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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 03/25/24

Fonseca Best of Calls:


- The Daily Beast says  Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden have welcomed their second child. They named their son Cardinal. Diaz previously had a daughter, named Raddix, in 2019 through a surrogate 

- The Daily Mail says Viagra may extend the lifespan in men. Scientists found a 15% reduced risk of death in men taking the drug. Researchers say Viagra lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s, but can't pinpoint the exact reason why 

- KRON says a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Aspen, Colorado was recently delayed for 17 hours due to unknown issues. The airline has not provided further details on the delay. Passengers were left stranded for hours without much information.

- The NY Post says an American Airlines passenger was forcibly removed from a Tampa to Philly flight after insulting flight attendants and passengers.The unruly passenger was headlocked and held until law enforcement intervened.

- The Truth About Cars says Tesla is giving away limited edition CyberHammers.The hammers are for Tesla owners who refer new buyers. Only 800 hammers have been made 

- Supermarket Perimeter says Hostess is now selling 'Lava' Cakes.The mini-cakes have a chocolate drizzle and a melty core. Flavors include Double Chocolate and Chocolate Creamy Caramel says Wegmans is closing 48 grocery stores on April 8th so their employees can watch the solar eclipse. The chain values its employees and wants them to witness the event. Staff members appreciate the gesture, with one saying it shows that the company cares.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire,” $45.2 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $100 million to produce. It earned $16.4 million overseas for a total weekend take of $61.6 million)

2. “Dune: Part Two," $17.6 million.

3. “Kung Fu Panda 4,” $16.8 million.

4. “Immaculate,” $5.4 million.

5. “Arthur the King,” $4.4 million.

The New York Post says concert-goers were left stunned after Aqua's lead singer, Lene Nystrom, performed in her pajamas while crying at a Perth, Australia show.A witness described the performance as "awkward" and "horrendous." The show took a turn for the worse when Nystrom took an hour-long break.

The Daily Mail says Harry Styles is back in the studio working on his most emotional music project yet. Styles is now dating Taylor Russell and is reportedly ready to start a family with her

Life & Style Weekly says Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are currently in a blissful state in their marriage. An insider who saw them at a recent party said, "They looked and acted like two teenagers in love. They were holding hands, taking selfies with each other and cuddling on the couch the whole night. Whatever they’re doing to keep the romance alive, it’s working!"

People magazine says a New Jersey teacher recently sang Taylor Swift songs while undergoing brain surgery. Brain Mapping Technology was used to remove a tumor from Selena Campione.  Campione sang "22" and "Shake It Off" during the surgery. She joked that she might have turned the doctors into Swifties.

Billie Eilish tells Rolling Stone magazine that the secret to happiness is to get paid to do what you love to do. “The secret to happiness is to find out how to get paid to do what you love. It's not an easy thing to do, but once you figure out how to do it, you're set.”

Bruno Mars tells The San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper that he used to cover Nirvana and Michael Jackson songs with his first band. “ I used to play (in bands at) bars and pubs. We used to cover Nirvana and sing ‘Billie Jean’ over ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ We did that at the bars and would get everyone going. That was part of the show and we used to do this back in the day to make a buck. ”

The Daily Mail says Kate Middleton, who revealed her cancer diagnosis on Friday, previously donated her hair to make wigs for young cancer patients. In a touching gesture, she gifted seven inches of her own hair to the Little Princess Trust charity. Kate's donation was done anonymously, ensuring the recipients had no idea it came from royalty.

Female First says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reached out to Prince William and Kate Middleton following her cancer diagnosis. A statement from Harry and Meghan expressed support. "We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace." 

BroBible says "Happy Gilmore 2" is in the works.  Adam Sandler showed Christopher McDonald, known for playing Shooter McGavin in the original film, the first draft. Christopher says, “I saw Adam about two weeks ago and he says, ‘McDonald, you’re going to love this.’ I said, ‘What?’ He shows me the first draft of Happy Gilmore 2…So it’s in the works. Fans demand it…When I saw that, I was very, very pleased.” Netflix may make it happen.

