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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 04/02/24

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- WFLA says some airline passengers are anxious about flying in Boeing planes due to recent issues, including a panel coming off an Alaska Airlines jet over Oregon. Some passengers are now wearing t-shirts that read: “If it's Boeing, I ain't going ?” 

- BroBible says a 2000 Lakers Championship ring, gifted by Kobe Bryant to his father Joe, recently sold for close to $1 million at an auction. The ring, made of 14K gold and covered in 40 diamonds, attracted more than 40 bids. Its new owner set a new record for the highest price paid for an NBA championship ring, surpassing the previous record of $705,000. 

- Nation's Restaurant News says IHOP is reintroducing its Maple Syrup Cola. The drink combines maple syrup and Pepsi. The new beverage can also be enjoyed as a float with vanilla ice cream.

- People Magazine says Felicity Huffman is going to guest star on season 2 of the Criminal Minds spinoff, ‘’Evolution’’. Huffman will play Dr. Jill Gideon, a brilliant psychiatrist helping the FBI investigate a murderous conspiracy. 

- The Daily Express says a proposal to lower the driving age in London to 13 is facing strong opposition from UK motorists. Over 98% of adults have expressed dissatisfaction with the idea saying young drivers would struggle with the costs and responsibility of driving.


April Fools’ Day Prank - Elon Musk Quits Tesla To Become Full-Time DJ: We Rave You says Elon Musk announced yesterday that he was leaving Tesla to pursue a career as a DJ. Musk cited a passion for music and expressed gratitude for his time at Tesla.  Fans and industry insiders were shocked by the news. It was later revealed that the announcement was just an April Fools' Day prank.

April Fools’ Day Prank Roundup ...

USA Today says Pringles pranked people yesterday on April Fool's Day by releasing a new sour cream and onion flavored soda. 

Frank's Red Hot Sauce pranked people with red hot Vlasic pickles. 

Rosetta Stone pranked people by posting the world's first cannabis language learning app Rosetta Stoned. The app told people it would teach them Stoner lingo. 

Dole Bananas pranked people with a life-size banana sleeping bag. The bag resembled a banana peel with a giant zipper. 

Omaha Steaks pranked people by releasing a line of meat sprays called Omaha Fog, Hog Haze, and Cock-a-Doodle-Dew.

Sriracha pranked people with a Sriracha Mayo Toothpaste. The posting read: “It's fiery and creamy goodness … is sure to spice up your morning dental routine."

Tinder pranked people yesterday with a fake job ad looking for a VP of Ghosting to track down ghosters. 

Dunkin tried to prank people by changing their name to ‘Donuts’. 

Selena Gomez tells Vogue magazine that the most important part of friendship to her is being able to listen. “One of the key components of a friendship for me is trust. I would also say: Be careful with who you trust. Hopefully someone can just hear you out and not judge you. I believe in unconditional love and that if you can’t be your authentic self, maybe you shouldn’t be around those people.”

The Observer says Selena Gomez's new show "Selena + Restaurant" will premiere on the Food Network on May 2nd. In the first episode, she visits Wolfgang Puck's restaurant to cook one of his classic dishes. 

Benson Boone tells Fault magazine that he wants to make a difference in his fan's lives. "My biggest fear would be to one day leave this Earth without inspiring at least a couple people with my music. I don’t want to be known for making ear Candy, I want to make a difference in people’s lives."

Sabrina Carpenter tells Cosmopolitan magazine that she would like to be in movies, but she doesn't want to give up her music career to do so. "I go to the movies and I get really jealous of the people in the movies. I’m like, “Oh, I want to be in a movie.” And then I go to concerts and I get jealous of people onstage. I’m like, “Oh, I want to be onstage.” I guess I would accept a role as long as I didn't have to put my music on hold for too long."

Justin Timberlake tells Cosmopolitan magazine that he tries not to air his dirty laundry in public. “I never saw the point of calling someone out in an interview or in a song. If I have a problem with you, I'm coming straight to you. I mean what's better? Singing about how someone hurt you or actually talking to them about it and putting it to rest? There's no closure in airing things in public."

Cinemablend says Martin Lawrence originally wanted Eddie Murphy to co-star in ‘’Bad Boys’’ but opted for Will Smith instead. Lawrence says, "I had a deal with Sony, and this was a movie they brought to me to see if I wanted to do, and I just had to find a partner to do it with. And I was thinking about doing it with Eddie Murphy and all that, but he costs too much. But I picked the right person, because my sister was the one who told me, ‘You should do it with Will.’ Two sitcom stars, y’all coming together to meet on the big screen, that could be something special. So me and Will had a dinner, and after five minutes of talking to Will, he’s the best salesman ever. So I couldn’t say no, and it’s been Bad Boys ever since.’’

