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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 01/11/24

Today's Fonseca Show Best Of Calls:


- The NY Post says a polar vortex is set to bring an arctic blast into the U.S. this weekend. Temperatures could drop 30-50 degrees below average with wind chills approaching -50 in some areas.

- BroBible says McDonald's is set to introduce the Double Big Mac on January 24th. The mammoth burger comes with four patties and extra sauce. This is the first time it will be offered in the United States since 2020.

- WWTI says Sam's Club will soon stop checking shoppers' receipts as they leave the store. Instead, they will use AI technology to scan the carts. This new feature aims to save time for customers and improve the overall shopping experience.

- Food & Wine magazine says Fruit Stripe gum, with its iconic zebra mascot, has been discontinued because of consumer preferences and purchasing patterns.Fruit Stripe gummy candies have also been discontinued.

- The Takeout says Peeps has four new flavors for 2024. The new flavors include Icee, Rice Krispies, S'mores, and Sour.

- WGNO says New Orleans may ban people from throwing toilet paper during Mardi Gras parades. The city says it is difficult to remove the paper from trees along the parade route. A city council member says, "We want to keep the tradition alive but also protect the environment."

- Newsweek magazine says Jo Koy's January tour dates are struggling to sell out.This may be due to the backlash from his hosting gig at the Golden Globes. Jo only has one sold-out show in February.

- says Mama June recently denied rumors that she spread her late daughter Anna Cardwell's ashes around Disney World during Christmas.Shannon addressed the accusations and called them "stupid."

- Page Six says "Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer is now a father. He announced on Instagram that he and his wife, Emely Fardo, welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Ella Reine Palmer.

- Times Now News says a recent study suggests that wives are 19% more likely to develop high blood pressure if their husbands have it. Some signs and symptoms of high blood pressure include headaches, dizziness, and blurred vision. Treatment options include lifestyle changes and medications.


NBC says Dua Lipa got so drunk while "Day Drinking" with Seth Meyers that she fell asleep in a bathroom and had to be wheeled out.

Olivia Rodrigo tells Variety magazine that she loves acting. "I love movies. I love telling stories. I really wanna do a coming-of-age thing. Maybe before I'm actually of age. Maybe I am of age already. I don't know."

Page Six says Selena Gomez is quitting social media once again to focus on "what really matters" - her boyfriend and family. Gomez made the announcement on Instagram. This decision comes after Gomez went viral for her chat with Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, where she allegedly asked Timothée Chalamet for a photo and he declined due to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. says Selena Gomez is confirmed to play Linda Ronstadt in an upcoming biopic. Selena shared a photo of Linda's memoir on social media, sparking rumors that have now been confirmed. The film is currently in pre-production and will highlight Linda's successful music career before her retirement due to Parkinson's Disease.

Miley Cyrus tells Harper's Bazaar magazine that honesty is a big part of beauty for her. “There is nothing sexier than someone being in their honest feelings. So I nurture myself as a human and that radiates through my skin and invites people in to do the same when we’re together, which depends connection.”

Best Life magazine says Tina Fey recently criticized millennials for their reaction to the new "Mean Girls" movie. In an interview with USA Today, Fey called the millennials "butthurt" and accused them of being narcissistic. Many millennials complained about the tagline of the new movie, saying it made them feel old and irrelevant. The tagline is "This isn't your mother's Mean Girls"

Jason Momoa tells Entertainment Tonight that he's been living on the road following his divorce from Lisa Bonet. “I don’t even have a home right now. I live on the road. I’m always in these weird places. Fans are starstruck. It happens all the time. They’re like, ‘What the hell are you doing in our hometown?'”

The News International says Brad Pitt is hesitant to introduce his children to his new girlfriend because he wants to avoid drama with his former wife, Angelina Jolie. A source says, “Brad's walking on eggshells when it comes to introducing his children to his new girlfriend. The caution stems from a desire to avoid additional tensions with Angelia. She's not just the kids’ mother, she's their best friend. Can you imagine what a meeting would be like between the kids and Ines?”

