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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 07/03/24

Aaron Fonsec Best of Calls:


- Joey Chestnut tells Yahoo News that he gains 24 pounds from eating hot dogs on July 4th.

- Aptos, California is holding the world's shortest Fourth of July parade. The annual parade is just 6/10 of a mile long. The parade used to be longer, but was shortened. Classic cars, floats, bands, walkers, dancers and dogs are usually part of the parade.

- AAA says a record 70.9 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home during the Independence Day holiday period. That’s up 5% from last year. Gas prices are expected to remain stable leading up to July 4th. 5.74 million people will fly to their destinations.

- Pharma & Biotech News says Joe Biden is pushing for lower prices on Wegovy and Ozempic. He is asking Novo Nordisk to reduce costs. The President is demanding affordability with no hidden fees. He wants to make the weight loss treatment accessible to allAmericans in need. 

- Fox Business News says McDonald's is launching a new garlic dipping sauce. It has hints of soy sauce. Customers can order the new sauce exclusively on the McDonald’s app starting on July 9th

- WDRB says the Indiana State Fair is going viral because they are serving a Bloody Mary called The All-American Mary. The drink is topped with a mini corn on the cob, a cheeseburger slider, fried mac and cheese, fried pickles, waffle fries, a hotdog slider, and a mini apple pie. 


Chestnut Has Begun Prepping For Tomorrow's Hot Dog Eating Contest: The Houston Chronicle says Joey Chestnut has agreed to compete in a July 4th hot dog eating competition in El Paso, Texas. He was invited to the contest after being banned from Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island because he endorsed the plant-based brand Impossible Foods. Joey tweeted, "I'm honored to celebrate America's birthday with U.S. ARMY soldiers and their families. Bring me your best four eaters and I'll take them down, combined!"

Joey tells BroBible that he has a specific way he prepares for tomorrow's hot dog eating contest. ''At about 48 hours, 2 days, is my last real meal. And then a normal meal. And then it’s pretty much a cleanse beforehand. Lemon juice, water, a little bit of protein supplements. Then the day of the contest I wake up super early. I’m drinking liquid, doing yoga, doing some burping exercises, and sucking in my stomach and saying alright, there’s room for 15, 16, and 17 pounds of food.''

Page Six says Justin Timberlake’s mugshot has been turned into a painting.  The portrait is for sale at a gallery in Sag Harbor where he was arrested for a DUI. The limited edition paintings are selling for $520 each

The Daily Mail says Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake have been approved to transform a historic cinema in Fife, Ireland into a sports bar. The duo plans to invest $2.5 million to create a unique bar and restaurant venue. The project, set near the Old Course where Woods won The Open, aims to provide 40-45 jobs

The Daily Dot says a male nurse recently went viral after claiming Sabrina Carpenter's hit song, "Please Please Please," is nearly perfect for CPR. Nurse John says the song is 107 beats per minute, which is ideal for pumping along to. A rate of 100-120 compressions per minute is recommended. Other CPR-appropriate tunes include the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus, Dua Lipa's "Levitating," and Britney Spears' "Stronger."s

Benson Boone tells Variety magazine that he was afraid of messing up his songs when he first went on tour. "I was pretty worried about singing these songs live because they're really difficult to sing. But pretty much after the first night, I mean, like it all feels really good to sing all of it and my voice has never felt better. And I think they are like, like these songs kind of hit a little different life. So it's been a blast.”

Hozier tells Variety magazine that music is a magical force that brings people together. “Music just reminding people in any way, shape or form that there’s still that sense of human connection, and that that sense of recognition of somebody else’s human experience is still within our grasp, even when we’re feeling turmoil. That you can bear an honest witness to your neighbor or your friend or your loved one, or somebody whose life you have no experience with.”

Shaboozey tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that he loves to tell stories. “I was always telling stories, always trying to find ways to create something. Maybe that was a short film with my friends, or writing, but I was always drawn to telling stories. That's what country music is all about; telling stories about your life”

Music Times magazine says Jessica Biel's friends are allegedly worried that Justin Timberlake is going to break her heart because of his reckless behavior and recent DUI arrest. A source tells the magazine, "Her friends fear he'll break her heart again: Do cheaters ever change? "Her friends think she's married to a loser and hate that so much of her life is taken up with trying to get Justin to stay on the straight and narrow. But the arrest was a wake-up call: It's time for her to realize she can't do it alone. If he keeps going down this path, their marriage will be over."

People magazine says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship is getting more serious. A close source says, “They have so much fun together, and it just works. It’s funny to their friends because at first everyone wondered what they had in common, but you realize how similar they are. They both wear their hearts on their sleeves and are all-in with everything they do, whether it’s with career, family or friends. They really are very, very happy together. They’re very serious about each other, and the relationship feels different for both of them.”

