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Fonseca Trending 02/09/21


- President Biden tells CBS that he expects next year's Super Bowl to be played in a full stadium.

- WJET says Joe Biden plans to invite the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Los Angeles Lakers to the White House so they can celebrate their championships with him.

- A new coronavirus survey by Trivago reveals that 40% of people would give up lovemaking for a year in order to go on vacation. 42% of people would be okay with losing their job if it meant they could go on vacation tomorrow.

- Business Insider says Delta is going to continue their policy of not selling middle seats on flights because of the coronavirus. The policy will last until at least April

- Hypebeast says a pair of autographed Michael Jordan Air Jordan sneakers are up for sale on eBay for $1 million. The 1985 sneakers have never been worn

- Dark Horizons says Michael B Jordan is producing a new series about Muhammad Ali's life. Ali's estate and Jay-Z are also involved in the project.


Billie Eilish tells Complex.comthat she will never make any relationship she's in public. “I think about it sometimes. I think about the people that have made their relationships public, like, you know what I’m talking about?. And then they break up, and it’s like, ‘What if it goes bad?’ And then everybody has this whole opinion on your relationship that they have no idea about. It’s very much not something I’m interested in. ”

AJR's Ryan Metz tells Billboard magazine that their song, 'Bang' was a transition between childhood and adulthood. “We started working on “Bang” during the Neotheater era. We came up with this concept of: “Let’s go out with a bang.” We’re in this weird transition between childhood and adulthood, and we’re doing all the things that our parents did. We’re eating healthy food and we’re paying our taxes, and yet, it doesn’t quite feel right yet.”

Justin Bieber tells Apple Music that his faith is one of the most important things in his life. "I’m not trying to earn God’s love by doing good things. God has already loved me for who I am before I did anything to earn and deserve it ... you live that life of like, ‘I don’t want to cheat on my wife, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because I don’t want to hurt her.’ See the difference there?"

Ariana Grande tells Billboard magazine that she has a bad habit of cracking her knuckles and spine. "It grosses people out, but I love to crack my knuckles ad my spine. I will crack every single vertebra. It feels so good! "

The NY Post says The Weeknd celebrated his Super Bowl halftime performance with an after-party. It featured a cake in the shape of him leaning on a Mercedes Benz. The cake read: “2021-Forever XO Where Dreams Come True.”

The Weeknd tells Variety magazine that he wanted to work with a cartoon legend."Working with legendary Warner Bros. voice actor Mel Blanc would have been a dream — getting to play alongside him as Bugs Bunny would have been surreal.

The Weeknd tells Variety magazine that he wanted to work with a cartoon legend."Working with legendary Warner Bros. voice actor Mel Blanc would have been a dream — getting to play alongside him as Bugs Bunny would have been surreal.

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani may marry on the Caribbean island of St Barts once the pandemic passes. A source tells the magazine, “They have a couple of verses in mind, like a 19th Century Catholic church that’s in Gustavia. It’s one of their favorites, easily accessible and absolutely breath-taking. Gwen can totally envision herself saying ‘I do’ there. Gwen and Blake are so excited about spending the rest of their lives together as husband and wife. They’re literally counting down the days until they make it official.”

KULR says Misty Hull loves the TV show ''Friends'' and has opened a new coffee shop dedicated to it in Laurel, Montana. Main Street Perk is modeled after the show's coffee cafe Central Perk. The cafe is decorated with "Friends" memorabilia.

The Daily Mail says Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield have tentatively agreed to fight again. The fight could be worth over $250 million. Tyson bit Holyfield's ear during their controversial rematch.

Katy Perry tells E! News that she is so busy being a mother that she sometimes forgets to wear deodorant to the set of ''American Idol''. "I'm a mom, I forget things now! And also I'm too busy.''

Variety magazine says Sylvester Stallone is selling his Beverly Hills mansion for $110 million. The eight-bedroom home has a gym, a cigar room, a bar, a putting green, a sauna, a steam room, an office, a spa, an art studio, a pool and neighbors like Justin Bieber, Denzel Washington and Sofia Vergara. Sylvester is selling the home because he recently moved to Palm Beach, Florida where he bought a $35 million waterfront mansion

OK! magazine claims Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are allegedly having issues because of their long-distance relationship. A source tells the magazine, “Leonardo hasn’t spent much time with Camila while he’s been filming ''Don’t Look Up'' in Boston. He is so in character right now that he shuts out everything and everyone else. They still talk all the time, but they’re getting more cranky and reckless with the things they say to each other. The distance is grinding them down. If Leo and Camila don’t get some decent couples time soon, they could be in trouble.''

The Globe says George Clooney may move his aging parents into his Los Angeles home. A source tells the magazine “George’s parents are getting up there in age — his dad, Nick, is 86 and his mom, Nina, is 82 — and he feels it’s his duty to have them move out of their home in Kentucky and live with them in LA. Now he’s getting flack from Amal — who’s dead set against it. As it is, they’re constantly fussing over George and his mom still treats him like a baby, even though that ‘baby’ is pushing 60. "But they adore the twins and Amal understands that. She wants them to spend time with Ella and Alexander, but not 24/7. Now he’s scratching his head trying to come up with a solution for moving his parents in that Amal will accept — and make him happy too.”

The National Enquirer claims Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are allegedly looking to buy a home together. A source tells the magazine, “They want to be with each other all the time and they both need permanent places to live. Olivia’s been staying at a temporary place and Harry’s been staying with friends. They both want someplace where they can be together in private. They’re in love, but they don’t want to flaunt their relationship in front of the kids. Besides that, Olivia has too much fondness and respect for Jason to do that. She and Harry are looking to rent a plush place overlooking the ocean. It will be their own private getaway.''

Valentine's Day Survey

A new survey by reveals that 62% of couples are planning to stay in on Valentine's Day night. Other findings:

- chocolate and chocolate-covered strawberries are the top Valentine's Day treats

- 66% of those celebrating Valentine's Day will spend $100 or less on their partner

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