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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 06/14/24

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- Eat This, Not That says McDonald's is testing vegan ice cream. Customers are raving about the new flavorful Choco Scoop and Strawberry Scoop flavors

- WSFM says chocolate sardines are trending on Tik Tok. Tomato sardines and chocolate are placed in a bowl. The entire concoction is then mixed up and eaten. 

- Yahoo News says a new study by LendingTree reveals that 45% of families go into debt on Disney vacations. The average debt is $1,983. Many parents believe the memories created are worth the financial sacrifice. Some families spend less than six months paying off the debt. 33% of families going to debt after visiting a Disney park 

- The JoBlo Movie Website says a golf tournament in honor of the late Carl Weathers, aka “Chubbs” Peterson in ‘’Happy Gilmore’’, is going to be held. The Directors Guild Foundation Carl Weathers Memorial Golf Tournament will take place on June 24th.

- NBC says the Kansas City Chiefs recently received their Super Bowl LVIII rings in a private ceremony. Made of 10-karat white and yellow gold with diamonds and rubies, the ring highlights the team's dedication and teamwork during the 2023 season. The Chiefs are now aiming to make history by winning a third consecutive Super Bowl.

- TMZ says UFC superstar Conor McGregor is out of his main event fight against Michael Chandler due to an injury. The nature of the injury has not been disclosed. 

- The NY Post says Swifties dancing at Taylor Swift’s recent Eras Tour concert in Edinburgh caused seismic activity. The British Geological Survey reported movement from fans at Murrayfield Stadium. Songs like “...Ready For It?” and “Shake It Off” generated the most activity each night. 


USA Today says Taylor Swift will end her "Eras Tour" in December. She made the announcement during the tour's 100th date in Liverpool yesterday. Taylor said, "This is the very first time I've ever acknowledged to myself and admitted that this tour is going to end in December. I once used to have hobbies!  I appreciate every single ounce of effort that you put in to be with us when this [tour] reached triple digits in shows. So thank you!"

Benson Boone tells that his younger self wouldn't believe where he is today. “Five years ago, I did not even know I could sing. My plan was to play a professional sport, or be an architect, or interior designer. So, if my younger self could see me now, they wouldn’t believe it. I would be so confused.”

Ariana Grande tells Billboard magazine that she felt like she was hiding from her success for a part of her career. “I think I was hiding from my success or from what comes with it. And it was really impacting my ability to be able to love what I did for a long time… it was really making me resentful, for a little bit of time. I don’t feel that way anymore. And I feel like I’m able to let go of that and enjoy it, and I feel really proud and grateful for that. It feels very different.”

Sabrina Carpenter tells that she puts a lot of thought into what she wears when she's on stage. "I want to feel as confident as humanly possible so I can be up there and not worry about what I’m doing. So every little piece of my outfit is thought out to make me feel super happy and confident. Feeling beautiful helps me perform better.”

Rihanna tells Refinery 29 that she lost her hair after having a baby. “That was not on the pamphlet. I did not expect it to happen in waves, either. I thought it would just happen and grow back. I learned to embrace that in itself/ That actually made me get a little more creative and cleverer with my hair stuff.”

Justin Timberlake tells Rolling Stone magazine that he likes being vulnerable with his music. “I find singing and writing music is a great way to express your emotions. I find it a lot easier to sing my feelings than talk about them. I want to show people that it's okay to be open and vulnerable about what's going on inside of them.”

Post Malone tells Esquire magazine that you don't have to be who people expect you to be. “People were losing their minds when I said I wanted to do a country album. They were like, 'But that's not what we want you to do!' Then the song comes out and people go nuts for it. See, if you feel you want to do something you shouldn't let anyone else tell you not to do it or that it's wrong. Just do it and see what happens.”

Radar Online says Tom Brady allegedly inadvertently ended Gisele Bündchen's relationship with jiu jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente after his Netflix roast made fun of her. A source close to Valente says he found the attention overwhelming and uncomfortable. “The spotlight was too much for him. Joaquim’s a regular guy. He’s not used to all the attention he was getting. Joaquim became part of the joke. Some people actually started asking him if he was the reason for their divorce. He hated that.”

In Touch Weekly says George and Amal Clooney's marriage is allegedly being strained by their busy schedules and separate work commitments. An insider says, “They are both hardcore workaholics, so it’s like they’re in their own little bubble. They are in two very different worlds 90 percent of the day. They’re leading separate lives. Neither of them thinks twice about putting in 18-hour days on projects they’re passionate about. The only time they really have to ‘overlap’ is when they’re on vacation. But when you live in Lake Como, the urge to actually take a vacation doesn’t come up that often. They both have their own staff and friends, and there’s not a lot of crossover. And whenever they do get time, the couple spend it with their kids, Alexander and Ella, and not necessarily with each other. They seem like the picture of bliss on the red carpet, and of course they always gush about each other in public, but friends are wondering if they’ll make it. A lot of Hollywood couples don’t.” 

In Touch Weekly says Ben Affleck is allegedly striving for a peaceful divorce from Jennifer Lopez. A source says, “The last thing Ben wants to do is hurt Jen. He still loves and respects her. And, of course, the family situation comes into this heavily, which is why he’s agreed to do this in a civilized and loving way, just like he did with Jennifer Garner. Ben is far from comfortable right now. Besides being busy with a lot of his own work, he’s got J. Lo’s mood swings to cope with, phones ringing off the hook, and the press hounding him 24/7. Plus, a lot of people in J. Lo’s world and the public are treating him like the bad guy.”

