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Fonseca Trending 02/02/22


- CJLS says Nova Scotia won't be using a groundhog to predict whether or not there will be six more weeks of Winter. Instead, Lucy the Lobster will be crawling out of the Atlantic at the Nova Scotia Lobster Crawl Festival.

- The NY Post says Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine for children, under the age of five, could be ready by next month.

- The Robb Report says a Tom Brady rookie card sold over the weekend for $1.23 million. It's worth even more now because Tom is retired.

- KUSA says the Denver Broncos are up for sale. Forbes has listed their value at $3.75 billion. The current owners hope to sell the team before the start of next season

- Business Insider says Tesla is recalling 54,000 cars because their self-driving software fails to fully stop a car at stop signs. The rolling stop could result in accidents. Tesla is planning to fix the software glitch sometime this month.

- The Daily Mail says Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has paid $200 million to have his name placed on the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. The donation is the largest gift the museum has ever received. A new branch of the museum is being named The Bezos Learning Center.

- Southern Living magazine says is selling a gummy pickle for Easter. It weighs a quarter pound and sells for $10

- says Shia LaBeouf and his ex-wife, Mia Goth, are expecting their first child together.

- Fox News says Starbucks is planning to raise prices because of supply chain issues, inflation and lower quarterly profits.


Valentine's Day Trending

- Chewboom says Baskin-Robbins is celebrating Valentine's Day with a new flavor called Secret Admirer. The pink cake ice cream is swirled with a sweet strawberry ribbon.

- Footwear News says Crocs is celebrating Valentine's Day with a new furry clog.The Sweethearts Crocs are covered in red fur and have yellow, blue, purple, pink and orange heart-shaped pins that say TRUE LOVE, BE MINE, GO TIME AND XOXO. People can enter to win the Sweethearts Crocs by registering on the company's website

- WDRB says KFC is celebrating Valentine's Day with the KFC Chicken Sandwich Snuggler. The three foot stuffed pillow has an image of a chicken sandwich and costs $100 on the Pillow Pets website. It's meant to be squeezed in lieu of a partner on Valentine's Day


City Cancels Groundhog Day Celebration Because Groundhog Dies: Fox News says the city of Milltown, New Jersey has cancelled their Groundhog Day celebration because their groundhog, Milltown Mel, has passed away. The city posted; "We Wranglers are sad to report that Milltown Mel recently crossed over the rainbow bridge. Considering the average lifespan of a Groundhog is about 3 years, that is not such a shock, but Mel left us at a tough time of year, when most of his fellow groundhogs are hibernating. We will work hard on getting us a new weather prognosticator for next year, till then please check out what all of Mel's cousins have to say on Feb 2nd.''

Brady Retiring: Tom Brady retired yesterday with the following Instagram post ... "This is difficult for me to write, but here it goes: I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. I have loved my NFL career, and now it is time to focus my time and energy on other things that require my attention. My playing career has been such a thrilling ride, and far beyond my imagination, and full of ups and downs," Brady said in his statement. "When you're in it every day, you really don't think about any kind of ending. As I sit here now, however, I think of all the great players and coaches I was privileged to play with and against -- the competition was fierce and deep, JUST HOW WE LIKE IT. But the friendships and relationships are just as fierce and deep. I will remember and cherish these memories and re-visit them often. I feel like the luckiest person in the world."

Gisele Bundchen wrote: "So many memories! When I met you over 15 years ago, I didn’t know the first thing about football. But cheering for you and seeing you do what you love most made me learn about this wonderful game to the point that I seriously believed I knew more than the referees! I’m so proud of you, and of everything you have had to overcome physically and emotionally over the years. I am in awe of your dedication, and of everything you have achieved. You love what you do, and you leave behind a legacy that is a beautiful example for future generations. I know how excited you are about the next chapter of your life. Watching you work so hard in your football career and seeing the dedication you are now putting into all your new endeavors is incredibly inspiring. There is nothing you can’t achieve. I have always been here for you, you know that, and I’m as excited as you are for what the future holds!"

Career Accomplishments ...

7 Super Bowl wins

5 Super Bowl MVP Awards

3 NFL MVP Awards

15-time Pro Bowler

6 First-Team All Pro selections

NFL’s all-time passing touchdown leader (624)

NFL’s all-time passing yards leader (85,520)

The most career wins in NFL history (243)

He was 243-73 in his career in the regular season and 35-12 in the playoffs.

Tom Brady retired yesterday. Jon Bon Jovi, a longtime Patriots fan, says Tom made him a better singer. “Tom Brady made me a better singer. Tom made me a better songwriter, a better leader, seeker and more driven to succeed while remembering to love what I do. He doesn’t know it, but he inspired me and lots of people like me. Thx TB 12''

TMZ says Simon Cowell is recovering from his second serious bike accident in the last 18 months. He was riding in London when he crashed to the ground while taking a sharp corner. Simon broke his left arm and bruised his cheeks. The road was wet when he fell. A source tells The Sun newspaper, “Simon is lucky to be alive. Stupidly, Simon wasn’t wearing a helmet, and blood was pouring from his face — he looked like something from Phantom of the Opera. After being ambulanced to hospital and given an X-ray, Simon was eventually released that evening — his arm in a yellow cast all the way up to the shoulder — and told to rest.''

