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Fonseca Trending 02/08/21

Super Bowl Trending

- Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl last night. He now has won more Super Bowls than any NFL team including the Patriots (six) and the Steelers (six). Brady has announced that he is returning for another season. Brady was the Super Bowl MVP

- The NY Post says a Houston mattress salesman, named Mattress Mack, won $2.72 million on a $3.4 million Super Bowl wager. He bet that the Buccaneers would beat the spread of +3.5

- The Action Network says one gambler placed a $3,000 bet that Patrick Mahomes would have no touchdowns during the Super Bowl. The bet paid off as the man won $45,000.

- The streaker that ran onto the field during last night's Super Bowl was tackled by security at the Buccaneers goal line. He was wearing a one-piece, pink thong women's bathing suit.

- Totally The Bomb says Starbucks is celebrating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl win by adding a Tampa Bay Buccaneers Frappuccino to their secret menu. The white mocha creme Frappuccino has one pump of peppermint syrup, strawberry puree, whipped cream and a pumpkin spice or caramel topping.

- Bloomberg says 72% of Americans had no Super Bowl party plans yesterday.Only 3% of people watched yesterday's Big Game at a bar or restaurant.

- Forbes Magazine says 20% of Americans attended a virtual Super Bowl party.52% of people ordered food from a small business

- Domino's sold 2 million pizzas during the Super Bowl yesterday. That's 30% more than on a normal Sunday.

- Fox News says Disney World will not be doing a Super Bowl parade this year because of the coronavirus



- The NY Post says HBO is going to produce a new series based on the GameStop trading frenzy. The show will chronicle the day traders, who made millions from the stock

- Peeps Marshmallows is celebrating Easter with two new flavors. They include Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon and Froot Loops

- Yahoo News says Hostess is bringing back Cotton Candy Twinkies for a limited time. The Twinkies have a pink cream. They were last on store shelves in 2017


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. The Little Things - $2.1 Million

2. The Croods: A New Age - $1.7 Million

3. The Marksman - $1 Million

4. Wonder Woman 1984 - $905K

5. Monster Hunter - $585K

6. News of the World - $400K

7. Promising Young Woman - $220K

8. Fatale - $170K

9. The War with Grandpa - $167K

10. Earwig and the Witch - $99K

Man Booted From Super Bowl Flight For Wearing Scuba-Like Mask: The NY Post says a New Jersey man was recently booted from a United Airlines flight to Tampa because he was wearing a scuba-like mask instead of a coronavirus mask. Rob Joseph was heading to the Super Bowl to help with security. He says he bought the $85 mask because it protects better than surgical masks.

A United flight attendant booted Rob and his brother because they refused to remove their scuba masks. An airline representative says, “Along with the fact that it does have vents, there are some other variables at play here that we notice with the mask, there are needs to change out the filter, there’s concerns about hearing impairment with a mask like that.

Olivia Rodrigo tells Nylon magazine that her life has completely changed since her song "Driver's License" became a hit. “My life has completely shifted within such a short period of time. And yet, everything is the same, and I’m still just spending every day in my room writing songs and doing homework. But it’s really incredible to have all these amazing opportunities and be recognized by people who I’ve looked up to for years. It’s been really surreal.”

Dua Lipa tells NBCthat the first concert she went to was the Wu-Tang Clan. “My first-ever show I went to was Method Man and Redman; I was 13. Basically, in Kosovo, people only really listened to hip-hop. Like, it was so massive out there and the only artists that, I guess, there was such a demand for were hip-hop artists. Going to the Method Man and Redman show was kind of my first introduction to Wu-Tang..”

Harry Styles tells Rolling Stone magazine that he feels lucky to have friends he can open up to. “I’m discovering how much better it makes me feel to be open with friends. Feeling that vulnerability, rather than holding everything in. I feel pretty lucky to have a group of friends who are guys who would talk about their emotions and be really open. My friend’s dad said to me, ‘You guys are so much better at it than we are. I never had friends I could really talk to. It’s good that you guys have each other because you talk about real [stuff]. We just didn’t.’”

Gabby Barrett says she has always donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "My parents always donated to St. Jude every month when I was growing up. I remember the envelopes and the stamps and stuff."

