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Fonseca Trending 02/17/22


- Variety magazine says a Larry David documentary is coming to HBO Max in March. It will chronicle his rise to fame as a writer on Seinfeld and then Curb Your Enthusiasm.

- People magazine says Beverly Hills 90210 star Brian Austin Green and his girlfriend, Sharna Burgess, have announced they are expecting a baby boy around Independence Day

- Mashed magazine says Papa John's is testing a new hemp appetizer. Their new breadsticks are brushed with a garlic butter sauce and then topped with mozzarella cheese and hemp seeds. No word on when the breadsticks will make their North American debut

- WCPO says Skyline Chili is recalling it's grocery store chili because some cans contain cream of chicken soup instead of chili

- WLKY says Brach's is releasing a new Jelly Bean flavor for Easter called Late Night Taco Truck. Bags will feature the following flavors ... Margaritas, Churro, Salsa, Guacamole, Beef Taco and Horchata.The jelly beans will be available at Target


Diner Serving Oreo Cheeseburger: The Cape Town Etc newspaper says a Cape Town, South Africa diner is going viral because they are serving an Oreo cheeseburger. Joe's Easy Diner's cheeseburger is topped with Oreo cookies and melted Oreo cream. The Oreo cream is infused with rum. The burger is served on a sesame seed bun with a side of fries.

Survey: "What weird food combinations do you enjoy? (Example: ranch dressing on pizza or fries)

The NY Post says Tom Cruise landed his own helicopter yesterday in South Africa.He is there to film ''Mission Impossible 8''. Fans were stunned when they saw Tom piloting the copter. Local resident Gillian Soames says, “For the last week, he has driven past my house two or three times a day and flies over every day and night to wherever they are filming that day. I must have seen him 11 times now, but yesterday was the first time he took off his mask to smile for us so we could see his face.”

Newsweek magazine says ''Tinder Swindler'' Simon Leviev is angering people by posting videos of himself on Tik-Tok traveling on private jets. He also is posting videos of himself smoking cigars on yachts. Simon was born Shimon Hayut, but legally changed his name to convince people he was related to billionaire diamond mogul Lev Leviev. Simon scammed women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

TMZ says the police are certain that drugs and alcohol did not play a part in Bob Saget's death. They believe he may have hit his head on his hotel room headboard before passing out and eventually dying A bruise was found on Bob's head during his autopsy.

Bob's Full House co-star, Candace Cameron Bure, tells Fox News that she wants answers about his death. ‘It’s been difficult, these past couple of weeks, because of more things that have come out. And there's a lot of questions. And I'm trying honestly not to think about it in the sense that I just – I want to remember Bob and what a kind and loving and amazing person that he was. And let it be that’

The Sun Sentinel says a judge has blocked the release of Bob's medical and death records

Matthew McConaughey tells Variety magazine that he wants to star with Channing Tatum in the next Magic Mike movie. ''Still waiting for his phone to ring about “Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Channing Tatum, call me, bro! I haven’t heard from ya! I’d have to read [the script] first. It was a helluva lot of fun doing the first one.”

OK! magazine says Kim Kardashian wants to help Pete Davidson become an A-list comedian and actor. A source tells the magazine,"It takes a lot for Kim to truly be amused, or impressed, with someone’s talent and Kim really is. She has really been helping Pete to have the confidence and ability to go after anything that he wants. She lets him know straight up what is funny and what is not. Kim also knows the fine line not to cross and she has been showing him how clear that line is. She gives him honest advice on whether something he is interested in fits with his ultimate vision of having a long-lasting career as an A-list actor. Pete is definitely wanting to continue seeing where things go with Kim because he’s having a blast with her."

OK! magazine says Felicity Huffman is hoping for a Desperate Housewives reunion in order to revive her career. A source tells the magazine, “She’s been down in the dumps over not getting work, or even getting her phone calls returned. It’s a long shot. But Felicity’s not giving up. She knows this may be her only chance to be relevant in Hollywood again. Huffman copped a plea early on — unlike Lori — so she can’t understand why the industry is being so hard on her. Felicity can’t help but be envious that Lori will be back on TV so soon.”

Tiger Woods tells ESPN that he is still recovering from his car accident and doesn't know when his leg will be healed and he will return to golf. "My foot was a little messed up there about a year ago, so the walking part is something that I'm still working on, working on strength and development in that. It takes time. You add in the age factor, too. You just don't quite heal as fast, which is frustrating. I can still play, but I'm in a cart. Being a weekend warrior is easy; that's not that hard. Hit your ball, hop in a cart, ride, barely step out of the cart, grab your club and hit the next one. And the longest walk you have is probably from, what, the cart to the green and back.''

OK! magazine says Angelina Jolie is allegedly looking to date. A source tells the magazine, "Angelina’s still sexy and hot-blooded as ever. She considers herself a very sexual person. She wants someone to have fun with.''

Another source says she is attracted to her dialect coach. “It would be easier to meet up with him for some discreet romps instead of trying to recreate that same passion with someone else. Angelina’s tastes have always leaned towards the exotic. No one doubts they’ll be hooking up if they aren’t already.''


Beautiful People Have Better Immune Systems

A new study by the Proceedings of the Royal Society Journal reveals that attractive people have better immune systems than unattractive people. Researchers studied nearly 500 volunteers before concluding that individuals with attractive faces tend to have better immunity in their blood cells. They theorize that humans may be biologically programmed to seek healthy mates.

Lead researcher Summer Mengelkoch says, "People, who go out to a bar looking to talk to someone attractive are often dismissed as being shallow and told, 'It is not all about looks.' But they are really just following their instincts to find a high-quality mate."

BIGGEST DATING ‘ICKS’ … According to a new survey by Betfair Casino

1 Being too arrogant

2 Being rude to hospitality staff

3 Dirty fingernails

4 A noisy eater

5 Crude jokes

6 Putting on a baby voice

7 Being obsessed with the way they look

8 Bad dress sense

9 Bad grammar

10 Being obsessed with star signs

Car Survey

A new survey by Insure the Gap reveals that 84% of people love their car. Other findings:

- 69% of people say it was love at first sight with their car

- 41% of people describe their car as trustworthy

- 25% of people say their car is their comfort blanket

Dear Fonseca

My 16 year-old wants to start vaping. My husband and I are totally against it, but know if we deny her she will do it anyways and probably other things that are worse. She said she's tried it in the past month and it calms her down. I suppose there are worse things she can do. Both sets of in-laws say my husband and I are weak and need to lay down the law and tell our daughter that vaping is unacceptable. I'm not sure they realize how times have changed. Should we allow our teenager to vape? Are we weak parents?

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