Gisele Bündchen tells the New York Times that she never cheated on Tom Brady.“That’s a lie. This is something that happens to a lot of women who get blamed when they have the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship and are labeled as being unfaithful. Of course for me, it just happens to be a little bit amplified. No one really knows what happens between two people, only the two people in the relationship.”

Radar Online says Jennifer Lopez is allegedly upset about Ben Affleck's crush on Sofia Vergara. Lopez is giving Vergara the cold shoulder due to Affleck's infatuation. An insider reveals, "Jennifer is close to Sofia, but that doesn't mean she wants her husband getting all googly-eyed for her. Jennifer is putting her foot down and saying no way.’’

Newsweek magazine says Kylie Jenner's driver accidentally crashed into Kris Jenner's $400,000 Rolls Royce at a party. Despite the mishap, the event proceeded smoothly with A-list celebrities like Khloe Kardashian in attendance to celebrate Kylie's new vodka soda business venture. 

In Touch Weekly says Britney Spears is allegedly jealous of Lindsay Lohan's recent comeback. A source tells the magazine, "Britney is extremely jealous of all the positive attention Lindsay is getting lately. It’s not that she has anything against Lindsay. Britney has just always related to her and felt like they were in a similar boat, so to see her suddenly be back in the good graces of everyone in Hollywood while Britney is struggling to get any real respect is a hard pill to swallow. Seeing Lindsay with this happy marriage and a new baby is very triggering for Britney.’’

Slash tells Rock Celebrities that he and Ryan Gosling have no plans to record together  despite a successful collaboration on 'I'm Just Ken' at the Oscars."Ryan was really cool; I had no idea what to expect. We hung out backstage, and he sung the song and made that whole production happen. But no, I don’t think I’m gonna do a record with him."

TMZ says Honey Boo Boo is threatening to take her mother, Mama June, to court for allegedly stealing her money. Honey Boo Boo previously accused Mama June of prioritizing her husband's gold chains over her college fund.  Boo is studying nursing in Colorado and is considering legal action to cover her remaining expenses.

German Scientists Confirm Teenagers Stink

The NY Post says German researchers found that post-pubescent teens emit scents of sweat, urine, cheese, and goat, while babies have essences of lilac and raspberry. Researchers sewed cotton patches into clothing to investigate differences in body odor. Teens emitted musk scents. 

Dating Survey 

A new survey by Tinder reveals that 42% of people consider astrological sign compatibility important  when it comes to dating. Other findings:

- 30% of Gen Zs check a date's sign  before meeting them

- Virgos, Geminis, and Libras are top signs for gaining "likes" online. 

Dogs Understand The Meaning Of Nouns 

A new study by  Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary  reveals that dogs understand words beyond commands like "sit" and "fetch". Researchers monitored dogs' brain activity when shown familiar objects. The study found dogs can comprehend the essence of nouns for items they care about. Dog owners believe their pets respond to between 15 and 215 words

10 Financial Secrets That Can Ruin Relationships … According to a new article by Saving Advice 

1. Hidden Debt

2. Secret Accounts

3. Gambling Debts And Addiction

4. Impulse Spending

5. Lying About Your Income

6. Making Major Decisions Without Discussion

7. Loaning Money Without Consent

8. Investment Losses

9. Habitually Late Payments

10. Poor Credit History

Dating Survey

A new survey by CNBC reveals that 68% of singles get stressed about the cost of planning a date. Other findings:

- 44% of singles feel the person who earns more should pay for the first date

- 36% of singles believe in splitting the bill on the first date

Dear Fonseca

My kids are begging my husband and I for a rabbit for Easter. They want to adopt one and bring it home in time for the holiday next weekend. A part of me thinks it's a good idea because it will teach them responsibility at a young age. My husband is totally against the idea and says we will end up taking care of the rabbit once the kids get bored of it. The children are 4, 6 and 8. What would you do if you were us? Adopt the rabbit or not? Is this a good idea?

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