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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 06/11/24


- OutKick magazine says Kurt Russell is allegedly being targeted for a leading role in the "Yellowstone" spinoff series. With the original series coming to an end, the spinoff will need a big star like Russell to fill the shoes of Kevin Costner.

- The Daily Mail says Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are reuniting for ‘’Practical Magic 2’’. The original film followed two witch sisters, Sally and Gillian Owens, played by Bullock and Kidman. Details about the sequel are being kept under wraps

- TMZ says Cher's 1972 Ferrari was recently auctioned off for $568,000. The vintage sports car has a custom red paint job, a leather interior, and a V6 engine. 

- PR Newswire says 7-Eleven is kicking off Summer with the Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone. Drumstick and 7-Eleven’s unique collaboration combines the flavors of a Slurpee drink with Drumstick's signature vanilla ice cream. The ice cream cone is available for a limited time

- MSN says baggage handlers are warning Summer travelers against tying colored ribbons to their suitcases. The ribbons can get caught in conveyor belts and rip off handles. This can damage the luggage and delay the handling process. Handlers recommend using colorful luggage tags or unique stickers instead.

- People magazine says pet owners can now use's "PrePup Checklist" to plan for pet ownership in case of a breakup. The checklist encourages couples to discuss care responsibilities and financial obligations for their pets. Philip Tedeschi, an expert on the human-animal bond, suggests discussing the future to ensure pets' well-being.

- Women's Agenda says a growing number of women are opting for a #boysober lifestyle. Single females are avoiding dating apps because of the toxic dating pool and online harassment.

__________________________________ says Taylor Swift won't be appearing in "Deadpool & Wolverine" as Dazzler. Rumors began swirling about the cameo after Taylor was seen hanging out with stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, as well as director Shawn Levy in New York City this past October. Entertainment Weekly now confirms her absence in the movie.

Simon Cowell does not think One Direction will reunite. Variety magazine says Simon was asked about a reunion tour to which he said, “I doubt it. When I was talking to One Direction, I remember saying to them, ‘Our goal is for you to have enough hits that if you ever reform, that you can do stadium tours. That means you got to have about 10 hit singles.’’

Contact Music says Adele has allegedly been "panic buying" Spanx because her favorite bodysuit style was discontinued. She is quoted as saying,  "Spanx. I trust them. I’ve been wearing them since I was about 16, so I trust them. It's like half of my life. So I trust them with my life. And my favorite pair of Spanx are full body Spanx. I know they're not sexy. But I like to feel safe in all dresses. I know that my lumps and bumps that I love are contained. Well, they decided to just discontinue my favorite pair of Spanx. So everyone I know has been panic buying whatever is left at the stores ..."

Billie Eilish tells the MailOnline that she lost all her friends when she became famous because she couldn't relate to anyone. "I suddenly was famous, and I couldn't relate to anybody. It was tough. It was really hard. And then it was my 20th birthday and I remember looking around the room and it was only people that I employ. And all 15 years or more older than me. And it was the worst thing that happened to me. And that made me realize like 'oh wait, this is a job. Exactly a year ago, I reconnected with a bunch of old friends and now, I have so many friends. I have a crew now! I could literally cry about it. It's been the greatest thing that's happened to me.’’

Billie Eilish tells Geo TV that she was ghosted last December. "It was somebody that I’d also known for years and had a plan, day of, on the phone, making a plan... never heard from him again. Ever. I couldn’t believe it." 

The Business Times says Jennifer Lopez allegedly thinks Ben Affleck doesn't understand that being her is a full-time job. A source says, "Jennifer has a big entourage that follows her around daily — glam squad, videographers, photographers, assistants, trainers. She’s tried to make Ben understand that being Jennifer Lopez is a 24/7 job. She is her brand, she lives and breathes it while Ben can leave his work at the door if he chooses to.”