Justin Bieber tells Elle magazine that love is not a fairy tale "Love is a choice. Love is not a feeling. People have made it seem in movies that it's this fairy tale. That's not what love is. You're not gonna want to love your girl sometimes but you're gonna choose to love her. That's something in life that I had to figure out."

Ariana Grande tells that she always tries to be real with her fans. "“I’m not like a little robot at all. I’m a real person. I don’t try to do things because they will look a certain way. I try to keep it real with my fans,”

TMZ says Jennifer Lawrence was injured on Friday while filming her new movie "Don't Look Up". She was inside a restaurant when an action scene and an explosion went haywire. A window shattered sending shards of glass at Jennifer's face. She suffered several cuts.

OK! magazine says James Corden and Prince Harry recently taped a socially distanced version of Carpool Karaoke. A source tells People magazine, "They taped a COVID appropriate segment of Carpool Karaoke on the double decker. They have been friends for years and had a great time. A lot of joking around and laughter. They toured Hollywood and James showed Harry some special landmarks. They also chatted about Harry's life in the U.S. and his focus now.''

WPTV says several Palm Beach County, Florida Sheriff's recently entered a local restaurant where they encountered Sylvester Stallone. The action star recently purchased a $35 million dollar Palm Beach mansion.

Sly took a picture with the officers before they posted it online along with the caption: ''We had a Rocky morning after arresting a Demolition Man who drew First Blood on a Cobra. He argued but we said to save his case for Judge Dredd. Anyways, he said he had an Escape Plan but really There’s No Place To Hide. What a Cliffhanger of a day.''

The National Enquirer claims Alex Rodriguez is allegedly mad at Ben Affleck for complimenting Jennifer Lopez in the press. Ben and Jen dated in 2004. A source tells the magazine, ''Rodriguez is furious because he believes that as soon as Ana cut Ben loose, he seemed to start making moves on Jennifer. Alex is telling anyone who will listen that Ben should keep his distance unless he wants to find out who the real Batman is.”

Gwen Stefani tells Entertainment Tonight that she can't believe she is going to marry Blake Shelton. “I never expected that this would be where I’m at. It’s hard for me to even say I’m getting married. I’m like, so in the middle of my life. We can’t really plan the wedding because we don’t know what’s happening. I think we’re just sort of putting a target date out there and seeing if we can work backwards.'

The Daily Mail says Ryan Reynolds recently filmed an axe throwing segment for his new Snapchat show ''Ryan Doesn't Know.'' He placed a picture of Hugh Jackman on the bullseye along with the caption,"Thinking of you". Hugh posted a picture of Ryan with Wolverine claw marks over his face. He captioned the picture with: "SAME".

WLKY says a Saved by the Bell-themed Airbnb is available for rent in Dallas. The home rents for $165 a night. Its description reads: ''Feel like a 90's kid! Play retro video games, watch a VHS movie, sleep in a comfy bed and then wake up and eat sugary cereal in The Max!''

OK! magazine says John Cena and his wife, Shay, want kids. A source tells the magazine, ''They hope to have some good news before the year is out” Cena had a change of heart regarding children after seeing how much his ex-fiancee, Nikki Bella, loves being a mom and how happy his dad friends are. He and Shay both want a big family."

Business Insider says sales of corsets are soaring because of the Netflix TV show "Bridgerton". 82 million households watched the series in the month following its debut. Searches for corsets have jumped by 91% on Etsy Traffic on the Orchard Corsets website has skyrocketed by 71% over the past three months. Searches for lace gloves has surged by 744% while searches for tea sets are up by 110%.

People magazine says The Rock's football card from his freshman year at the University of Miami was recently auctioned off for $45,100. He wore number #94 and was a defensive tackle

Valentine's Day Survey

A new survey by Verizon reveals that 19 million people plan to celebrate Valentine's Day in their pajamas. Other findings:

- 25 million people will stream a show or movie on Valentine's Day

- 42% of people are planning on ordering takeout from a local restaurant on Valentine's Day

- 40% of people plan on ordering flowers or chocolate from a small business on Valentine's Day

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