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Fonseca Trending 01/12/22


- The CDC is continuing to warn Americans not to travel to Canada because of rising coronavirus cases. Canadian officials are telling their residents not to travel outside of the country.

- Fox Business News says United Airlines is trimming flights because 3,000 employees are covid positive.

- Orlando Weekly says Hulk Hogan allegedly posted that Betty White and Sidney Poitier died because they got vaccinated. He wrote: "100% Betty and Sidney were also jabed their dropping like flies but they’ll never say it."

- Showbiz411 says the Academy Awards will take place on March 27th at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. ABC says this year's show will have a host unlike others from the past several years

- The Robb Report says a 1964 Porsche, once owned by Robert Redford, may sell for as much as $1.7 million when it is auctioned off. The green and silver car is one of only 100 GTS models. The car has racing harnesses instead of seat belts

- Uproxx says Zach Galifianakis and Elizabeth Banks are going to star in a new Beanie Baby movie called ''The Beanie Bubble''. The film is about the Beanie Baby craze and the extreme lengths people went to to get the dolls

- Total Pro Sports says Tristan Thompson may have to pay the mother of his newborn baby, Maralee Nichols, $34,000 a month in child support

- The NY Post says Mom Bods are the new Dad Bods. Women are posting pictures of their pregnant and post-pregnancy bellies in order to show off their confidence and acceptance of who they are.


Man Has Received 12 Vaccine Shots: The Daily Mail says an 84 year-old India man is addicted to coronavirus vaccines. Brahamdev Mandal has been jabbed 12 times since February 2021. He says the vaccines have helped him get rid of his joint pain. Cops are now investigating to see how Mandal has been able to get so many shots.

Common Cold Protects Against Coronavirus: A new study by Imperial College London reveals that catching the common cold creates some immunity and protection against the Coronavirus. Dr. Rhia Kundu says, “Being exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t always result in infection, and we’ve been keen to understand why. We found that high levels of pre-existing T cells, created by the body when infected with other human coronaviruses like the common cold, can protect against COVID-19 infection.”

Professor Ajit Lalvani says, “Our study provides the clearest evidence to date that T cells induced by common cold coronaviruses play a protective role against SARS-CoV-2 infection. These T cells provide protection by attacking proteins within the virus, rather than the spike protein on its surface.”

Extra says Simon Cowell has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman. He proposed while on vacation in Barbados. Simon got down on one knee on the beach and popped the question in front of his sons, Eric and Adam. A source tells the TV show, “Lauren was absolutely stunned and never in a million years expected Simon to pop the question. She burst into tears — happy tears — and obviously said yes straight away. It was important to Simon that the kids were there, too, as he adores them both and the family they’ve become. Simon and Lauren are ridiculously, nauseatingly in love — incredibly, lockdown brought them closer than ever.”

John Stamos says he is not ready to accept that Bob Saget is gone. He Instagrammed; ''I'm not ready to accept that he's gone - I'm not going to say goodbye yet. I'm going to imagine him out there, still on the road, doing what he loves with all his heart and humor. He's standing on stage, killing! Another two-hour set in front of a couple hundred of the luckiest people on the planet. They're laughing so hard, they weep. I'm just not ready to say goodbye yet. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.''

People magazine says comedian Jeffrey Ross has been consoling Bob Saget's wife, co-stars and friends. He posted; "I spent yesterday in Bob's kitchen crying, eating and even laughing with his awesome wife Kelly [Rizzo], a few of our close pals and Bob's wonderful castmates. Yes it was a full house but it still felt very very empty without our star. Bob made everything better and losing him hasn't set in for me. But in a way I think this is the easy part. The hard part will be next time I need advice or some cheering up or a pastrami sandwich at 2 am after a break up and my pal Bob isn't around to get me through it."

Billboard magazine says Kanye West is planning a trip to Russia. He wants to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and perform a Sunday service. Kanye plans to spend a lot of time in the Soviet Union because he wants to launch new businesses there.

Jeopardy champ Amy Schneider tells The Blast that she knows what she wants to do with her million-dollar winnings. “You know, definitely some, like, nice, like, designer clothes, I think. would like to really develop a taste for that. I think would be nice.”

