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Fonseca Trending 02/16/22


- Deadline Hollywood says 100.2 million people watched the Super Bowl. Adweek says that number jumps to 112.3 million if you include those, who streamed the game. That's up from 96.4 million the year before.

- KPRC says U.S. Olympian Simone Biles has gotten engaged to her boyfriend, Houston Texans star Jonathan Owens. Simone Tweeted: "Woke up a fiancée. I can’t wait to spend forever and ever with you. You’re everything I dreamed of and more! Let’s get married!"

- Total Pro Sports says former Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown wants to buy the Denver Broncos with Kanye West and his sports company. Brown tweeted; "Donda Sports want to buy the @Broncos who with me!"

- The Daily Mail says a thrid Quiet Place movie is in development and will be released in 2025.

- The Verge says a Baby Shark movie is in development. Nickelodeon is going to produce the film. No word on a plot or release date

- MarketWatch says Facebook employees are now referring to themselves as Metamates. Part of the name comes from Facebook's parent company, Meta. Mark Zuckerberg says, “Meta, Metamates, Me is about being good stewards of our company and mission. It’s about the sense of responsibility we have for our collective success and to each other as teammates.''


Hostess Making Caffienated Donuts: Fox News says Hostess is planning to produce caffeinated donettes. The Jumbo Boost Donettes will have almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee (50-70mg). Each Boost Donette is three times larger than a regular sized Donette. Flavors include chocolate mocha and caramel macchiato.

Guac Shortage Coming: The NY Post says some Mexican restaurants may not be able to serve guacamole because of supply chain issues with avocados. The U.S. has paused imports of avocados from Mexico due to cartel threats against avocado plant inspectors. Some restaurants may charge more for guacamole. The Daily Mail says avocados have doubled in price because of the import suspension

US Weekly Magazine says Pete Davidson is ignoring Kanye West's threats and taunts because he does not want to get involved in his and Kim's divorce drama. A source tells the magazine, “Pete is staying far away from Kanye. He’s not afraid of him — he just doesn’t want to get involved in the divorce drama. He’s laughing along. Pete’s not even on Instagram so finds it comical that Kanye is posting all this stuff about him.”

BSO Entertainment and The Star claim Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have allegedly broken up. A source tells the magazine, “Shailene was hoping he’d retire from the NFL to work on the relationship. Shailene says Aaron is just too jealous and controlling for it to work.''

The NY Post says Nick Cannon, who's expecting his eighth child, has written a new song for Mariah Carey called ''Alone''. Lyrics include: “As much as I want you back / It’s probably better where you at / ‘Cause I’m still running the streets / I’m still all in the sheets / Having babies / Models and singers and actresses saying they pregnant by me”

The Daily Mail says the DeLorean Motor Company is making a comeback. The company is now based in Texas and plans to make an electric version of the DeLorean sports car. It will resemble the one from the Back to the Future films. The paper says there are 6,500 DeLorean's still on the road today

Pop Culture magazine says Netflix is developing a movie based on their documentary "The Tinder Swindler''. The film plans to chronicle how Simon Leviev scammed women out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Simon was born Shimon Hayut, but legally changed his name to convince people he was related to billionaire diamond mogul Lev Leviev.

Brobible says former pro boxer Oscar de la Hoya gifted his girlfriend, Holly Sonders, with a $1 million-dollar Ferrari for Valentine's Day. Oscar also gave her a Hermes bag and a diamond bracelet. The Ferrari was topped with red roses claims Chelsea Handler's boyfriend, Jo Koy, may propose. A source tells the website, “Jo has mentioned that he has something very special planned for her birthday. Whether or not it is a ring, he is being tight lipped about it all! None of their friends would be shocked at all if they get engaged soon and then get married. He has mentioned that it will be a birthday she will never forget which is getting friends excited for what possibly might be coming up for them both.”

Channing Tatum says the upcoming Magic Mike movie is not a lame stripper film.He tells ITV, ''We are going global with this one. It is important for me to have a love story in it too. The first two movies are about men but are made for woman, but now we should have a central character in it that has an equal partner. Look, I would not want to do this unless we can really want to take the gloves off. I didn't want to do a third movie unless we could truly break out of the traditional stuff of those movies. It doesn't have to be lame. It can be cool.''

The NY Post says Halyna Hutchins’ family is suing Alec Baldwin. He fatally shot her on the set of their movie "Rust." The Hutchins' family lawyer says, ''Baldwin has significant portion liability, but there are others, and that’s what this case is going to be about — assessing fair apportionment to whoever’s responsible for the senseless tragedy.”

The Irish Mirror newspaper says Britney Spears adopted a puppy while in Hawaii.Her Australian Shepherd is named Sawyer. He is tan and cream colored with blue eyes. Britney also adopted a cat. She posted; "My cat is French and very peculiar ... she looks at food as if she is 30 for two min before she eats it ... she's extremely smart and she looks like a miniature cheetah!!!! Me and security couldn't find her for 2 hours and then when we did she would disappear again !!!! Anyways I have a house FULL of small animals and I like it besides the potty training."

Sleep Survey A new survey by One Poll reveals that 37% of people consider themselves a 'night owl'. Other findings:

- 27% of people consider themselves an 'early bird'

- 40% of people have ended a relationship because of an ex-partner's poor sleeping habits

- 78% of people say sleep compatibility is important when choosing a partner

- 56% of people wish they could sleep separately from their partner

True Love Survey A new survey by CBS News reveals that 86% of people believe in true love. Other findings:

- 67% of people have experienced true

- 84% of people want a partner they can trust and confide in

Office Romance Survey

A new survey by the law firm Wright Hassall reveals that 25% of people have had a tryst with a co-worker. Other findings:

- 15% of people have had a romantic encounter at a work event or work party

- 27% of men and 21.5% of women have had a romantic encounter with a co-worker

- 13% of people have cheated on their partner with a co-worker

Dear Fonseca

All of the girls came into work yesterday and showed off the gifts they got for Valentine's Day. Our lunch hour turned into a heated debate about what's better... a homemade gift or a store-bought gift? I brought in my charcuterie board. My husband is a weekend woodworker and made it for me in our garage. Another woman showed off her diamond ring. She says her boyfriend saved for months to buy it. She and I got into an argument about, which gift holds more value. I think a homemade gift does. She says hers does because her boyfriend saved for months. Where do you stand on this?

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