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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 07/02/24

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- China Daily says the trend of placing green bananas in water on office desks to alleviate anxiety is gaining popularity among young workers. The practice started on Tik Tok and symbolizes relieving stress

- The Indian Express says Elvis Presley’s iconic blue suede shoes fetched a whopping $150,000 when recently auctioned off 

- The Daily Dot says Six Flags is charging $9.35 for Diet Cokes at their theme parks. Another visitor paid $10 for a bottle of water at Six Flags.


The Daily Mail says 90 year-old Dallas, Texas resident Nancy Strong recently traveled to London and Paris to see Taylor Swift in concert. She's been a fan for 15 years since Kanye West interrupted her in 2009 at an awards show. Nancy danced for the full three-and-a-half-hour set and hopes to catch Taylor's U.S. tour. She finds her music inspiring.

Dua Lipa tells Time magazine that a former teacher helped her realize how good her voice was. "I had a teacher there called Ray, who I just absolutely loved – but he was the scariest teacher and he would make me get up in front of the class and sing. I remember singing in front of a class my age – I was about nine – and he said, 'Right, I’m changing your class,' and put me in the 9am class with the 14- and 15-year-olds. That really boosted my confidence."

Sabrina Carpenter tells Elle magazine that she didn't have a plan B in place if her singing career didn't take off. “I never had the plan B, and it wasn’t even a thought in my mind that it wouldn’t work out. I just always knew it was about not if it would happen but when it would happen.”

KIIS FM says Stevie Nicks got emotional at Taylor Swift's Dublin concert when Taylor dedicated a song, titled  ‘Clara Bow’,  to her late friend, Christine McVie.The song featured lyrics about Nicks and her impact on the music industry. Nicks thanked Taylor for the touching tribute. Lyrics include:  “You look like Stevie Nicks/ In ’75, the hair and lips/ Crowd goes wild at her fingertips/ Half moonshine, a full eclipse.”

Post Malone tells that his daughter likes to dance along to his songs.“She knows and it's so cute because her mom has all the songs. I sent her all the songs. And whenever she hears, she does this kind-of shoulder dance. She gets so pumped. It's so funny to watch her. And that makes me, like, the proudest man in the world."

Page Six says Julia Roberts is under fire from Taylor Swift’s  fans for being too touchy with Travis Kelce at Taylor’s concert in Dublin. Some fans found the interaction awkward, with one person saying Kelce seemed uncomfortable. Others defended Roberts, suggesting she was just being motherly and supportive. 

The Internet reacts..

“I feel bad for Travis :/ clearly he’s uncomfortable” 

“wtf is wrong with JR? why is she scratching his chest and pushing herself into him?? he is so uncomfortable trying to push her off and she holds him up. this is uber strange” 

“Wow handsy much? The scratching? What is her problem??” 

“Her physicality with him is cringe!!” 

The Star says Jennifer Garner is supporting Ben Affleck in his troubled marriage with Jennifer Lopez due to her "savior complex." A source reveals,  “He’s still the father of her children and she’ll do whatever’s in her power to help him through the difficult transition, She’ll always love Ben. That’s a given. Jen has a bit of a savior complex. She’ll sacrifice her own needs and the to make sure Ben’s OK. She helped him get sober before. She feels it’s her duty to keep him that way."

The Daily Mail says Hugh Jackman is currently in London filming a movie and may move there to be closer to his family and potentially find love. An insider says, "He wants to be closer to his mom and sister who are based there and possibly to find love again. He really wants to find somebody who can help him make the world a better place and put the good will he's earned after 25 years in Hollywood to work for something more than his personal stardom. He is committed to branching outside of his entertainment industry bubble to find somebody he can spend the rest of his life with, and who can help him put his fortune to good use around the world.’’

In Touch Weekly says the family of the late Carl Weathers, aka Apollo Creed, found a six-figure sum in his safety deposit boxes. Court documents reveal he had over $870,000 in cash and a pickup truck.   Weathers passed away at age 76, leaving behind a legacy in film and sports. 

