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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca

Fonseca Best of Calls:


- People magazine says Will Smith gets slapped in the new Bad Boys movie. Martin Lawrence's character, Marcus, slaps Will several times in a reference to Will’s slap of Chris Rock at the Oscars. Some sneak preview audiences were shocked by the scene. The Daily Beast referred to the scene as a "tasteless nod to The Slap meant to rehab Smith’s image."

- Jake Gyllenhaal tells the Hollywood Reporter that being legally blind has been advantageous to his acting career. "I’ve never known anything else. When I can’t see in the morning, before I put on my glasses, it’s a place where I can be with myself."

- TMZ says Maroon 5 star Adam Levine is returning as a coach on "The Voice".He will be joined by John Legend, Michael Buble, and Kelsea Ballerini. Adam was previously a coach for 16 seasons before leaving the show in 2019.

- Autoevolution says a 24-karat gold-plated Tesla Cybertruck was recently unveiled. YouTuber JerryRigEverything painted his Cybertruck. He posted a video online and says his truck has a paint protection film that wards off scratches and bird poop 

- The NY Post says Southwest Airlines is raising prices for upgraded boarding and early check-in options. Passengers can increase their chances of a better seat by paying $30 to $149.  The price hikes come as the company aims to improve financials 

- The New York Post says Phoenix firefighters are using ice immersion bags to treat heat stroke victims. Triple-digit temperatures are blanketing the Southwest. Firefighters place victims in bags that resemble body bags. They then fill them with ice


TMZ says Maroon 5 star Adam Levine is returning as a coach on "The Voice". He will be joined by John Legend, Michael Buble, and Kelsea Ballerini. Adam was previously a coach for 16 seasons before leaving the show in 2019.

Meghan Trainor tells Entertainment Tonight that there's nothing she wants more in life than to be a judge on American Idol. "Please, please consider me on your show. Please American Idol! Please! I'm ready. Alright, yeah, I would love to.’’

Sky News says Justin Timberlake was recently performing in concert when he spotted professional golfer Sergio Garcia in the crowd. Justin used his microphone as his golf club and showed off his swing. Sergio smiled and approved

TMZ says Britney Spears recently reunited with her ex-fiancé, Jason Trawick, in Las Vegas. The  meet-up was friendly, not romantic, despite some cautiously optimistic about a possible reunion. Britney and Jason remain cordial after calling off their engagement in 2013

The Business Times says Miley Cyrus allegedly still seeks closure from Liam Hemsworth years after their divorce. An insider reveals,  “Miley’s still very scarred and tormented by the way things ended with Liam. When they broke up she really thought it was for the best and that she’d never look back, but now all these years have gone by and she’s having to admit she still misses him. She’s convinced that if they were to sit down and talk it out and each make amends that she’d be able to fully move on. He says he’s over it and has moved on and just wants to leave what they had in the past and doesn’t see any need to hash anything out. Miley is used to getting what she wants, so it’s driving her nuts that Liam won’t agree to see her.''

Teddy Swims tells Billboard magazine that he thought he was going to be a football star until music stepped in. “My whole family is just football, football, football. That's how it was for me too. I thought I was gonna be a big NFL star someday. Singing changed everything for me. Made me realize there was another path open to me.”

Beyonce tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that there is no shame in setting up boundaries in your life. "Throughout my career, I’ve been intentional about setting boundaries between my stage persona and my personal life. I’ve fought to protect my sanity and my privacy because the quality of my life depended on it. A lot of who I am is reserved for the people I love and trust.”

Page Six says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s $60 million mansion is allegedly up for sale on Zillow. The 43,000 square foot Beverly Hills home has 17 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, a sports bar, a pool and an indoor sports complex with basketball, pickleball, a gym and a boxing ring. The mortgage is $386,818 a month 

Life & Style Weekly claims Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are allegedly feeling overwhelmed by the constant pressure for an engagement. A source tells the magazine, "The constant questioning from friends and family is starting to really get them down. Not a day goes by they don’t get hit with gentle hints and questions. Her friends bring it up all the time, and she’s ordered them to stop mentioning it. The constant questions are not helping. She’s 100 percent sure that Travis is The One, and she’s just hoping the proposal happens soon, because she wants to get on with the next stage of their lives.”

NBC says Connecticut's Quinnipiac University is offering a Taylor Swift class.The class, "Taylor Swift: Cultural Mirrorball," will explore Swift's impact on society and her rise to fame. Topics include her storytelling techniques, artist-fan engagement, and public persona. 

