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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 06/12/24

Best of Calls with Fonseca:


- The Chicago Tribune says gas prices in the US are dropping, with the national average at $3.44 per gallon. Experts credit this to lower demand and strong supply. Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Arkansas have the lowest average prices, while California, Hawaii, and Washington have the highest.

- TMZ says Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently suffered a gnarly elbow injury on the set of his upcoming film, "The Smashing Machine." The Rock joked about the injury, comparing it to having a cantaloupe in his elbow. 

- WRIC says Tom Brady's pants from his final NFL game were recently auctioned off for $89,100 

- OutKick magazine says Connecticut’s J. Timothy's Taverne  is giving UConn basketball coach Dan Hurley free wings for life for choosing to remain at the university instead of coaching the Lakers.

- WHBQ says some FedEx delivery drivers are now being escorted by armed security due to recent truck robberies. Witnesses have spotted people jumping onto trucks in broad daylight to steal packages


Gene Simmons tells Page Six that he is a Swiftie. "There’s no question, Taylor Swift has taken over and she’s great. I’m a fan. I know her, and she’s a really solid person. Other than that, I’m not sure what’s cool. “When we were growing up in the ’60s, we had Led Zeppelin, The [Rolling] Stones, The Beatles, Elvis, Pink Floyd, Madonna, Motown and all of that, Prince, David Bowie. All of that was happening at the same time. What’s happening now?”

Page Six says Kevin Jonas recently underwent surgery to remove basal-cell carcinoma cancer from his head. The 36-year-old shared a video on Instagram showing the mole being removed. Fans sent well wishes as Kevin reminded everyone to get their moles checked regularly.  "So today I am getting a basal-cell carcinoma removed from my head. Yes, that is an actual little skin cancer guy that has started to grow. And now I have to get surgery to remove it, so here we go." 

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that we should be respectful of other people's opinions. “We don't need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful. Everyone is different and going to have their own opinions on things. You don't have to like their views, but you should respect their rights to have them. You can have your own opinions as long as you're not forcing them on other people.”

Teddy Swims tells Billboard magazine that he wants to help people with his music. “I just want to be more vulnerable than I have been in the past because I feel like as much as I have the opportunity to do music for a living and people hear my feelings. I want to use my platform to ask for help and to tell people it’s OK to ask for help and tell people it’s OK to be vulnerable and to hurt, and if there’s not an answer that I have for you, there’s at least someone who’s also going through the same thing and you’re not crazy for feeling that way.”

Rihanna tells Entertainment Tonight that she's "starting over" on her highly anticipated ninth album, "R9."  "Music for me is a new discovery. I’m rediscovering things... Now I’m prepared to go back into the studio. Now I’m prepared. So I’m gonna start. Gimme a second."

The News International says Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship may be in trouble because of their rule of not wanting to be apart for more than two weeks. A source says, “Swift and Kelce are going to be facing their longest time apart due to her tour. She is begging Kelce to be with her all the time.’’ 

The Sun says Kim Kardashian flew to Paris on a private jet for a slice of cheesecake.When she arrived at the Hotel Costes, she was told they were out of the dessert. Her extravagant actions have sparked backlash online, with trolls calling her a "spoiled pseudo celebrity."

ABC says Jennifer Aniston is going to release a children's book featuring her rescue dog Clydeo. Aniston's series will debut on October 1st and aims to inspire kids and dog lovers alike. The first book, "Clydeo Takes a Bite Out of Life," follows Clydeo's journey into cooking 

Johnny Depp tells People magazine that Tom Hanks, Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise contacted director Tim Burton about playing Edward Scissorhands before he got the role. “He’s never going to cast me when everyone in Hollywood is after the part. Cruise was not far away from actually playing Edward Scissorhands — true story. The writing was beautiful. The character was beautiful. What I suppose [attracted] me emotionally was that Edward was me. It’s exactly what I should be doing.”

Entertainment Tonight says Ben Affleck has been leaning on Matt Damon for support during his marriage troubles with Jennifer Lopez. A source says, “Ben is sad about it all but focused on his work, being a great dad and co-parenting well with Jennifer Garner. He has been leaning on Matt Damon and his close circle of guy friends. Matt is always in Ben’s corner and is supportive of him.”

OK! Magazine says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly still friendly and see each other despite rumors of a divorce. An insider says, "She still thinks she and Ben are meant to be together. Jen is touring houses and shopping around for her own home. She has been leaning on her mom, sisters and kids during this transitional period."

The Daily Mail says Tori Spelling recently abandoned her Woodland Hills, California rental home. She allegedly left broken furniture, damaged walls and pet messes behind. A neighbor stated, "Let's just say I doubt she'll be getting her security deposit back." Tori was renting the home for $15,000 a month 

Newsweek magazine says Travis Kelce has no plans to retire or become a full-time actor because he plans to stay in the NFL "until the wheels fall off." The football star remains committed to the game and is focused on helping the Chiefs pursue a third onsecutive Super Bowl win. He says, "I know there's opportunities outside of football for me.. Im still a little kid when i come in this building.. I love coming to work every single day and doing this. Im gonna do it until the wheels fall off.."

In Touch Weekly says Brad Pitt is considering starting a new family with girlfriend Ines de Ramon. A source says, “Brad wants another chance at fatherhood. He’s a different person than the first time around. There’s a bit of urgency with this because Brad is very eager to have a child with Ines and she wants a proper commitment first. As soon as they tie the knot, the first priority will be having a baby.”

Jon Bon Jovi tells Variety magazine that he almost played Val Kilmer's character Chris in “Heat”. “I wasn’t good enough in the audition to listen to [director] Michael Mann. He wanted to do it three, four, five times: ‘Take your shoes off, jump on that couch, talk to me, how would you do this?’ I just repeated the lines.”

Vacation Survey

A new survey by InvestigateTV reveals that 36% of people planning Summer vacations are willing to go into debt for their travels. 60% of those not planning a vacation this Summer said they cannot afford to go on a trip

Adventure Survey

A new survey by Mountain House reveals that 58% of people wish they were more adventurous. Other findings:

- 41% of people have an adventure bucket list

- 25% of people are interested in climbing a mountain range

- 32% of people plan to visit a National Park in 2024

- The top concerns holding people back from outdoor adventures include insects and pests (56%) and running into wildlife (40%)

Road Trip Survey

A new survey by Mazda reveals that 93% of people enjoy road trips. Other findings:

- 68% of people are planning to embark on a Summer road trip

- Florida (23%), California (17%), and Georgia (13%) are the most popular road trip destinations

- 85% of people consider comfortable seating an essential feature in a road trip vehicle

Most Annoying Things Passengers Do On A Plane ... According to a new survey by Business Insider

1. Letting children play in the aisle

2. Getting drunk

3. Leaving your seat during turbulence

4. Leaving trash in the seatback pocket

5. Using both armrests

6. Watching a movie without headphones

7. Not paying attention to the safety demonstration

8. Removing your shoes

9. Climbing over someone to get to the bathroom

10. Bringing a small dog on board

Dear Fonseca,

I have two sons and a daughter. They are not going to camp this Summer. My home has become the epicenter of the neighborhood for them and their friends. What I've learned over the first part of their Summer break is that they and their friends are eating me out of house and home. Food is expensive and I have none at the moment because my kids and their friends are constantly eating it. I mentioned to one of my neighbors that I was thinking about asking the kids' parents for money since I am feeding them. My neighbor laughed and told me I am cheap. My mother says I have every right to ask for money. Would I be a bad neighbor if I did that? Is it wrong?

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