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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 06/24/24

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- Sky News says an eight-year-old Pekingese, named Wild Thang, won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest in California. Wild Thang, who suffered from canine distemper as a puppy, now boasts a healthy and happy life despite his physical differences. Wild Thing has wild Albert Einstein-like hair and a tongue that hangs out of his mouth. 

- Hello! Magazine says Tom Cruise was seen at Taylor Swift's London concert happily swapping friendship bracelets with fans. Other stars in attendance included Liam Hemsworth, Mila Kunis, Hugh Grant and Prince William and his family. Taylor and Travis took a selfie with Prince William and his children. 

- TMZ says Etsy creators are selling merchandise featuring Justin Timberlake's mugshot. T-shirts, shot glasses, and mugs are all available. One mugshot shirt reads “I'm Bringing Tipsy Back” while another says “Cry Me A River”.

- The NY Post says Vanna White is allegedly considering leaving 'Wheel of Fortune' because she is finding it challenging without Pat Sajak. 

- saysNike has teamed up with Hyperice to create a unique, foot-warming  shoe that offers massages.The shoe provides customizable pressure and heat settings for each foot. The sneaker is seen as a high-tech recovery tool for athletes. 

- Trendhunter says Hismile recently launched two new toothpastes in mustard and ketchup flavors. A spokesperson for Hismile says, "We wanted to make oral hygiene fun and exciting for our customers."

- Foodbeast says Coors Light has created the first-ever self-cooling soccer jersey.It has thermal sensors that activate a cooling system as the body temperature rises. Soccer fans can purchase one for $50 

- The Takeout says Arby's Sourdough Bread is allegedly banned in Europe because it contains azodicarbonamide and propylparaben. Both are prohibited in Europe. While deemed safe by the FDA, these substances are linked to health concerns overseas

- The Daily Mail says a recent analysis found that 33% of people stop taking weight loss drugs like Wegovy within the first month. Nearly 60% quit after three months. Clinical trials show some users experience nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, and severe stomach pains while on the medications.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. "Inside Out 2,” $100 million.

2. “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” $18.8 million.

3. “The Bikeriders,” $10 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $35 million to produce. It earned $4 million overseas for a total weekend take of $14 million)

4. “The Garfield Movie, $3.6 million.

5. “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,” $3.6 million.

Page Six says Taylor Swift wowed the crowd at her London concert by bringing Travis Kelce on stage. Kelce lifted Swift in a skit where she pretended to faint. He was wearing a tuxedo and a top hat. Swift sang  “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart” as part of the skit 

Marca magazine says Adam Levine surprised fans at his concert in Indiana by dressing as WNBA player Caitlin Clark. Levine admits it was a challenge to get her jersey because it had previously sold out. 

Radar Online says Joe Jonas is allegedly continuing to pursue Demi Moore. A source says she prefers friendship over romance. "Joe can't stop talking about how hot she is. He doesn't care that she's nearly 30 years older. He's saying they really clicked and he's on this mission to convince her to give him a chance. He's been texting her nonstop and he's even saying she inspired him to write a song for her. She's saying they're better off as friends because she's looking for something more long-term and serious, not just another fling with a younger man. She jokes she's been there, done that, and got the t-shirt."

The Daily Mail says Taylor Swift is renting a $21,000 a week UK retreat. She and Travis Kelce are staying there during her string of London concerts. Simon Cowell lives nearby.

Geo News says Billie Eilish is allegedly concerned her brother, Finneas O’Connell, will start to pursue acting roles instead of music.  An insider says, “Finneas isn’t getting into movies and TV out of nowhere – this has been a dream of his for a while and explains why he and Billie have done so much movie soundtrack work on top of their original recordings together. Finneas is the one between the two of them who is absolutely wild about movies and TV and loves working directly with filmmakers. This wasn’t an out of nowhere thing for Billie as she knew this was coming. That doesn’t make it any easier and the idea of touring without Finneas, or God forbid recording without him, is something she knows she has to come to terms with eventually, especially if he finds real success with his TV and film interests.’’

Page Six says Justin Timberlake's arresting officer, Michael Arkinson, is allegedly an "over-aggressive" rookie in Sag Harbor, NY. The 23-year-old Long Island native gave Timberlake a DWI. Locals have nicknamed Arkinson as "little red-headed dips--t". 

The NY Post says Justin Timberlake was stopped twice in Sag Harbor prior to his arrest. He was advised not to drive after the first stop and was later arrested for driving under the influence. A source says, “He was stopped and advised not to drive. The officer didn’t recognize him; he’s a young guy. And he still gave Justin a break, because he didn’t pose an immediate danger.”

Marca magazine says Justin Timberlake recently sold his Tennessee property.The 127-acre estate went for $8 million after he listed it for $10 million last Summer. The property features horseback riding trails, pastures, and mountain views. 

