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Fonseca Trending 02/09/22


- The American Gaming Association says 31.5 million Americans will place a bet on this year's Super Bowl. Over $7.6 billion is expected to be wagered on the Big Game

- The Verge says Peloton fired 2,800 employees yesterday and then gave them free Peloton memberships for a year

- TMZ says Sherri Shepherd may take over The Wendy Williams Show. The show will be given a new name as Wendy battles several physical ailments due to Graves disease

- The Sunday World says YouTube star Jake Paul wants to fight Conor McGregor in a boxing match in Ireland. McGregor has yet to respond

- Gizmodo says a group of deer in Staten Island, New York have tested positive for the Omicron variant. The wild deer may have contracted the virus from someone who was hand-feeding them.

- AccuWeather says the city of Deadhorse, Alaska is one of the coldest places on Earth. Earlier this week, temps reached -50 with a real feel of - 88. Today's high in Deadhorse is going to be -30

- Louis Payne, of Fletcher, North Carolina, recently won a $110,000 lottery jackpot using his children's birthdays. Louis is a retired teacher and plans to invest his winnings.


Woman Allegedly Finds Tooth In Subway Sandwich: The Daily Dot says Shaniqua Cobb, of Lauderhill, Florida, allegedly found a tooth in her Subway sandwich. She posted a video of the sandwich and the tooth. The website says Shaniqua is currently seeking legal representation

The Internet reacts...

“I literally just sued subway a few months because of bad food poisoning that could have killed me and my babies.”

“That ain’t no tooth. That’s probably a hard piece of bread.”

“That’s stuff from the meat”

Man Discovers Long-Lost Brother While Watching TV News: The Mirror says California resident Randy Waites recently discovered that he had a brother after tuning into his local evening news. Randy became curious after noticing that a man being interviewed about a snowstorm was named Eddie Waites. He asked his daughter to investigate the connection before learning that he and Eddie were indeed related.

Randy quickly arranged a meeting with his brother, who grew up only 30 miles apart from him. He says, "Once I seen a picture of him, I seen my dad. I seen our dad. I knew it was real, I've never met my father, never saw a picture of him my entire life. Eddie has been texting me all kinds of different stuff, pictures of my grandfather, and filling me in on the family history that I never had on that side. This is almost an out-of-body experience. The whole thing is surreal. To have not only a brother, but a family I never knew existed is beyond words. It's unbelievable."

The NY Post says a man, claiming to be Mick Jagger, was recently arrested by the Naples, Florida police. Eugene Bingham was kicked out of a bar three times on Monday night. He then jumped on stage with the band while they were performing. Eugene was yelling at people telling them he was Mick Jagger. Cops placed Eugene in the back of a police car. He vomited and was charged with battery and disorderly intoxication

Variety magazine says production costs for ''Mission Impossible 7'' have soared past $290 million. That's $100 million more than ''Mission Impossible: Fallout'' cost to produce in 2018. MI7 is costing more because of the Coronavirus.

Woman's Day magazine claims John Travolta has allegedly become friendly with Steve Irwin's widow, Terri. A source tells the magazine that Olivia Newton-John introduced the two. ''John has enjoyed Terri’s company over the phone so much that he invited her and her family to visit He was thrilled when she took him up on the offer. Terri’s heart goes out to John because as she knows after losing Steve, John is only at the beginning of his journey. John’s got a real spring in his step, thinking of all the things they can do together. If anyone deserves a holiday with a handsome movie star, it’s Terri — even if they are just friends!”

The Globe claims Kelly Clarkson is allegedly tossing all of Brandon Blackstock's belongings from their marital home. A source tells the magazine, “They’re still mediating their divorce, but Kelly’s sick and tired of looking at his junk. Clarkson is making a list of items to send back, including clothes and records, but if there’s something he doesn’t claim, it’s toast! She found old love letters and mementos from the good days and they’ve all gone into the trash. She’s furious because a judge let Blackstock get away with her Montana ranch.''

The NY Post says Pete Davidson has a Kim Kardashian prayer candle on display in his bedroom. He was doing a Zoom interview when a reporter questioned him about the candle. It shows Kim in a blue gown holding a cross

Jennifer Lopez tells Rolling Stone magazine that she was sitting in a London hotel suite in the late 90's when she realized she had become a success. "I was like, ‘I remember having holes in the bottom of my sneakers'. I was just like, ‘Is this happening?’ It was almost like a fairy tale. And it wasn’t about the wealth of it. It was about the change, the disparity in it. That hotel suite was bigger than the house I grew up in. Way bigger.”

TMZ says 2021 American Idol finalist Caleb Kennedy was arrested yesterday for crashing his truck into a building in South Carolina. He killed the passenger and was charged with a felony DUI resulting in death. Caleb is 17

TMZ says Shaquille O'Neal is offering a $1 million-dollar VIP Super Bowl package. It includes round-trip airfare to L.A. on a private jet, a VIP table at Shaq's private party, Rolls-Royce transportation and a security detail.

Katy Perry was recently doing an interview with KIIS-FM Australia when they asked if Orlando Bloom has changed and become more proper since becoming a father. She said, ''He's not changed one bit! 'You can't put reigns on that man! He's a wild stallion, and that's how I like it!''

Doggie Survey

A new survey by Pollfish reveals that 82% of people fell in love with their dog at first sight. Other findings:

- 77% of people fell in love with their human partner at first sight

- 63% of people say their dog is their closest companion

- 46% of people spoil their dog more than they do their partner

Worst Ways People Butcher Italian Food... According to a new survey by YouGov 1 ketchup with pasta 2 pineapple on a pizza 3 cream in a carbonara sauce 4 drinking a cappuccino with dessert 5 garlic bread with a pasta meal

America’s Best Cities for Lasting Love ... According to a new survey by Finance Buzz based on number of romantic restaurants, wedding venues and average length of marriage 1. St. Louis, Missouri 2. Minneapolis, Minnesota 3. Boston, Massachusetts 4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5. Richmond, Virginia 6. Providence, Rhode Island 7. Seattle, Washington 8. Washington, D.C. 9. Tampa, Florida 10. San Francisco, California

Valentine's Day Survey A new survey by One Poll reveals that 45% of people in relationships longer than six years often give groceries and toiletries for Valentine's Day. Other findings: - 49% of people in relationships for less than five years shower their partner with romantic gifts for Valentine's Day. - 19% of people have been taken to a fast food restaurant on Valentine's Day - 39% of people want chocolate for Valentine's Day

TOP FIVE PLACES TO GET ENGAGED …. According to a new Valentines Day survey by Hungry Howie's During a romantic dinner - 50% During a holiday - 47% On vacation - 46% During a concert - 36% At a wedding - 36%

Dear Fonseca

My relationship with my boyfriend has come to a dead stop. We're more like roommates than lovers. The other night, we were sitting on the couch when I said our relationship has gotten too comfortable. He said that 'comfortable' is good, but if I don't like it I'm free to go out and casually date to see if I can find anything better. I was shocked that my boyfriend would say this. Does this mean he doesn't care? He says he loves me and is confident I won't leave him or find anything better. I have to admit, the idea of dating again excites me although I do love my boyfriend and 'comfortable' is good some of the time. What would you do if you were me? Should I date?

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