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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 06/26/24

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- WWLP says a new Oreo cookie flavor will hit stores on July 8th. The cookies are stuffed with mint chocolate-flavored creme and chocolate chips

- Dexerto says the frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles is now offering French fry-flavored frozen yogurt with real fry pieces. The froyo is available until mid-July

- WKRC says Heinz recently introduced the Every Sauce. It’s a blend of 14 popular sauces in one bottle. Only 100 bottles will be produced. They will be available through an online lottery 

- Page Six says Sag Harbor Officer Michael Arkinson recently used Narcan to save a local from an overdose. This happened just days before he busted Justin Timberlake for a DUI

- ABC says Princess Diana's dresses and personal items are going to be auctioned off today in Beverly Hills. Dresses, like her 1987 Victor Edelstein Magenta Silk And Lace Evening Dress, are expected to fetch between $200,000 and $400,000. Handbags, shoes, and personal letters are also available for fans with a smaller budget.- The News International says Prince Harry may allegedly discuss his strained relationship with Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, in a second memoir. 

- Perez Hilton says Netflix bought the rights to the book "Happy Place" for J.Lo’s production company. The story follows a couple pretending to not break up during a friends’ trip.

- United Press International says a 20-year-old Northern Ireland man recently broke a Guinness World Record by assembling a Mr. Potato Head in just 5.15 seconds.Declan McFerran credits his success to a speedy technique involving his body, hat, legs, eyes, nose, mustache, ears, and arms


Hallmark Making Kansas Chiefs Chick Flick: Hola magazine says The Hallmark Channel is making a Kansas City Chiefs holiday movie titled "Holiday Touchdown: A Chiefs Love Story." The film will star Ed Begley Jr. and will be filmed entirely in Kansas City and at Arrowhead Stadium. The heartwarming movie follows Alana, a lifelong Chiefs fan, as she competes in the "Fan of the Year" contest and finds love along the way.

The Daily Mail says Simon Cowell has partnered with Netflix for a new show to discover the 'next One Direction'. Cowell will hold auditions across the UK. He believes the music industry lacks breakthrough artists and wants to change that narrative. 

Ariana Grande tells Newshub that she was infatuated with serial killers when she was younger. "I was infatuated with serial killers when I was younger. Years ago, before the Dahmer series, I was in a Q&A with young fans. With a parent present, someone asked, 'If you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would it be?' And I replied, 'Oh, honey, you're so cute. Um, mom and dad, is it okay if I give the real answer?' And they said, 'Sure, what's the answer?' I said, 'Jeffrey Dahmer's pretty fascinating. I think I would have loved to have met him, maybe with a third party or something. But I have questions.' The parents responded, 'We'll explain it later, sweetheart'."

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that she prefers to be surrounded by people she trusts. “I don't have big security guards. I don't have an entourage. I have people around me who love me and want to protect me. You don't need towering bodyguards to make you feel safe. You need to surround yourself with people you know will prevent any harm from coming to you.”

Sabrina Carpenter tells Vanity Fair magazine that she doesn't think she'd be on social media much if she wasn't a singer. “Truthfully, if I wasn’t in this industry, I don’t think I would be on social media. Maybe that surprises some people, but it doesn’t come as naturally to document my every move. I feel so much happier when I’m living in the moment.”

Billboard magazine says Post Malone has teamed up with Backbone to release a limited-edition video game controller. The Backbone One x Post Malone controller is inspired by Post's style. Only 500 of these mobile controllers were made. Post says,  "Backbone found the perfect solution to bring gaming on the road."

Shaboozey tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that he loves old western films. "I used to love reading old west stories and watching those old cowboy flicks. I love connecting the bridge and showing people that these are the same concepts in Hip Hop and country-Western music. They're more connected than most people realize."

Geo TV says Taylor Swift has allegedly disappointed Meghan Markle by rejecting a request to appear on her podcast. A source tells the network, "If there’s one thing that Meghan covets above all else, it’s celebrity attention, and the former actress probably isn’t going to be happy with Taylor Swift making time for William and his children.”

Travis Kelce tells OK! Magazine that he fell head over heels for Taylor Swift because of her genuine and self-aware nature. "You just don't want to let everyone into your personal life and be able to comment on it. That's my girl. That’s my lady. I'm proud of that" 

Radar Online says Jennifer Lopez has allegedly given up on reconciling with Ben Affleck. A source says she is tired of trying to fix their marriage. “At first J Lo was willing to do anything to get him to come home, but it was just pointless. She's now telling friends she's over trying. It's all about image right now, especially on her side, so posting that was calculated and not some sign they are working things out. She's very clear she's given up hoping for a miracle. She's said it didn't work out but not going to miss his bad habits like his chain smoking and his junk food binges. He's also a slob, which irritates her because she likes everything super neat and tidy. She's relieved to escape his mess."

