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Fonseca Trending 02/15/22


- CBS says Wanda Sykes, Regina Hall and Amy Schumer are going to host the Academy Awards on March 27th.

- The Daily Mirror says famed chef Salt Bae celebrated Valentine's Day by offering a $1,960 meal. The main course featured a tomahawk steak covered in 24 karat edible gold.

- Entertainment Weekly says Ryan Reynolds secretly voiced Grimace in McDonald's Super Bowl ad. He tweeted; "The voice of Grimace sounds oddly familiar. Did @McDonalds hire a certain Canadian drink-slinging McRiblet? It's called range.''

- Surrey Live says Heinz is launching a new line of pasta sauces. The vegan sauces contain tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers and chili's.

- The NY Post says DoorDash plans to slap McDonald's with a slowness fee if their drivers have to wait more than four minutes for a carry-out order. The new fines won't start until 2023.

- Entertainment Tonight says Tyrese's mother, Priscilla, has died after battling covid and pneumonia. He posted; "Rest in peace mom. You fought, mom. You fought. Oh my god, I'm so sorry this happened, mom. Jesus."


Taco Bell Order Closes Down Entire Block: The Herald-Sun says the Tuscaloosa, Alabama Police shut down a courthouse yesterday after two employees called 911 because of a suspicious package. Officers also closed streets and created a perimeter. The police department's Hazardous Device Unit moved in and slowly examined the packages. They were nothing more than Taco Bell orders.

The police Facebooked; “The investigation revealed the boxes contained what we have identified as a delivery order containing a Taco and Burrito Cravings Pack from Taco Bell. It had been customized to include an assortment of regular and Doritos Locos tacos, along with four beefy five-layer burritos.”

OK! magazine says Prince William and Kate Middleton may have more children. A source tells the magazine, “When everyone was having their babies last year, Kate did get a little broody. Suddenly, she had everyone in William’s family asking her if they were going to have one more. It’s a daunting task to go throw another pregnancy and the newborn stage in her 40s. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Kate’s still making up her mind — she’d just prefer people stop bringing it up.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Shailene Woodley has allegedly changed Aaron Rodgers. A source tells the magazine,“Shailene has turned big, tough Aaron into a wimp. She’s constantly reminding him to do things like recycle. She’ll scold him like a kid — like she’s his mother.''

Entertainment Tonight says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's friends and family wouldn't be surprised if they got engaged. A source tells the TV show, "They are open to the possibility of getting engaged and married. Ben and Jen are so in love. Their loved ones would not be surprised if Ben pops the question. Of course, they will be considerate of their children when thinking about moving forward with their relationship. They both want things to be great between their kids, not just the two of them. Ben's kids really like Jen, and her kids love Ben. He is incredible around them and makes them all laugh. He goes with the flow. Their kids like each other too, which they are both so grateful for and happy about, because they know that sometimes that can be tough."

The National Enquirer claims Amal Clooney allegedly convinced George to stop drinking because of pancreatitis. A source tells the magazine, ''Amal convinced him to go cold turkey, He’s feeling better and looks great, but he’s been a real pain in the butt. Even Amal is looking forward to when he can safely have a couple of drinks again.''

The Richest says an unopened ''Star Wars Episode IV'' videotape is going to be auctioned off on February 24th. The VHS tape is expected to sell for as much as $60,000. It is a first edition copy and in pristine condition.

Billboard magazine says Britney Spears loved Eminem's Super Bowl halftime performance. She posted; “Wow !!! @Eminem last night at the Super Bowl … he should have had way more time …He was everything to me when I was younger and it was so weird in the first two seconds I saw him on stage last night I felt like I was 17 again !!! It’s honestly kinda scary how certain artists and music can do that … we are so lucky to live in a world where music can give us hope … identity … acceptance …and love.”

TMZ says Kanye West sent Kim Kardashian a giant truck filled with pink and red flowers for Valentine's Day. He customized the side of the vehicle with a quotation that read, "My vision is Krystal Klear." Kim was recently spotted kissing Pete Davidson during a Valentine's Day dinner date.

Heat magazine says Kris Jenner is tired of Kanye West harassing Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. A source tells the magazine, “She’s said she won’t hesitate to get the FBI involved if Kanye continues to lash out. She’s also tripled the family security detail. Kris thinks Kanye is behaving in a worrying way, and she may need to step in before things get out of hand.”

Kim sent the following message to Kanye yesterday: “U are creating a dangerous and scary environment and someone will hurt Pete and this will all be your fault”


The Independent Newspaper says the ''Tinder Swindler'' documentary has become a hit for Netflix. A GoFundMe page was launched to help the swindler's victims, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte. People have donated $135,000 because Simon Leviev conned the women out of most of their money.

Top Gifts People Still Have From An Ex-Partner .... According to a new survey by

letters (50%)

photos (46%)

jewelry (43%)

furniture (20%).

pets (18%)

exercise equipment (16%)

New Dating App Trend Features Men Posing With Fish

The NY Post says a new dating app trend involves men posting pictures of themselves catching oversized fish. A recent survey by Fishbrain found that 42% of men's Tinder profiles include at least one photo of them holding their catch of the day.

Photographer Elizabeth Hlotyak says, "One day, I'm on Bumble, and out of 25 swipes, 10 of the peeps were holding fish!"

The trend may be related to the increased popularity of fishing during the pandemic, which some have dubbed "social fishtancing."

Doggie Survey A new survey by Burns Pet Nutrition reveals that people would rather cuddle with their dog than their partner (50% vs 36%). Other findings:

- 33% of dog owners let their dog sleep with them every night

- 70% of people let their dog kiss them on their face or lips

America's Smartest States … According to a new survey by Wallethub based on graduation rates, quality of education and other factors

1 Massachusetts

2 Maryland

3 Connecticut

4 Colorado

5 Vermont

6 New Jersey

7 Virginia

8 New Hampshire

9 Minnesota

10 Washington

America's LEAST Smartest States … According to a new survey by Wallethub based on graduation rates, quality of education and other factors

10 Tennessee

9 New Mexico

8 Nevada

7 Oklahoma

6 Kentucky

5 Alabama

4 Arkansas

3 Louisiana

2 Mississippi

1 West Virginia

Phone Survey

A new survey by reveals that the average person checks their phone 344 times per day. Other findings:

- 47% of people are addicted to their smartphone

- 35% of people use their phone while driving

- 64% of people use their phone on the toilet

- 61% of people have texted someone in the same room as them

- 45% of people say their phone is their most valuable possession

Dear Fonseca

My brother is upset with me because I did not break up with my boyfriend before Valentine's Day. Things have been rough between us. My brother says I am wrong for staying with my boyfriend just to get my Valentine's Day gift. My guy gave me a tennis bracelet. My brother says I'm now obligated to stay with him because he gave me such an expensive gift. I think I earned the gift and can break up at anytime now and not feel guilty about it. Am I wrong for waiting to get the gift?

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