Valerie Bertinelli tells People Magazine that she met her new boyfriend online and then fell in love unexpectedly.  "It's a seesaw of emotions because I was adamant I was never falling in love again. I was supposed to die with my six cats and my dog and very happily live the rest of my years alone — I'm good alone. My belly is flip-flopping. This was not supposed to happen. I fell in love when I least expected it!" 

Decider Magazine says the original Legally Blonde writers are unsure if “Legally Blonde 3” will happen. With multiple delays and changes in plans, the fate of the movie now rests with Reese Witherspoon and her production company. A source tells the outlet, "It's kind of in Reese's hands. We hope it does!"

Us Weekly says "Golden Bachelor" stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist have not moved in together despite marrying in January. Gerry lives in Indiana while Theresa remains in New Jersey. The couple is opting for a long-distance relationship. Gerry and Theresa plan to buy a home in South Carolina for their adult children and grandchildren.

The Daily Mail says Ashton Kutcher is anticipating a subpoena in connection with Diddy's trafficking investigation. Mila Kunis has reportedly prohibited him from communicating with the rapper. A source says, "There is no way Ashton or Mila will be showing any sort of public support for Diddy right now. Mila will not let Ashton be in any sort of contact. Regardless of Ashton's long history with him, he has distanced himself from Diddy since Cassie's lawsuit, and even more so in the wake of the new ones. Mila will not let Ashton be in any sort of contact. He is expecting a subpoena as they have been good friends for 20 years.”

NBC says Shakira is under fire for telling Allure magazine that her sons did not like the Barbie movie. She said, “My sons absolutely hated it. They felt that it was emasculating. And I agree, to a certain extent. I’m raising two boys. I want ‘em to feel powerful too (while) respecting women. I like pop culture when it attempts to empower women without robbing men of their possibility to be men, to also protect and provide.”

The News International says Keanu Reeves has been a supportive friend to Sandra Bullock following the loss of her longtime partner Bryan Randall. An insider shared, “Keanu has been a lifesaver. He’s not only been a shoulder to cry on but has also been there to lift her spirits, make her laugh and see a brighter future ahead. Sandra's not done healing — it’s only been seven months — but she’s ready to move on. Sandra would be open to finding love and starting over again. Sandra wants to let go of the pain and allow herself to love again.’’

Radar Online says Kevin Hart is accusing his ex-assistant of eavesdropping on his private conversations. The comedian claims his former staffer listened through walls to get private information and then shared it publicly. Hart is locked in legal battles with his ex-assistant, who denies any wrongdoing and demands dismissal of all claims against her.

New Research Shows Negative Impact of Momfluencers

A new study by the University of Nebraska reveals that idealized images of motherhood on social media can harm a new mom's mental health. Researchers found that exposure to glamorized depictions of motherhood can increase anxiety and envy among new mothers. Individuals inclined to make comparisons are more likely to be negatively affected by these idealized images.

Young Singles Doing Virtual Dates To Save Money 

Business Insider says young adults are opting for digital first dates to cut costs on transportation and dining out. The trend is gaining popularity, with 65% of singles preferring virtual get-togethers. This cost-saving approach is seen as efficient and a way to quickly gauge chemistry. Some are opting for Zoom dinner dates

Money Survey

A new survey from FinFit reveals that 75% of workers are living paycheck to paycheck, with minimal savings and increasing anxiety. Other findings:

- 53% of people feel stressed and worried about their retirement savings

- 60% of people have experienced stress and anxiety about their finances in the past week

- 38% of people have taken days off work to deal with personal finance issues

- 72% of people do not have cash buffers or liquid savings of more than $5,000

Top 10 ‘In and Out’ Slang Words Among Young Teens … According to a new article by The Daily Mail 


1. Lowkey2. Highkey3. That's weird4. Do it for the plot5. That's fire6. She's a 107. Odd8. Beef9. Ick10. No shade


1. Sus2. Cap3. Yolo4. Lit5. Dime6. Cringe7. Slay

Top 10 Unhealthiest Cities ... According to a new study by WalletHub … based on quality of healthcare, food, green spaces and the fitness of its people.

1. Brownsville, Texas2. Gulfport, Mississippi3. Laredo, Texas4. Columbus, Georgia5. Shreveport, Louisiana6. Augusta, Georgia7. Fayetteville, North Carolina 8. Corpus Christi Texas9. Detroit, Michigan10. Huntington West Virginia 

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