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Fonseca Trending 02/24/22


- The NY Post says Apple is updating Siri with a gender-neutral voice. The voice is currently being tested as Apple makes an attempt to become more diverse

- Brobible says Fox NFL analyst Troy Aikman may leave the network for ESPN and Monday Night Football. The website says he is looking at a salary of $18 million per year. ESPN may pair Troy with Al Michaels, who is currently without a deal after his with NBC expired

- Press Party says Netflix will stream the final episodes of ''Ozark'' beginning on April 29th.

- The Daily Mail says Britney Spears is buying a new home. She posted; 'I’ve lived in this house for 7 years and I’m in the process of buying a new home… it’s time for change !!!!'

- Newsweek magazine says Arnold Schwarzenegger has gotten a new puppy named Schnitzel. He posted a video of her along with the caption: "Her name is Schnitzel, after my favorite Austrian dish and my own nickname. I can't wait to keep sharing pictures and videos of her as she gets older."

- Entertainment Tonight says the outfit Meghan Markle wore for her Oprah Winfrey interview has been named Dress of the Year by the Fashion Museum

- Brand Eating says Ben & Jerry's is releasing a new flavor called Chewy Gooey Cookie. It features milk chocolate and coconut ice cream with fudge flakes, shortbread cookies, and caramel swirls.

- WLKY says Pepsi is launching a new flavor called Nitro Pepsi. The drink is infused with nitrogen and is creamier and smoother than their traditional colas

- WGNO says bead stores in New Orleans are getting ready for Mardi Gras. They expect crowds to return because the coronavirus is starting to ease. Some stores have stocked as many as 8 million pounds of Mardi Gras beads


Gas Prices May Rise Because Of Russia-Ukraine Conflict: AAA says gas prices may rise because of Russia invading the Ukraine. AAA spokesperson Andrew Gross says, ''It is possible that Russia could decide to withhold oil from international consumers in response to sanctions imposed by the U.S.. Doing so would eventually be reflected in higher gas prices for American drivers. It really depends on Vladimir Putin, to be honest. There is no shortage of oil in the world. It's just a matter of increasing the supply right now, getting it back into production."

The average price for a gallon of gas is $4.75.

World War Z In The Ukraine: The NY Post says dozens of Russian tanks entering the Ukraine this week have a mysterious "Z" on their sides. No one knows what the symbol means. Some social media users have joked that the Brad Pitt zombie movie, "World War Z," has become a reality.

LAD Bible says a Los Angeles woman, named Marcela Iglesias, is spending loads of money on plastic surgery so she can resemble Pamela Anderson. Marcella previously spent $70,000 on Botox, fillers, spider web abs and other plastic surgery. She watched the Hulu series, ''Pam and Tommy'', and decided she wanted the same 34D chest that Pamela has.

Marcella says, “I said to myself 'it’s time to fulfil my fantasy, I need boobs'. Ever since I was young, I thought Pamela was the most beautiful woman. I got infatuated with her and Baywatch. I've been watching the new series and I loved the fact that Lily James is wearing a prosthetic piece that looks exactly like the replica of Pam’s boobs. I'm very happy with my new set."

Ace Showbiz says Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney, are the proud parents of a new baby. They are keeping the date of birth and gender a secret. The couple got engaged in September of 2019

Uproxx says Tom Brady is going to produce and star in a new movie called ''80 For Brady''. It's about four New England Patriots fans who take a life-changing trip to the 2017 Super Bowl to see Tom play. Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field are going to star as the Patriots fans.

BroBible says Gisele Bundchen posted a video yesterday of her showing off her Jiu-Jitsu skills. She is a white belt.

The Internet makes jokes about Tom Brady's fate ....

This was gonna be Tom’s fate if he didn’t retire

Someone needs to @ Tom so he sees this and doesn't think too hard about going to the 49er

No wonder Brady retired. He’d get his butt kicked if he didn’t

Now we know why Brady retired says Kanye West allegedly threatens Pete Davidson in a new song called "Security". He raps: “Never take the family picture off the fridge. Never stand between a man and his kids. Y’all ain’t got enough security for this, y’all ain’t got enough security for this. I put your security at risk, I make your security acquit, like we don’t get paid enough for this.”

Lamar Odom tells US Weekly Magazine that he and Diff'rent Strokes star Todd Bridges are developing a sitcom. They got the idea for the show while starring together on ''Celebrity Big Brother''. Lamar says the show may be called ''Willis and Lammy''. "Our energy was so good together. People seemed to feed off of it. I think we could get a good response if we get somebody to write something up. I wouldn’t mind moving back to L.A. to become a sitcom star. I never thought that would happen, but God puts things in front of us and it’s up to us to make the decisions to take it or turn it down." Lammy is the nickname the Kardashians gave Lamar

Extra says Dancing with the Stars dancer Cheryl Burke is divorcing her husband, Matthew Lawrence. They have been together for two years. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split

The Daily Mail says Sharon Stone recently officiated a beachside wedding. She wore an all-white outfit before marrying her friends under an arch that was covered in white flowers. says many "Jeopardy!" fans are upset that hosts Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik are being introduced differently. Announcer Johnny Gilbert introduces Jennings by saying, "And now, hosting Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings." He introduces Bialik by saying, "And now, here is the HOST of Jeopardy!, Mayim Bialik." Some viewers believe the difference is an insult to Jennings.

Social media reacts ...

"We LOVE #KenJennings. #MayimBialik is OK, but we don't like her nearly as much as we like Ken. Why is Mayim introduced as "the host of Jeopardy" and Ken is introduced as "hosting Jeopardy"??? It's an insult and totally ridiculous. Stick with Ken Jennings."

"Why is Ken Jennings "hosting" Jeopardy, and Mayim is announced as "the host of Jeopardy"? Asking for a friend. Something you've already decided?"


Cooking Survey

A new survey by Signature Kitchen Suite reveals that 63% of people are so confident in their cooking skills they believe they can compete with celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay. Other findings:

- 77% of people say cooking is their favorite thing to do

- 66% of people believe they could open their own restaurant or catering business

- 62% of people believe they are worthy of having their own cooking show

- 58% of people consider themselves a 'professional home chef'

- 5% of people believe they could win a cooking competition on television

New Dating Term

The dating app Inner Circle says the dating term Groundhogging is trending. The app defines 'groundhogging' as .. “It refers to the idea that people are going for the same type of person over and over again, whilst expecting different results. People pick out someone who fits their ideal type, date them, but end up feeling underwhelmed. Instead of breaking out of this cycle, when they turn back to dating apps, they end up swiping someone else who fits the same profile. The groundhogging cycle resumes”

Things People Would Rather Do Than Go To A Business Meeting... According to a new survey by the meeting scheduling software company Deputy

go to a doctor’s appointment (58%)

sitting in traffic (25%)

performing jury duty (17%)

Dear Fonseca

I am a pet sitter. Yesterday, I walked into what I thought was an empty house and discovered a husband and his mistress in bed. I was there to feed some cats and saw clothes strewn all over the place. The bedroom door was cracked so I looked in and saw what was going on. I quickly left. The husband had no idea I was there. He is unemployed and stays home all day. Should I tell his wife what I saw. She hired me, but I'm not sure if she would fire me or thank me. If I don't say anything, and she decides to look at her security camera, I could be in trouble anyways. What do I do?

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