Kevin Costner tells Entertainment Tonight that he feels like a contestant on 'The Bachelor' as he tries to find love "in front of a billion people." "You cannot not bump into that show. Even if you think you're going to bypass it sometimes, you just stop and look and wonder. It's really handsome people, beautiful women, and everybody's trying to create a relationship in front of a billion people. I have a little experience with that."

Life & Style Weekly says Jessica Biel is disappointed in Justin Timberlake after his recent DWI arrest. A source says, “She’s upset, as anyone can imagine. She doesn’t understand why he would do something so stupid as attempt to drive himself home after a night of drinking. She’s disappointed. It’s already been tough on their marriage with Justin on tour, having to rely on FaceTime to stay connected. The fear is that more tough times are in store. And if Justin isn’t worried about losing Jessica, he should be. She’s stood by him for so long. It’s one thing to sit back with friends over a drink. It’s another to consume so much alcohol that you’re DWI bait.’’

BroBible says Bill Belichick's friends are surprised by his relationship with 24-year-old Jordon Hudson. A friend of Bill’s says, “If I had the options with attractive young women that Bill has, who knows what would happen. All I can say is we like Linda and thought they were a great couple. They were good together. It was surprising to us and to others when they actually spit up. But there was something else on the horizon for him.”

TV Shows Ace says Jeopardy! fans dislike the new Alex Trebek stamp. Some feel the tribute should have focused more on Alex.

Fans react … 

‘’Okay, it’s great Alex Trebek is being honored with a stamp, but it’s got to be one of the most boring stamps in US Postal History’’

‘’Alex only appears on the pane, with the actual stamp being a Jeopardy!-style clue about him. This seems more like a stamp commemorating the Jeopardy! 60th Anniversary than Alex himself’’

Hola magazine says Britney Spears has reconciled with her sons, Sean and Jayden.Britney has been in contact with her sons and visited them in Hawaii, where they live with their father, Kevin Federline. A source close to the family credits Britney's older brother, Bryan Spears, for helping to facilitate the reunion.

Tori Spelling says she once got breast implants at a strip mall. Female First quotes her as saying, “So I went to this doctor and it was in a strip mall. I’m not kidding. I can’t make this up. I think he was a fine doctor, it was just an outpatient surgery center in a strip mall. I was 19. I was like, ‘Uh, this isn’t Beverly Hills. What’s happening?’ I was confused, and now I know, hey, you can get everything done in a strip mall? I was concerned, but of course I didn’t say anything, and I got them done.”

Top 7 Most Gross World Food Records... According to a new article by Fox News

1. Most Big Mac burgers eaten in a lifetime: 34,128

2. Most cow brains eaten in 15 minutes: 57

3. Most cockroaches eaten in one minute: 36

4. Fastest time to eat 50 Carolina Reaper chili peppers: 6 minutes 49.2 seconds

5. Most mayonnaise eaten in three minutes: 2,448 grams

6. Most hot dogs eaten in a contest: 76 in 10 minutes

7. Most Peeps eaten in 5 minutes: 255

Millennial Midlife Crisis Survey

A new survey by the Thriving Center of Psychology reveals that 81% of millennials feel they can't afford a midlife crisis like previous generations. Other findings:

- 70% of millennials aren't where they thought they'd be at this point in their lives

- 62% of millennials  do not feel financially stable

- 62% of millennials have delayed major life milestones due to financial reasons

10 Inexpensive Date Ideas To Impress Your Significant Other While Saving Money … According to a new article by Entrepreneur magazine 

1. Pack a picnic.

2. Check out a new food truck.

3. Go for a hike.

4. Visit a library or a used bookstore.

5. Take a trip to the local art museum.

6. Attend a community theater performance.

7. Hold a movie marathon at home.

8. Find a garage sale to go to.

9. Watch the sunset or sunrise.

10. Set up camp in your own backyard.

What Could A Dollar Buy You In The 1960s … According to a new article by MSN 

1 pound of chopped beef

Ten 5.5-ounce packages of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal 

Two 50-pack candy cigarettes

A 6-ounce jar of Maxwell House instant coffee

Four 8-ounce packages of Dannon yogurt

Two 44-ounce cans of V-8 juice

A 5-pound bag of California oranges

A 5-pound bag of granulated sugar

Two 8-ounce jars of Kraft Cheese Whiz

Four 16-ounce packages of Ronzoni macaroni

33 pounds of onions

Two 16.5-ounce Chef Boyardee Pizza Kits

15 pounds of sweet potatoes

Two Morton’s TV dinners

5 fast food hamburgers

1 pound of pork chops

1 dozen eggs

1 quart of Borden’s eggnog

Four large bottles of Canada Dry ginger ale

3 quarts of orange juice

10 12-ounce cans of Coca-Cola

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