says Lady Gaga's dogs may have been stolen for ransom. A source tells the newspaper, "Lady Gaga is high profile of course but she sang at President Biden's inauguration which takes this case to another level. The FBI wants to know exactly what motivated this incident."

Her neighbor, Buck Angel, is quoted by the paper as saying, "They had to have chosen that spot to carry out the attack, and those dogs were targeted for ransom, it had to be. They must have wanted to blackmail Lady Gaga for money."

Dua Lipa tells Elle magazine that she tried meditating to relax. "I deal with stress by meditating. But I’m not very good at it. I can’t seem to shut my brain off, or I just fall asleep. Instead, I find that having a lovely bath is really relaxing."

Harry Styles tells Rolling Stone magazinethat he tries to write his music from the perspective of a fan. “I try to write music as a fan of music. I just don’t really know how else to do it, I guess. Ultimately, everyone who works in music are just fans. Like I’m just a fan of music and get to make some, so I try to make it from that perspective.”

Billie Eilish tells that she tried going out in disguise. “I was like, ‘Why don’t I try to disguise myself?’ So I put on a wig. I put on just a hoodie and a little bow on my head, and some jeans. And I went out. And I hated it. I just didn’t like it. I was like, People aren’t nice to me now.”

OK! magazine says Justin Bieber is allegedly helping out Hailey's father, Stephen Baldwin, with his money troubles. A source tells the magazine, "It's no secret that her dad, Stephen, is terrible with money. He's defaulted on mortgages, had run-ins with the IRS and filed for bankruptcy. Justin has so much money, he doesn't know what to do with it. So he's happy to help out any way that the can."

Justin is worth $285 million.

The Weeknd tells Esquire magazine that he wants people to feel emotions when he sings. “My stage persona is definitely a character. It is me singing the words; it is my writing. It’s like you want people to feel a certain way. You want them to feel angry. You want them to feel sad. You want them to feel. It’s never, like, my intent to offend anybody.”

Entertainment Tonight says Post Malone has recorded a cover of the 1995 Hootie and The Blowfish hit "Only Want To Be With You." He recorded the song to celebrate Pokemon's 25th anniversary.

The NY Post says Tiger Woods doesn't remember being in a car crash. Sheriff Alex Villanueva tells CNN, “At the hospital he was asked about it by the investigators and he had no recollection of the crash itself”

Carole Baskin tells the Radio Times that she has no plans to star in the second season of 'Tiger King' because she was betrayed by a male and female producer. "It was so obvious that I had been betrayed by them. Why would she ever think that I would be willing to speak to them again. And so I told her to just lose my number. He said if you guys want to redeem yourselves for all of the horrible things that you made people believe about us that just weren’t true, then your season two will show that but we don’t want any part of it.”

The Robb Report says Johnny Depp is selling his French estate for $55 million. It has a bistro, a wine cave, a skate park, 14 bedrooms, six guest cottages, a gym, a pirate like-lair, an art studio, an outdoor dining room and a pool

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Rebel Wilson allegedly dumped her boyfriend, Jacob Busch, because he was using her to become famous. A source tells the magazine, , “There were some red flags that she couldn’t ignore. The most paramount concern was Busch being a little too enamored with fame. Wilson started to suspect that he was in it for the wrong reasons, so she cut him loose. Wilson has vowed to be more selective in the future.”

Chelsea Handler recently skied topless in Canada. She wore a purple thong with Canadian flag pasties. Chelsea had Canadian and American flags attached to her helmet.

Kelly Clarkson tells Entertainment Tonight that she has written 60 new songs since she filed for a divorce. "I have written like 60 songs, it is an insane amount of getting it out. I think that's a blessing in itself. Anytime you go through some life, it's such an awesome thing to have that outlet, regardless of whether people hear it or not."

Talksport says The Rock has confirmed that he was once suspended from school for beating up two classmates who said wrestling was fake. The confrontation was featured on "Young Rock" on Tuesday night.

The Rock posted: “Teenage @TheRock knocking out a kid at school for calling wrestling ‘fake’ just made my night. Because you know it happened. Yup it sure did happen. Twice. I pile drived a kid in elementary. KO’d a kid in high school. Got suspended both times. I was wrong. But back in the 80s I was taught by my dad and all the wrestlers to always ‘protect the business’. It’s what we we did.”

Blake Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that Gwen Stefani drives a minivan to ''The Voice''. "The thing I remember saying about her when people would ask was, 'Oh my God, that girl is unbelievable. She drives a minivan to work!" I thought rock stars drove Rolls-Royces, and Gwen was driving a black minivan."

OK! magazine claims Michael Strahan may host The Bachelor TV show, ''After the Final Rose''. Regular host Chris Harrison is on hiatus for defending contestant Rachel Kirkconnell, who took pictures with a Confederate flag at a party. A source says, "They needed someone who was not only popular and charming but also have a massive amount of live TV experience — which is why they want Michael Strahan. There is so much concern about the future of the show within ABC. If they don’t get this episode right they could kill the cash cow. There is talk about taping the show rather than doing it live. The last thing they need is Matt talking about racism and the Black experience with another dude who looks and thinks like Chris Harrison!”

TOP THINGS PARENTS LOOK FORWARD TO WHEN HAVING A BABY … According to a new survey by Carter's

Their smile - 45%

Holding them - 44%

Their laughter - 42%

Seeing the joy a baby brings to the entire family - 41%

Having them sleep on you - 40%

New baby smell - 38%

Shopping for baby clothes - 36%

Introducing the baby to family and friends - 36%

The joy of caring for someone else - 34%

Getting the nursery ready - 30%

Shopping for baby shoes - 29%

Wearing matching clothes - 28%

Sharing our pregnancy news on social media - 27%

Baby-proofing the house - 23%

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