Entertainment Tonight says Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom want more kids. A source tells the TV show, "Katy and Orlando are so happy. They're doing very well as a couple and have gotten into a great groove. They want to expand their family. They're both super supportive of each other's careers and love parenting together."

Daniel Craig tells the Awards Chatter podcast that he asked to be killed off in the last Bond movie rather than star in four more 007 films. ''I was sitting in the back of a black Mercedes driving away from the Berlin premiere of Casino Royale with Barbara Broccoli in the back - just me and her - everything was good, the movie was doing great, it was like 'we'd done it, it was time for a bit of celebration'. I said 'how many of these movies do I have to make?' And she was like 'four'. And I was like 'oh, really? That's a lot?' I said ''OK, if I make four can I kill him off at the end?'' And she paused, and she just went ''yes''. I had a sort of plan in my head, I don't know what the plan was, that if we got it right and if we got it to a place, then they needed to re-set.''

Lady Gaga tells Entertainment Tonight that she wants to do a movie with Tom Hanks. "There are so many actors that I would love to work with. ... Al Pacino was certainly one of them. I'm very proud to call him my friend. I wanted to work with Jared [Leto]. I wanted to work with Adam [Driver]. I wanted to work with Jeremy Irons. I wanted to work with Salma [Hayek]. As for the future? I have to say, one of my fellow Icon Award winners, Tom Hanks, I would love to work with Tom Hanks. I think he is one of the most brilliant actors of all time."

John Cena tells the Boston Globe newspaper the he was a hair band fan in the 1980s. ''Favorite ‘80s hair metal band is Guns N’ Roses. I remember when “Appetite for Destruction” came out. I was in my best friend’s minivan. His babysitter at the time played an “Appetite” cassette tape and I was hooked. I was into ‘80s hair metal for a while. There’s some Cinderella in “Peacemaker.” “Long Cold Winter” was a great album. Poison, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard — another one that hit a lot of the right chords. But I would say Guns N’ Roses is my favorite.''

TMZ says the "Nightmare on Elm Street" house has sold for $2.98 million. The three-bedroom Los Angeles home was famously featured in the 1984 horror movie. It was originally listed for $3.25 million before the price was "slashed." The house went viral last year after a model dressed as Freddy Krueger and posed for pictures throughout the property.

TOP WAYS PEOPLE REJECT WINE ETIQUETTE … According to a new survey by Woodbridge Wines.

Drinking white wine at room temperature instead of chilled - 46%

Holding a glass by the bowl rather than the stem- 44%

Adding ice to wine - 43%

Filling their glass to the top - 42%

Sniffing the cork - 36%

Tasting wine while wearing strongly scented perfume/aftershave - 34%

Drinking wines “out of order” (e.g. red before white, sweet before dry, etc.) - 32%

Drinking without looking, swirling, or sniffing - 32%

Gulping wine down quickly - 25%

Pairing wine with non-traditional foods - 19%

Wine Survey

A new survey by Woodbridge Wines reveals that 26% of people think Happy Hour should occur before 5 p.m. Other findings:

25% of people drink wine with breakfast or brunch

62% of men and 50% of women drink wine while watching sports

30% of people drink wine while taking a bath

10% of people drink wine out of a coffee mug

Sleep Survey

A new survey by Intellibed reveals that it takes the average person 26 minutes to fall asleep. Other findings:

- The average person experiences two poor nights of sleep per week

- 45% of people say their biggest worries keep them awake at night

States With The Best Kissers... According to a new survey by Shane Co

1 Florida

2 New York

3 Nevada

4 Texas

5 Arkansas

6 South Carolina

7 Kansas

8 Oregon

9 (TIE) Wisconsin/Washington

States With The Best Kissers... According to a new survey by Shane Co

1 Florida

2 New York

3 Nevada

4 Texas

5 Arkansas

6 South Carolina

7 Kansas

8 Oregon

9 (TIE) Wisconsin/Washington

Dear Fonseca

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I heard a rumor that one of my daughter's teachers is changing failing grades to passing grades because it makes her look better. My daughter is having trouble in the teacher's class. I've seen several of her grades raised even though I know she didn't earn the passing grade. I'm torn about what to do. Should I tell the school or keep this to myself so my daughter can continue to pass? If I squeal, my daughter may face consequences.

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