TMSPN says Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is allegedly jealous of her male dancers. A source says, “He trusts Taylor but that doesn’t mean he’s fine seeing her surrounded by all these hot guys. He’s a very macho, Alpha-male type, his ego gets triggered pretty easily, and even if these guys don’t stand a chance with her he still feels major pangs of jealousy.”

Us Weekly says Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, recently admitted that he hasn't washed his hair in months because it is necessary. “I haven’t washed my hair in months. I can’t even tell you the last time I washed my hair. It’s unnecessary. It’s completely unnecessary. I just need to wear deodorant. That’s it. If I wear deodorant, the pits are great. If I don’t wear deodorant, that is probably one of the reasons they stink.” Jason previously said that he doesn't wash his feet 

Page Six says Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling recently got new teeth. Hers deteriorated in her 40s so she now has a mouthful of veneers and says, "I smile now. There's a whole new me. People underestimate me.’’

Female First says Will Smith once rushed out of a hotel due to a ghost encounter. He says,  "I once had to emergency check out of a hotel because of a ghost. This was probably 27 years ago. The ghost urinated in my friend’s toilet. And cleared all of his messages from his phone... It was the Lanesborough Hotel in London. We assumed it was British. But it was scary enough for us to check out of the hotel."

Pat Sajak tells Newsweek magazine that he doubted Vanna White's chances of being on Wheel of Fortune after her audition.  "And I remember after her audition, 'She's really sweet and seems like a very nice person,' but she was so nervous. I mean her lips were trembling and she was perspiring. I thought, 'He's never going to hire her.' Merv is smarter than I am and he saw something in her and knew that the nerves would go away. And they did and she's been a joy. And, you know, I shudder to think how life could have been different.’’ Pat's last day is tomorrow

Top 10 Most Popular Dad Phrases... According to a new survey by thortful

1. Ask your mother: 39%

2. Money doesn’t grow on trees: 37%

3. I’m not made of money: 34%

4. I’m not going to tell you again: 30%

5. If you were told to jump off a cliff, would you?: 22%

6. They don't make them like they used to: 21%

7. Two wrongs don’t make a right: 21%

8. Don’t let the bed bugs bite: 20%

9. Waste not, want not: 20%

10. It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here: 19%

Top 7 Sneaky Calorie Culprits In Your Healthy Salad ... According to a new article by Fox News

1. Salad dressings: Watch out for store-bought dressings high in sugar and unhealthy fats.

2. Cheese toppings: Adding too much cheese can quickly escalate the calorie count.

3. Croutons and crunchy toss-ins: These could add 100-150 extra calories per serving.

4. Protein picks: Opt for healthier protein sources like grilled chicken or fish.

5. Pasta and grains: Keep portions small to avoid extra calories in your salad.

6. Dried fruit: Be mindful of portion size to prevent a calorie boost.

7. Nuts and seeds: Keep portion size in check to enjoy their benefits without overdoing it.

Top 10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Totally Wrong For You ... According to a new article by Psychology Today

1. Being around him is never fun.

2. Your dreams don’t matter to him.

3. He rarely does the little things.

4. He gives you space by totally ignoring you.

5. He is not there emotionally.

6. He does not challenge you to be better.

7. His friends are a mystery.

8. Your friends are not his priority.

9. Your parents are not on his radar.

10. The relationship lacks strength in multiple areas, signaling a need for reevaluation.

TV Watching Survey 

A new survey by Tech Digest reveals that people only give TV shows 34 minutes to impress them before turning them off.  Other findings:

- the storyline is crucial for 47% of  people. 

- Over 60% of people give up on finding something to watch after endless scrolling. 

- top annoyance while watching TV … someone talking (45%) followed by spoiling key moments (32%) and people checking their phones (30%) 

Top 5 Dating Rules For Tinder Users ... According to a new study by UNILAD

1. Be authentic

2. Ask questions

3. Don't overshare

4. Put your phone away

5. Don't be rude to waiters

Dear Fonseca,

I always hear your show talking about tipping so I wanted to write and tell you what happened to me the other night at a very well known chain restaurant. I went into the restaurant and ordered my food at a kiosk. I then went to the counter to pick it up. The woman behind the counter made a snide report because I didn't tip her. I didn't feel the need to because she didn't do anything other than hand me a tray. I ordered myself and went up to the counter to get my own food. We argued for what felt like an eternity before I grabbed my food and left the restaurant. The woman told me that I was cheap and a horrible customer for not tipping. She made me feel guilty. I don't believe I should have tipped in that case. Should fast food workers be tipped? Should I have tipped in that case?

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