Closer Online says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are allegedly on the brink of divorcing. Jen is delaying the inevitable while Ben is ready to sign the divorce papers. A source says, “Jen left her decision to cancel the tour until the very last second,” says our source. “It was a very hard call to make. But this allows her the chance to spend more time with Ben. As long as no paperwork is actually filed, she’s still clinging to the possibility – however remote – that they’ll be able to work things out. And if they can’t, they’ll work on the terms of their exit strategy – like when they’ll go public with it all.”

TV Insider says Mama June got into a heated argument with her daughter Honey Boo Boo  after taking $30,000 from her. Boo Boo is demanding her money back. June defended her actions, saying she used the cash for bills and manicures.

Screen Rant says Theresa Nist from "The Golden Bachelor" is showcasing her revenge body. She and Gerry Turner split up. Theresa has been flaunting her fit physique in eye-catching outfits on social media. There is speculation that she might return to TV on another Bachelor spin-off.

Radar Online claims Kevin Costner is allegedly undergoing a full makeover to appear younger. A source says weaves, Botox, and spray tans are all in play. "He fusses over his hair nonstop. He used to be a wash-and-go guy, but now he spends hours getting ready and obsesses over his hair like crazy. His friends joke he's looking like a scarecrow with the bleached fuzz on top of his head, but he doesn't care, he thinks it looks great."

Martin Lawrence tells NBC that he turned down Jackie Chan's offer to star in ‘’Rush Hour’’. “Jackie Chan asked me to star in Rush Hour with him, but I turned it down. He did my show, so we talked somewhere in between there. We talked in person, and then we had a dinner.  “Wasn’t enough money. I was happy for Chris Tucker; that’s what it was supposed to be. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan brought a beautiful franchise with Rush Hour.”

The Daily Mail says NBC producers are allegedly warning Adam Levine that he could be dropped from "The Voice" if he doesn't behave himself. He is currently set to return for the show's 27th season after six years away. NBC staffers are concerned that he will return with the same arrogance that he allegedly exhibited during prior seasons. A source tells the site, "Not everyone is happy with Adam coming back to the show. There have been many changes behind-the-scenes, but there are a lot of people still there from Adam's time before and don't like that he will be returning, because towards the end of his last run, he was cocky, arrogant and seemed entitled. People get second chances, and maybe Adam will change. But if he remains the abrasive Adam from the past, then they will get rid of him again." says Will Ferrell recently expressed interest in becoming People's Sexiest Man Alive. During the Despicable Me 4 premiere, he said, “I'm planting the seeds…because you guys never have comedians. So, get it going internally, all right? Sexiest Man, right here. Come on. Vote for comedians."

Top 6 Phrases To Avoid Saying At Work … According to a new article by StudyFinds

‘Think outside the box’



‘Circle back’

‘Low-hanging fruit’

‘Move the needle’

Top 10 Relationship Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Love ... According to a new article by Max My Money

1. No Priority to Each Other

2. Expecting Perfection

3. Comparison

4. Unclear Partner Roles

5. Non-Healthy Boundaries

6. Secret Keeping Attitude

7. Avoiding Real Problems

8. Putting Responsibility on Other

9. Non-listening Behavior

10. No More Motivation for Each Other

10 Things That Were Considered Rude 20 Years Ago That Are Now Seen As Polite … According to a new article by Saving Advice 

1. Texting Instead Of Calling

2. Sending Emails For Formal Communication

3. Using Speakerphones In Public

4. Declining Invitations

5. Bringing Your Own Food To Events

6. Correcting Someone’s Pronunciation

7. Taking Photos Of Your Food

8. Asking About Pronouns

9. Working From Cafes

10. Wearing Casual Attire

The Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts Dads Don’t Want To Get … According to a new survey by Yahoo 

Fishing gear

Golf-related items

Hawaiian shirts

Bow ties


Gym attire

“Best Dad” merchandise


Barbecue tools


Dear Fonseca,

My husband and I just opened our pool for the Summer and I'm already getting heat from family and friends because of something I said this past weekend. We were at a family birthday party when I said going in the pool counts as a bath. Just about everybody at the party was horrified. I told them the chlorine gets the kids clean. Everyone disagreed and half heartedly joked that I'm a bad mother. Does the pool count as a bath? I bet your listeners would agree with me.

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