Luke Bryan tells Billboard magazine that several pop stars are in the running to replace Katy Perry as a judge on American Idol. “I’ve said several names. I think Pink has been in the talks, Miley Cyrus has been in the talks, Meghan Trainor has been in the talks/ It’s been interesting. It’s been something Disney has been really tightlipped about with me and Lionel and Ryan. We currently haven’t heard what the story is on who’s coming back, and if Lionel and I are coming back. I think Disney is just trying to figure out what they want to do and we’re just kind of sitting back and waiting until they decide.”

OK! magazine says Brad Pitt is allegedly planning to propose to his girlfriend Ines de Ramon. A source says, "Ines is a breath of fresh air for Brad. With her, there’s no drama. Rumors are swirling that Brad is planning to pop the question this summer; it could happen anytime. Truthfully, Brad has been ready to propose for a while. He’s so happy with Ines. Brad met her at the perfect moment, having had time to grow after his divorce. Once Ines moved in with him last year, he knew he could have a future with her.”

Closer Weekly says Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are allegedly on thin ice due to canceled wedding plans and arguments over his relationship with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow.  A source says, "Dakota is hesitant about marriage due to her parents' multiple divorces and feels overshadowed by Gwyneth. It’s true they went back and forth on the wedding plans a number of times. Dakota went along with things, but she wasn’t totally sure and that took a huge toll on Chris. They also had some other blow-ups, a lot of them related to Gwyneth and how much Chris still relies on her. They’re back on now, but by no means in a great place and Chris isn’t doing anything to help the situation because he’s still heavily leaning on Gwyneth. It’s always been a bone of contention for Dakota that Chris seems to need a second opinion from Gwyneth on everything, and no matter how many times he promises to change it never really does.”

Tom Brady tells the E! News Network that he is open to doing some acting. “We’ll see, we’ll see. I think the better part about me as I’ve been retired longer is I get a little bit more selective with what I’m doing too. And I’ve loved those things that I’ve done, but it really has to be something special for me. Make some offers, let’s see what we can do. Maybe there’s an 80 for Brady sequel coming out.’’

REASONS WHY PEOPLE ENJOY GRILLING IN THE SUMMER . . . According to a new survey by Perdue Chicken 

Grilled food is some of my favorite to eat — 63%

I get to be outside — 51%

It puts me in a good mood — 42%

It’s a seasonal experience — 36%

It’s easy — 34%

It’s a chance to get together with loved ones — 32%

It’s healthy — 28%

It makes me feel proud — 24%

It’s quick — 23%

Grilling Survey

A new survey by Perdue Chicken reveals that 53% of people believe women are not getting the recognition they deserve for their grilling skills. Other findings:

- 55% of men and 47% of women think grilling is male-dominated

- 77% of people believe grilling should be as common for women as it is for men

- 48% of women say it's their time to shine on the grill this year

Clutter Survey

A new survey by The Container Store reveals that 40% of homeowners are afraid of facing clutter in their homes. Other findings:

- 50% of people say home organization impacts their mental health

- 25% of items are currently out of place in American homes

- 46% of homeowners would feel embarrassed if guests saw the state of their "junk" storage areas

- 37% of people say their garage looks like a nightmare

-33% of people struggle to stay organized. 

Wealth Survey

A new survey by Bankrate reveals that Americans believe they need to earn $520,000 a year to feel rich. That’s an 8% increase from 2023. Other findings:

- Baby boomers say they need to earn $556,000 per year to feel rich

- Gen Xers believe they need $574,000 to feel rich

- Millennials indicated they would need $480,000

- Gen Zers noted they would need $461,000

Beard Survey 

A new survey by reveals that 86% of single women find facial hair on men attractive. Other findings:

- Men with facial hair in dating profile pictures get three times more matches

- 77% of women say an ungroomed beard is a turn-off

- Less than 5% of women will not date someone with facial hair

Dear Fonseca,

My fiance and I are expecting our first child together. Over the weekend, he came to me and asked if we could name our daughter after his late wife. At first, I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. He says he wants to honor her and that it would mean a lot if I went along with his idea. I am still in shock. He needs to leave the past in the past and move forward. Some would say I'm insensitive. If he's not over his late wife, what does that mean for the future of our relationship and our child? Should I cave to his request or not?

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