Jennifer Lopez tells People magazine that she is happy to be dating Ben Affleck again. “I feel so very lucky and happy and proud to be with him. It’s a beautiful love story that we got a second chance. I just feel very happy and lucky to be in a relationship that’s happy and loving and I want to do everything I can to protect that and keep it safe. It deserves that, it really does. We hold it sacred. When you’re in a good, healthy relationship, everybody benefits from that. Everybody.”

Halle Berry, whose new movie ''Moonfall'' opens this Friday, tells Vogue magazine that she was once told she would never work again after cutting her hair short. “I decided to cut all of my hair off because all the girls that I saw had long, curly hair. My manager told me that I’d never work again. I booked the job. It was for a television show called Living Dolls”

Dolly Parton tells Access Hollywood that she doesn't want to live as long as Betty White did. “I met her a time or two. I just knew of her work, and I just loved her. I just thought she was great. And I hope to be like that. I hope to be able to, if I live that long, I hope to be able to be active and productive, and I will, you know, be trying if I live that long. I hope I don’t live that long, to be honest,” she noted. “I just hope I go out at my peak whenever that peak might be and then just fall out like that.”

Betty recently died at age 99

Jeopardy champ Amy Schneider thinks Ken Jennings should be the permanent host of the show. She tells CNN, ''I think Ken Jennings should be the host. I really, I can’t say enough about him. I didn’t necessarily think that before going into this, you know, because, like, yes, he was a great champion, but this is a different skill set. But you could see the work that he put into it, and I just thought he did a really great job, so as far as I’m concerned, that’s my endorsement.”

OK! magazine claims Tom Cruise is allegedly secretly dating a British actress. A source tells the magazine, “A few weeks ago, he was introduced to a beautiful British actress and was instantly hooked. Tom has gotten lots of flak for being over-the-top when he falls in love, but he’s an incurable romantic. She thinks that world of Tom and has decided to immerse herself in the church. It’s totally of her volition, which has knocked the socks off him. Tom downplays things and says he wants to enjoy this time with her away from the spotlight, but everyone is convinced he’s found the woman he wants to marry. No one has seen him this happy in a long, long time”

The Daily Mirror says Kanye West is allegedly ready to propose to Julia Fox after a month of dating. A source tells the website, "He feels Julia is his perfect match and he wants to ensure she knows just how serious he is about their future together. He even gave her a bespoke ring in Paris, as a 'promise ring."'

The Irish Mirror newspaper says Snoop Dogg was recently reunited with his missing French Bulldog, Frank. Frank went missing in Los Angeles before a pair of Good Samaritans found him. Snoop Dogg Instagrammed: "I want to thank you all for returning the dog back to us. We appreciate that Frank made his way back home. We appreciate all the love and the support we got on Instagram to get the dog back. And to the lovely couple that brought the dog back, I got some gifts for y’all for looking out"

Entertainment Tonight says Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended for two weeks from ''The View'' for claiming the Holocaust wasn't about race.

ABC president Kim Godwin released a statement saying: "Effective immediately, I am suspending Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks for her wrong and hurtful comments. While Whoopi has apologized, I’ve asked her to take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments. The entire ABC News organization stands in solidarity with our Jewish colleagues, friends, family and communities."

Pasta Survey A new survey by ItalPasta reveals that 52% of people say pasta is the easiest meal to prepare for a first date or Valentine's Day. Other findings:

- 35% of people say pasta is the most romantic date night meal

- 28% of singles won't kiss a person who slurps their spaghetti

- 24% of people don't think it's cute when a person has sauce on their face

- 12% of people think it's wrong when someone cuts spaghetti with a knife

Top Ways People Show Their Love … According to a new survey by One Poll

Words of affirmation (34%)

Quality time (27%)

Receiving gifts (17%)

Acts of service (11%)

Physical touch (7%)

TOP 10 SKILLS STUDENTS THINK SHOULD BE TAUGHT IN SCHOOL … According to a new survey by One Poll

Culinary arts - 49%

Cosmetology - 40%

Practical nursing (LPNs) - 35%

Auto mechanics - 33%

Electrics - 32%

Welding and machining technology - 32%

Auto body and collision repair - 26%

Landscape design - 26%

Construction trades - 25%

Metalworking - 23%

Valentine's Day Fun Facts ... according to Lifestyle Asia

- Valentine's Day may have been derived from a Roman fertility festival to help women increase their fertility - red roses are the favorite flowers of the Roman goddess Venus because red represents strong romantic feelings - 250 million roses are produced in the United States each Valentine's Day - Americans spent $21.8 billion on Valentine's Day gifts last year - receiving one stalk of roses signifies love, but giving two or 15 roses means an apology - Richard Cadbury introduced the first box of heart-shaped chocolates in 1868 - 36 million boxes of chocolates are sold each year - Candy hearts were first introduced as medical lozenges in 1847

People Are Brushing Their Teeth Less During The Pandemic

A new survey by Colgate Total reveals that 20% of people have been brushing their teeth less during the pandemic. Other findings:

- 22% of people have gone at least three days without brushing their teeth.

- 5% of people wait six months or more before changing their toothbrush.

- 36% of people forget to brush on a daily basis.

Dear Fonseca

I am planning to propose to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day with a ring I originally bought for my ex-fiance. It's an expensive and beautiful ring that I wouldn't be able to afford today. My older sister says it's bad luck that I'm proposing with my ex's ring. She also says it's tacky. My younger sister says it's fine as long as my girlfriend doesn't find out. Am I in the wrong for proposing with an old ring? It's either the more expensive old ring or the less expensive new ring? Does it even matter?

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