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Fonseca Trending 01/05/21


- ABC says tomorrow night's Powerball jackpot has jumped to $610 million. The lump sum cash payout is $434.2 million

- 7 News says a meat shortage is looming because meat workers don't have enough access to rapid coronavirus tests. The shortages could begin within two weeks and could last for as long as a year.

- TV Insider says Seth Meyers has tested positive for the coronavirus and has canceled his talk shows for the rest of this week.

- TMZ says Betty White's hometown of Oak Park, Illinois plans to honor her on January 17th with her own 'Betty White Day'. Betty would have turned 100 on the day

- The NY Post says a new term for women with big busts and tiny waists is going viral on Tik-Tok. These women are now referring to themselves as Airpod-shaped.

- The Daily Mail says some grocery stores are already stocking Easter candy even though the holiday is months away

- Mashable says John Deere has developed a self-driving tractor. It has cameras and GPS technology that allows it to plow fields without a driver.

- Pop Culture magazine says Captain America star Chris Evans is in talks to star in a new movie about Gene Kelly. The movie is about a 12 year old boy who creates an imaginary friendship with Kelly while working at MGM in 1952.

- TMZ says this year's Golden Globes are going to be livestreamed instead of broadcast on NBC. No celebrities or fans will be in attendance because of covid

- UPI says a rare Incredible Hulk number #1 comic book was recently auctioned off for $490,000. Only seven copies of the issue are known to exist.

- The NY Post says Tristan Thompson recently sent his daughter, True, 100 roses after he announced he had fathered a love child with a personal trainer.

- NBC says the Washington Football Team will unveil their new name, logo and identity on February 2nd on the 'Today Show'.

- NBC says AT&T and Verizon are delaying the release of their new 5G wireless service because it could interfere with airplanes and their computer systems.


Powerball Jackpot Update: The odds of winning tonight's $610 million Powerball jackpot are 1 in 292,201,338. According to The Record newspaper, you are more likely to...

hiot a hole-in-one (1 in 12,500)

Be killed by hornets (1 in 54,093)

Have conjoined twins (1 in 200,000)

Win an Olympic gold medal (1 in 662,000)

Become President (1 in 32 million)

Walmart Shoplifters Go Viral For What They Stole: The Denton Record-Chronicle says three Denton, Texas women recently robbed a Walmart of $600 worth of merchandise. The women were caught on camera stealing thong underwear, lollipops, velvet ties, Hawaiian Punch, Mentos, cookies and a burrito. Cops have surveillance video of the theft and plan to issue arrest warrants for the women.

New Ben & Jerry's Flavors: Metro UK says Ben & Jerry's is celebrating the start of 2022 with four new sundae flavors including ...

Cookie Vermont-ster ... sweet ice cream, chocolate chips and cookie swirls.

Hazel-nuttin’ but Chocolate ... chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with brownie pieces and sea salt swirls.

Oh My! Banoffee Pie ... creamy banana ice cream, chocolatey caramel cups and cookie swirls.

Non-Dairy Berry Revolutionary ... vegan raspberry ice cream with sandwich cookies and chocolate swirls

KRIS says the Commerce Street Brewery Hotel, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, is honoring Betty White with her own beer called Blond Betty. Proceeds are going to benefit local animal charities. Betty's third husband, Alan Ludden, is buried in Mineral Point.

Producer Steve Boettcher says Betty White recorded a tribute to her fans 10 days before she died. He tells Entertainment Tonight that the greeting will most likely appear in Betty's upcoming movie, ‘Betty White: A Celebration’. "On December 20, she did a short little video for us... it was kind of a tribute to her fans that were going to be with her at the event. It's kind of a shout-out to her fans that she did 10 days before she passed away. She looked amazing, she loved getting 'glammed up,' as she calls it, in her hair, makeup, she was just striking and beautiful. She was smiling and really she wanted to thank her fans sincerely, from the bottom of her heart, for all the support over the years." says Britney Spears has no plans to reconcile with her family in 2022. A source tells the website, "Britney has no plans to reconcile with her sister, mother, or her father at this time and she doesn’t foresee herself having a future with any of them, as they all, directly or indirectly, are responsible for the years of psychological torment that she went through. They all allowed this to continue knowing that it was hurting her. She doesn’t see how this will ever be forgivable because, if not for her fans and those who truly love her, she would still be in the conservatorship."

US Weekly Magazine says Britney Spears' ex-husband, Jason Alexander, was recently arrested in Franklin, Tennessee. He was charged with stalking and violating an existing restraining order. Jason has a February 17th court date. He has started a GoFundMe page and is asking his fans to help cover his legal expenses.

The Globe claims Brad Pitt has allegedly been spending his time as of late eating potato chips and fast food at home. A source tells the magazine, “He can still turn on the style and scrub himself up when he needs to, but in his downtime, Brad seems to take pride in being grungy and foul. He’ll wear the same baggy pants and shirt for weeks on end without washing them, doesn’t bother grooming, and even ditches deodorant.”

The NY Post says a phone number featured in Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence's new movie, "Don't Look Up'', is actually an adult hotline. In the film, the number is given so people can call it and seek peace of mind about the asteroid heading towards Earth. Moviegoers called the number. A pre-recorded message states, “Welcome to America’s hottest hotline. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press 1 now. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys, press 2 to connect free now.

Fans react ....

“Am I the only one that called the FEMA/Bash hotline and got a phone sex operator?

“Called the 800 number they used in Don’t Look Up. It’s a phone sex chat service. LMAO, good prank”

The NY Post says Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is defending his maskless hug with NFL reporter Erin Andrews following a recent game. The paper quotes Aaron as saying, “Look, I’ve known EA for a long time and I think the whole thing is obviously a little bit strange. You’ve got to do some eight feet apart interview. And that’s my friend. That’s the same way I’d hug a friend seeing them on the field, or hug a guy on the opposing team that you have respect for and you play against. Look, I do what I’m told in those situations about keeping distance, but I’m a hugger and I enjoy seeing my friends postgame.”

The Herald-Review says Fox NFL announcer Troy Aikman is releasing a new beer in February called Eight. The healthy beer is made with organic grains, antioxidant hops and no sugar. The beer only has 90 calories

Grapes Are The New Superfood

A new study by UCLA reveals that grapes may prevent heart attacks and strokes. Professor Zhaoping Li says, “We found that grapes have a beneficial effect on gut bacteria, which is great news, since a healthy gut is critical to good health. This study deepens our knowledge and expands the range of health benefits for grapes, even as the study reinforces the heart health benefits of grapes with lowered cholesterol.''

BEST FOODS TO HAVE AS LEFTOVERS ... According to a new survey by Bosch Home Appliances

Soup/stew (79%)

Pizza (63%)

Meat (62%)

Pasta (60%)

Rice (55%)

Vegetables (54%)

Chinese food takeout (53%)

Roasted potatoes (52%)

Sandwiches (47%)

Tuna salad (47%)

Dear Fonseca

One of my top New Year's resolutions is to get out and date more. I have a first date on Friday night. Some of my friends say I should layer up and dress conservatively because it will leave more to the imagination for my date. My other friends say I should dress suggestively because it will turn him on. They say it also shows that I'm sexy and confident. My conservative friends disagree with dressing suggestively because they say it makes me look like I'm easy. Which strategy would you employ?

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