In Touch Weekly says Jennifer Lopez is allegedly struggling to cope without Ben Affleck. A source says, “She goes from anger one minute, to despair, to panic attacks, to then deluding herself that it’s all just a blip and they’re going to be OK. It’s very clear that [Jen’s] fallen to pieces. She’s saying she can’t imagine a scenario where she can exist without Ben in her life, which is putting a ton of pressure on him and not really helping the situation.”

OK! Magazine says Ben Affleck is allegedly "at risk" of relapsing due to his marriage struggles with Jennifer Lopez.  Sources say, "He is full of demons — a really troubled person. It is a real worry to everyone who cares about him."

Radar Online says Dakota Johnson allegedly has cold feet regarding marrying Chris Martin.  A source says, "Dakota has gotten cold feet. She loves Chris, but she's still not sure about marriage. She's seen too many of them end in divorce. Dakota's mother, Melanie Griffith, has been married three times, and her father, Don Johnson, got hitched twice, so she’s hesitant to take the plunge herself. She's not a runaway bride — she's just not sure marriage is for her."

Shakira tells Rolling Stone magazine that she isn’t focused on dating and has no plans to meet Tom Cruise as previously rumored by the tabloids. “What space do I have for a man right now?... I like men, that's the problem. I shouldn’t like them with everything that’s happened to me, but imagine how much I like men that I still like them.”

In Touch Weekly says Jennifer Aniston is gearing up for an awards season "showdown" with ex-husband Brad Pitt. A source says Brad's Netflix show, “3 Body Problem”, has a good chance to be nominated in the Best Drama Series category against Jennifer's series, “The Morning Show.” “This has only come up in the last month as 3 Body Problem has stealthily emerged as a critical and audience hit on Netflix and The Morning Show continues to win fans for its exceptional third season, where Jen had more influence than ever on the story and casting than ever. It’s all put Brad and Jen on another awards season showdown, this time at the Emmys in September where everybody expects they will wind up competing directly against each other in the Best Drama Series category.’’

Female First says Katie Holmes is allegedly setting her sights on a new career as an author. The actress, known for her role on 'Dawson's Creek,' shared her aspirations to write fiction.  "I’d like to continue to write and direct my own films. Maybe write a few books - fiction. I would love to launch a beauty line."

Father's Day Survey

A new survey by the Daily Mail reveals that men officially turn into their dads at 43. Other findings:

- 34% of men say their nose and ear hair starts growing exponentially after the age of 43

- 25% of men like to watch the weather after the news

- 20% of men admit to saving cardboard boxes just in case

TOP 10 SIGNS YOU HAVE OFFICIALLY TURNED INTO YOUR DAD … According to a new article by The Daily Mail 

1. You have your own chair in the sitting room (38%)

2. You now dress for comfort (35%)

3. Your nose and ear hair, is growing exponentially (34%)

4. You groan when you get up from your chair / the sofa (29%)

5. You know where the water stopcock is? (28%)

6. You check all the doors and lights before going to bed (28%)

7. You love to potter in the garden (27%)

8. You’re confused by modern music (27%)

9. You try to repair things rather than buy new (25%)

10. You like to watch the weather after the news (25%)

Funniest Father’s Day jokes … According to a new article by Reader's Digest 

What did the rainbow say to his son after the thunderstorm?

I’m proud of hue.

What kind of races do insects watch on Father’s Day?

Gnats car.

What TV news show features interviews with parents?

Meet the Stressed.

Where do daddy deers stop for coffee?


What do you call a father lion’s family?

His pride and joy.

What’s a great gift for spontaneous dads?

Off-the-cuff links.

What did the electrician do to his misbehaving son?

He grounded him.

Why didn’t the daddy deer enter the bar?

The sign said, “The buck stops here!”

What do Father’s Day customers get at the carpet store?

Rugs and kisses.

What do you call a misleading commercial about Father’s Day?

False dad-vertising.

Top 10 Phrases You Should Never Say To Your Partner ... According to a new article by Max My Money

1. "Don't Overreact"

2. "It's Not My Fault"

3. "You're Too Sensitive!"

4. "Shut Up"

5. "Don't Talk to Me"

6. "My Ex Was Better Than You!"

7. "I Shouldn't Have Settled for Less"

8. "Divorce"

9. "You're Not Beautiful Anymore"

10. "Are You That Stupid?"

Men's Weight Survey

A new survey by Men's Health Magazine reveals that 33% of men are unhappy with their weight, with 70% feeling self-conscious about it. Other findings:

- 57% of men are actively trying to lose weight 

- Men mostly want to lose weight in their face, chest, and waist areas

Dear Fonseca

My Father's Day is all, but ruined. My wife, my son and myself were all in the kitchen the other night when my son blurted out that my wife had been talking to Ryan. Ryan almost broke up our marriage several years ago. My wife and Ryan worked together. They were very close. She confided in him during our roughest patches. She admitted, in counseling, to emotionally cheating on me with him. She swears that she hasn't talked to him and that our son got confused and got the name from a boy he watches on YouTube who plays with toys. Who do I believe? My son or my wife?

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