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Fonseca Trending 01/06/22


- The Grammys have been postponed due to the coronavirus. The show was supposed to take place on January 31st. No word on a future date

- The Hollywood Gossip says production on ''Grey's Anatomy'' has been halted because of the Omicron variant

- WLKY says Betty White will not be buried next to her third husband, Alan Ludden, in Wisconsin. Instead, she will be laid to rest in either California or Illinois.

- America's oldest WWII veteran, Lawrence Brooks, of New Orleans, has died at the age of 112. Brooks was a local celebrity, who often sat on his porch as residents drove by and waved or brought him soda and snacks.

- WCBS says Girl Scouts have begun selling cookies. They have a new flavor called Adventurefuls. The brownie cookies have caramel cream and sea salt.

- Inside Edition says KFC will start selling plant-based chicken on Monday. The chicken was developed by Beyond Meat.

- Adweek magazine says Corona is coming out with a non-alcoholic version of their beer. It is going to be infused with vitamin D and is called Corona Sunbrew

- ABC says Pepsi is bringing back Crystal Pepsi for a limited time. The clear cola was popular in the 90s. Pepsi is holding a Twitter contest and will give 300 winners a six-pack of Crystal Pepsi if they have the best picture of themselves from the 90's holding a Crystal Pepsi


Mom Rents Times Square Billboard To Help Daughter Find A Date: NBC says a Boston mother is renting a Times Square billboard in order to help her daughter find a date. Beth Davis says the billboard reads ''Date My Daughter'' and has a picture of her 30 year old, Molly. Molly says, “I’m hoping that the right person is confident enough to not be dissuaded by the unorthodox.'' Beth says, "June 2020, I found out the cancer has metastasized in my bones. I guess there was a little more urgency to see my daughter settled with a wonderful man. With my health situation, this is just sort of the last piece. She's such a lovely girl and I'd just love to know there's a wonderful man for her, too.''

Nicolas Cage says a horse once tried to kill him. He tells The Hollywood Reporter, ''My horse on Butcher’s Crossing, named Rain Man, wanted to kill me… I was in Blackfoot Country. Rain Man kept trying to knock me off and would try to run my head into roofs, and then I’d get off and try to be nice to him, and he would headbutt me. It was not fun. I’ve always had good experiences with animals. I always had great experiences with horses, but Rain Man wanted to kill me. I’m so glad I got through that movie alive.''

TMZ says Kanye West's new girlfriend, Julia Fox, did a photoshoot with Kim Kardashian's new boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The two were on the cover of Paper magazine in 2019. They appeared as Ken and Barbie and cuddled, took a bubble bath and played outside.

A source tells The Sun newspaper, "Kim thinks it's comical Kanye went from begging her to come back to showcasing his new girl all over the city within days. She knows it's not serious and is just typical hijinks from Kanye. Kim thinks it's another desperate attempt to make her jealous. She honestly doesn't care, she's very over him at this point so his little game isn't working. All she cares about right now involving Kanye is raising their four kids and making sure they have a happy life, that's it.”

NBC says Martha Stewart is opening her first restaurant in Las Vegas. "The Bedford by Martha Stewart" is inspired by her New York farmhouse. She will serve many of the same dishes she creates at home. Martha plans to get her ingredients from local farmers markets.

The Daily Mail says the producers of the Sex and the City reboot, ''And Just Like That'', have removed Chris 'Mr.Big' Noth from the season finale because four women accused him of sexual abuse. Mr.Big died during the first episode of the new season. A scene, where Carrie Bradshaw, scatters his ashes into a river, has been removed.

Macaulay Culkin tells the Wrestling with Freddie podcast that he wishes he could have written story lines for the WWE. “Oh man, there were times when I wanted to, like kind of just find six months of my life at the very least just to kinda go in there and stuff. I will say I kind of regret not writing for WWE – now that I’m a dad I barely have time to pee at this point, you know what I mean? I just never got around to it, there was always something."

Entertainment Tonight says Benji Madden wished Cameron Diaz a happy 7th wedding anniversary with the following post: "Today 7 years married Always dreamed of having a family like this. Happy, peaceful, consistent, loyal and unconditional equally filled with passion and depth. Calling it a Honeymoon doesn’t cover it. Real life. The only real challenge we have is making time go slower cause life goes by fast in the happy lane, Always and forever knowing we are home @camerondiaz Happy Anniversary I love you!''

Aaron Rodgers tells the Pat McAfee Show that he may retire the same way Lions running back Barry Sanders did. “If you remember, Sanders retired with a little note, like ‘hey guys, thanks it was fun I’m out.’ And I always thought that was cool. He loved the game but he was not bigger than the game and I think that’s the way to do it.”

LAD Bible says the New England Historical and Genealogical Society has confirmed that Brad Pitt and Barack Obama are related. They are ninth cousins linked by Edwin Hickman, who died in Virginia in 1769.

OK! Magazine claims Jennifer Lopez allegedly makes Ben Affleck FaceTime her every night before bed when they are in separate cities. A source tells the magazine, “They’re still at the stage where they can hardly keep their hands off each other, but it’s not just chemistry. Lopez is constantly buying new lingerie, which Ben loves, and if she’s away from him even for a few hours, she’ll take a sexy selfie and send it to him. Affleck has to FaceTime Jen every night before bed. Their friends think it’s all a bit over the top, but Ben and Jen are so grateful to be getting this second chance. They’re not taking anything for granted!” says Britney Spears recently had her first glass of wine in 13 years following the end of her conservatorship. She posted, ''had my first glass of red wine last weekend!!! I’ve waited 13 years … that’s long enough!!!”

Cobra Kai writer Josh Heald says a scene where Ralph Maccio drinks a disgusting pre-training drink was deleted from season 4 of the show. He tells Entertainment Weekly, "It was supposed to be like vodka and eggs. Ralph had to drink it, and it took like an interminable amount of time for him to choke down whatever the heck the prop master made. It was like baby food in real life."

Ralph says, "I kept thinking of [Sylvester] Stallone in the original Rocky film, taking the five eggs down. But I went for it -- it just didn't make it into the episode."

Dating Survey

A new survey by the dating app WooDate reveals that 55% of people say their dating life has become worse because of the pandemic. Other findings:

- 33% of people say their dating life has gotten better since the pandemic started

- 64% of people find it hard to plan dates because of the pandemic

- 28% of singles are less motivated to go out because of the pandemic

Body Survey

A new survey by Good Housekeeping reveals that 17% of people would be willing to shave a year or more off of their life in exchange for the ideal body. Other findings:

- 11% of people would give up lovemaking in exchange for their ideal body

- only 6% of people are happy with their body

Top Five Dating App Turn-Offs … According to a new survey posted by Wales Online

· Cropping their ex-partner out of a photo to use on their profile when it’s obvious that it was a photo with their ex – 68%

· When a guy posts a picture of himself posing with a fish he’s caught – 62%

· No pets in their photos - 54%

· Giving blunt or one-word answers – 51%

· When you turn someone down and they don’t take the rejection very well – 48%

Dear Fonseca

My sister-in-law got drunk on New Year's Eve. She admitted that her daughter may have been fathered by an ex-boyfriend and not my brother. My brother would be crushed if he found out that he did not father his daughter. I'm torn about what to do. Should I tell him or just let sleeping dogs lie? Does he have a right to know? Do I have a responsibility to tell him?

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