Ace Showbiz says Bradley Cooper's mom, Gloria Campano, "definitely approves" of his relationship with Gigi Hadid. A source says Gloria thinks Gigi is "just lovely". The couple was recently seen having dinner with Gloria and a group of friends.

Page Six says Travis Kelce is feeling "pressure" to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for Taylor Swift. He says, “Whether you’re feeling the Valentine’s Day pressure like Jason [Kelce] and I, or trying to figure out the right gift for a significant other, Etsy is the go-to destination for adding that special touch.’’

Gossip Cop says SNL comedian Michael Che has called for a boycott of awards shows following the backlash from Jo Koy's Golden Globes monologue. Che says it's difficult to make movie stars laugh because they're too self-conscious. He also claims that viewers at home want comedians to insult celebrities, but that's not what hosting is about.

Steve Martin Tweeted: "I tip my hat to anyone who steps out on stage to host a live awards show. It's a very difficult job and not for the squeamish. I know because I'm still throwing up from the last time I did it in 2010. So, Congratulations to Jo Koy who took on the toughest gig in show business, hit, missed, was light on his feet, and now has twenty minutes of new material for his stand up!"

BroBible says Alan Ritchson went into "Instant Reacher Mode" and stopped a car robbery while on a date with his wife in Montreal. He says, “We were on a date in Montreal, walking to a very nice dinner all dressed up, and we saw somebody breaking into a car. And she put it together before I did because he was just hanging out with glass everywhere, ruining through somebody’s stuff and came out with all these bags. She goes, ‘I think he’s breaking into that car.’ And I was like, ‘By gosh, I think you’re right’. And she goes, ‘Don’t do it!’. And I was like, Instant Reacher Mode, and I was like, ‘Some justice has to be done here.’ And I chased that dude like floor blocks and tossed that dude into a building until the cops came. She was very mad at me for not just taking her on our date — we got there eventually.”

Page Six says Matthew Perry allegedly lied about his sobriety for years and had a history of being abusive. A source says, “He was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive. All he knew how to do was cause pain and play the victim.’’

Home Decor says Rihanna recently purchased Matthew Perry's former Los Angeles penthouse for $21 million. The 40th-floor, four-bedroom condo offers stunning views of the city, ocean, and mountains. It has a game room, a home theater, and four terraces for entertaining. Denzel Washington and Paula Abdul are neighbors.

Top 7 Aphrodisiac Scents To Boost Your Love Life ... According to a new article by The New York Post.

1. Ylang Ylang (floral)

2. Vanilla

3. Sandalwood

4. Spearmint

5. Strawberry

6. Violet

7. Chocolate

Sleep Survey

A new survey by Cornbread Hemp reveals that the average person gets a "perfect" night's sleep only 132 times per year. Other findings:

- Americans average 120 "good" sleeps per year

- 65% of people say that a bad night's sleep is enough to ruin the following day

- The average American experiences four panic attacks each year.

Top 10 Signs of Intelligence in a Partner ... According to a new article by The Daily Mail.

1. They're highly curious and inquisitive

2. They are highly self-aware

3. They have a healthy dose of skepticism

4. They recognize patterns that other people miss

5. They have a good sense of humor

6. They're comfortable with not knowing

7. They are great at problem solving

8. They’re adaptable and flexible

9. They’re comfortable with the gray areas

10. They prefer substantive conversations

10 Things To Buy On Sale In January … According to a new article by The Sun Sentinel

1. Gym Memberships

2. Weight Loss Programs

3. Holiday Decorations

4. Smart TVs

5. Bed Linens

6. Winter Clothing

7. Outdoor Gear

8. Fitness Equipment

9. Airplane Tickets

10. Luxury Hotel stays

Dear Fonseca,

Dating as a single mother is tough. I met a great guy a month ago. We've had five or six fantastic dates. I thought I had all my bases covered until I discovered we support different political parties. My friends say it's no big deal and that we can still date, just don't talk politics. I'm not sure our core values are the same and that would be a problem in the long run. Is it possible for this relationship to be successful? Should I end it now?

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