The Independent says Justin Timberlake opened up to fans in Chicago about his "tough week" following his DWI arrest. He said, “We’ve been together through ups and downs, lefts and rights. It’s been a tough week, but you’re here and I’m here, and nothing can change this moment right now. I know sometimes I’m hard to love but you keep on loving me and I love you right back. Thank you so much.”

TMZ says Etsy creators are selling merchandise featuring Justin Timberlake's mugshot. T-shirts, shot glasses, and mugs are all available. One mugshot shirt reads “I'm Bringing Tipsy Back” while another says “Cry Me A River”.

Post Malone tells Esquire magazine that he likes that people can't define him.“People all have different opinions of who I am and what genre I'm a part of. I love that. That means I'm reaching a bunch of different people who see me as their guy, not someone they don't want to listen to because they don't like the genre I'm in. More people are hearing my sound and liking it, and I love it.”

WDBD says Bill Belichick's 24-year-old girlfriend, Jordon Hudson, dated a 64-year-old man, named Joshua Zuckerman, before him. Joshua insists that Jordon is dating for love, not money. “She is wise beyond her years, much more than any 20-something I’ve ever met in my life. The narrative about her character is not fair to her. I’ve been getting calls left and right from news stations about my relationship with Jordon Hudson. I have been involved with Jordon platonically and romantically and I consider her a good friend. I feel bad that she’s caught up in this whirlwind. To be honest, I wish these internet trolls and paparazzi would leave her alone – and everyone else alone – and let them live their lives.”

TMZ says Taylor Swift resurrected her feud with Kim Kardashian during one of her London concerts. She thanked the crowd for their support and addressed the haters, saying their criticism only makes her work harder. Swift then debuted "ThanK you alMee," a new song believed to be about her ongoing feud with Kim. 

Celebitchy and Page Six say Justin Timberlake may have trouble getting work because of his ego and arrest. A source tells the news outlets; “The album didn’t do too well, and I don’t see Justin getting big acting roles right now. I just think Justin has a bad reputation in Hollywood as a bit of a jerk and a pain. He’s got a bit of an ego.” 

Geo TV says Jennifer Lopez is allegedly focused on getting in shape in order to find a 'new guy.'  A source says, “She ate junk food with him just to show she could be the gal he wanted. She kept her figure, but it caused her to break away from her optimal body. But now she’s going hell for leather to get it back. She’s up every morning doing lunges and squats, sweating her butt off at the gym while lining up trips to the health spa. She is choosing to use the summer to get in the best shape of her life and plans on doing it with a hyper diet made up of lean protein and salads and no junk whatsoever. Not only would that make Affleck jealous, making him regret what he has lost, it will also help her find a new guy when she's good and ready.’’

Geo TV says Tom Cruise's daughter, Suri Cruise, subtly shaded him by dropping his last name, "Cruise," at her recent high school graduation ceremony. While Tom was at a Taylor Swift concert in London, Suri was graduating. A source says Suri used her middle name, "Noelle," in the graduation pamphlet. She looked radiant in a white dress and floral sandals

Radar Online says Mariah Carey allegedly finds it tacky that Nick Cannon insured his privates for $10 million. An insider says, “Mariah thinks it’s a crass publicity ploy that makes light of Nick’s irresponsible approach to parenting! She’s made it very clear that she doesn’t approve of him popping out kids all over Tinseltown. She thinks this new deal is tacky and dumb!"

Most Popular Dating Apps …. According to a new survey by Forbes Magazine 

Tinder (49%)

Plenty of Fish (38%)

Bumble (29%)

eharmony (21%)

OkCupid (17%)

Hinge (17%)

Christian Mingle (15%)

Grindr (13%)

HER (10%)

Coffee Meets Bagel (9%)

Raya (3%)

Dating App Survey 

A new survey by Forbes Health reveals that 78% of singles are burnt out on dating apps. Other findings:  

 - 21% of people lie about their age on dating apps

- 14% of people lie about their income and hobbies on dating apps

- 13% of people lie about their employment and relationship status on dating apps

Vacation Survey 

A new survey by the communications firm the Movchan Agency reveals that 54% of people work while on vacation. Other findings:

- 86% of people receive calls and messages from colleagues while vacationing

- 70% of people have experienced mental health issues due to overworking

- 34% of people choose to work while on vacation because they love their job

- 29% of people work while on vacation out of fear of losing their job

Dear Fonseca,

I proposed to my girlfriend two weeks ago. She rejected my proposal. We are still together. My friends say I should dump her and move on. My sisters say I shouldn't end the relationship just because my girlfriend is not ready to marry. They think she will be in the future and are encouraging me to stick it out. What would you do if you were me? Should I stay after being rejected? Is it worth it?

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