The NY Post says Jennifer Garner is "done playing marriage counselor" to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. A source says, “Jen eventually got to a place where she was like, ‘Sorry, figure this out yourself’. It was beginning to become too painful for her because it was bringing back so many memories of their divorce. Jen opened up her home and her life to J.Lo because she had moved on from the past. She cares about J.Lo and cares about their kids and how it will affect all of them.’’

Life & Style Weekly says Kevin Costner is experiencing intense stress due to his movie "Horizon" flopping and his personal issues. A source reveals, “For all his bravado, he’s terrified Horizon will bleed him dry and he’ll lose a huge chunk of savings. And, of course, all the personal knocks he’s getting are adding to his stress! He’s in crisis meetings over his projects. He can’t seem to get a hit movie, he can’t keep a girlfriend — and his ex seems happier than ever! He’s in a world of pain. Everything is caving in on him now. It’s only a matter of time before he crumbles!”

Eddie Murphy tells the Daily Star that the Axel F song is his "James Bond theme". "That is the emotional hook that you need for these movies - for Axel to get involved, he's got skin in the game, all that stuff is on paper first and then I go to the set and do it. It’s like having your own James Bond theme. As soon as people hear it, they know what it’s from. They’ll play that at my ­funeral one day.

Deadline Hollywood says "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" cost Netflix $150 million to produce. Test audiences are raving about the film, calling it the best since the original. "Beverly Hills Cop 5” is in development. ‘’Axel F’’ premieres today on Netflix

Kevin Bacon tells Metro UK that he won't perform the 'Footloose' dance like a "trained monkey." "When people say, 'Do the Footloose dance', I don't know what the Footloose dance is. I am not a trained monkey. I was on a red carpet recently because we inducted Dean Pitchford - who wrote the Footloose screenplay and co-wrote all the songs in the movie - into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. A couple of people said, 'Will you do the Footloose dance?' And I'm like, 'No!' I'll do that when I choose to do it, but not on command."

Sportsbooks Offering Betting Odds On The Next American Idol Judge …. Odds by Gambling Industry News 

Meghan Trainor 1/1

Jennifer Lopez 3/1

Kelsea Ballerini 7/1

Nicki Minaj 7/1

Jordin Sparks 7/1

Camila Cabello 7/1

Shakira 7/1

Dua Lipa 8/1

Miley Cyrus 8/1

Doja Cat 8/1

Cher 8/1

Ruben Studdard 10/1

Clay Aiken 10/1

Jelly Roll 25/1

July Fourth Survey

The National Retail Federation says Americans will pay more for hot dogs and hamburgers this Independence Day due to record-high inflation. The average family will spend $92.42 on their Independence Day celebration and cookout. That's up 5% from last year. Other findings:

- 60% of Americans plan to spend less money than they did last year on the holiday 

- Cookout expenses are expected to reach a record high, with beer up 3.1%, beef up 5.7%, soda up 2.3%, and frankfurters up 7.3%

- 75% of celebrants plan to purchase beer. 

What Americans Are Buying Most For Their July 4th Cookouts … According to a new study by Instacart (food item followed by increase in numbers bought during the week leading up to July 4th) 

Yellow Corn (+380%)

Charcoal (+222%)

Potato Salad (+177%)

Baby Back Ribs (+170%)

Hot Dog Buns (+163%)

Canned Baked Beans (+163%)

Bratwurst (+152%)

Frozen Beef Burgers (+140%)

Watermelons (+139%)

Beef Patties (+126%)

Top 10 Most Patriotic States .. According to a new article by the New York Post

1. Virginia

2. Alaska

3. Montana

4. Maine

5. Oregon

6. Colorado

7. New Hampshire

8. Washington

9. Maryland

10. Hawaii

Fourth of July Survey 

A new survey by the New York Post reveals that 66% of Americans don't know the true meaning of Independence Day. Other findings:

- 59% of people correctly identified the Fourth of July as commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence

- 45% of people knew that the first organized celebration of independence took place in 1777

- 82% of people correctly identified the President as the Commander in Chief of the military

- 82% of people know that the "Star-Spangled Banner" is the National Anthem.

Dear Fonseca,

My sister-in-law invited my family and I over for a July 4th barbecue. She sent an email asking everyone in the family not to forget to bring money for food and drinks. I emailed her back and asked if she was joking. She sent a nasty email back saying she was not. I told my husband I don't want to go. In my book, if you invite your family over for a barbecue, you pay for the food and drinks. You never ask your family for money. I was going to bring a pie but apparently that's not good enough. My husband says his family always charges other family members for food and drinks. Is this practice tacky? I think it is. What is your opinion on this? Should families be charging families? My husband says they should and that everybody should chip in. Is my sister-in-law cheap or is she right to charge for food and drinks? I would be curious to hear what your listeners think because I'm sure some of them have faced a similar situation

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