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Fonseca Show with Aaron Fonseca 01/08/24

Today's Best Of Calls:


- Fox News says there are "spotty shortages" of cough and cold medicine as the flu season ramps up. Many pharmacies are running out of essential medication, leaving people struggling to find relief.

- The New York Post says Tesla is recalling millions of dangerous vehicles. The company has announced a massive recall of 1.6 million cars to fix a software glitch that could cause crashes. Affected cars include the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y with production dates between 2014 and 2023

- TMZ says "Starsky and Hutch" star David Soul has passed away at age 80 following a long illness. Soul was famous for portraying detective Kenneth Hutchinson on the classic buddy cop TV series. He also starred in the 1979 miniseries "Salem's Lot" and the 1980 TV movie "Homeward Bound."

- says a new restaurant chain, called Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar, is set to open in Walmart stores nationwide. The expansion will begin with 10 new locations in California over the next five months. The menu, designed specifically for Walmart customers, will offer poke bowls with various fish options, along with Boba Milk Teas and tropical-flavored desserts.

- says Sonic the Hedgehog Happy Meals are making a comeback at some McDonald's locations. The toys in this promotion are made of cardboard and include puzzles, posters, and hovercrafts, unlike the plastic toys in the past.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Wonka,” $14.4 million.

2. “Night Swim,” $12 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $15 million to produce. It earned $5.7 million overseas)

3. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” $10.6 million.

4. “Migration,” $10.3 million.

5. “Anyone But You,” $9.5 million.

6. “The Boys in the Boat,” $6 million.

7. “The Color Purple,” $4.8 million.

8. “The Iron Claw,” $4.5 million.

9. “Ferrari,” $2.5 million.

10. “Poor Things,” $2 million.

Page Six says NSYNC's Joey Fatone and Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean are going on tour together. The duo will hit the road in March and perform the hits of both bands

Billie Eilish tells OK! magazine that the movie "Barbie" helped her get out of a dark place. "Honestly, going to see the movie and being shown the small amount we were shown… I was just watching [the character] Barbie, like, say and feel things that I really resonated with and felt. I felt so seen, and I did not expect that, and I think this movie is the most incredible, most empowering, beautiful, funny and unbelievable piece of art in the world, and I‘m so honored to be a part of it."

Billie Eilish tells Variety magazine that she would love to do more acting following her TV debut in "Swarm." When asked what kind of roles she'd like to tackle, Eilish jokingly replied, "I don't know. Sure, some soldiers in it."

Tate McRae tells Billboard magazine that staying true to herself has been a crucial part of her success. "I think the biggest thing for me, since the beginning, has been trying to keep a strong sense of who I am and make it seem like I'm not some character being built by someone else. It's genuinely been about showing people that I am just a 17-year-old girl, trying to navigate my life in this industry. It's always been about the music; how can I be creative and how can I show people everything that I've been through? That's what keeps me going – there's always something more to it than just another song."

Taylor Swift tells USA Today that she finds being described as "metal" both amusing and fascinating. "It's a funny term and honestly, I'm still trying to figure out what it means. But I think it has something to do with going all out, not holding back, and just being really intense. Maybe there's a metal aspect to even the most seemingly pop of my songs."

Olivia Rodrigo tells People magazine that she has a deep connection with photography. "I think photos are just such an amazing way of preserving memories and how something made you feel at a certain time. I feel like writing music is similar to that: I write these songs and it's like taking a snapshot of how I felt when I was seventeen, and then when I'm eighty I hope to look back on them and see my growth."

Jelly Roll tells The New York Times newspaper that he believes in embracing both the highs and lows in life. "I think the most important thing is to enjoy the ride. Enjoy the peaks, because they're not gonna be here forever, and embrace the valleys when they come. Learn from those valleys so you can have even bigger peaks on your next ascent up the mountain of life. It's all about perspective, understanding that life is a roller coaster, and you gotta let it flow."

Luke Combs tells Esquire magazine that he only showcases his confident persona when he's performing. "The bravado thing. I have it on stage, but I don't have it anywhere else! I don't know. It's just like, whatever that part of my ego is, if you call it ego, I just don't feel the need to project anything. I'm comfortable with who I am and where I'm at and what I'm doing. And also, I could never look my parents in the face if I was some egotistical tough guy. I wasn't raised that way." says Taylor Swift's cat, Olivia Benson, reportedly has a higher net worth than Travis Kelce. According to's "Ultimate Pet Rich List," Benson has a net worth of $97 million due to her appearances in music videos and endorsements. In contrast, Kelce is worth $40 million.

Entertainment Tonight says Travis Kelce's managers are modeling his career after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s. They have strategically planned and orchestrated Travis' rise in popularity from hosting SNL to topping the Billboard charts. Travis is now receiving movie offers and considering hosting game shows

CNN says Michael Bolton recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor. He is now taking a break from touring to focus on his recovery. The 70-year-old says the surgery was successful. Michael assured his fans that he is working hard to accelerate his recovery so he can get back to performing soon.

The National Enquirer claims Madonna is fining dancers who arrive late for her concerts. A source says, "Madonna has implemented a stringent policy backstage, where crew members and dancers face a hefty $100 fine each time they dare to be late. She runs a tight ship - and she's got some nerve!"

The Daily Mail says Cher's son, Elijah Blue Allman, has gone missing. A new court filing reveals that she does not know where her 47 year-old son is. Cher fears for his life due to his substance abuse and mental health issues. She is currently battling with Elijah's wife to become his temporary conservator.

Emma Stone tells Variety magazine that a sequel to Disney's "Cruella" is in the works. "Hopefully it [will begin filming] sooner rather than later. It's a work in progress kind of thing going on ... we'll see what happens. It's a blast. She's a blast. So yeah, we'll see. It's a very -- it's a work in progress."

PEOPLE Magazine says Kelly Clarkson won't allow her kids, daughter River Rose and son Remington Alexander, to have social media accounts until they're 18.She believes it can be hard on kids, especially those with parents in the public eye. “My daughter was like, ‘Well, what if Dad lets me?’ I’m like, ‘Well, you’re there four days a month. Enjoy that.’ And right now he’s not letting them do it either,” Clarkson says. “I’ll listen when they’re older, but until they have a solid argument, it’s a no.”

E! News says Brian Austin Green recently got a vasectomy after welcoming a baby with Sharna Burgess. Sharna revealed on a podcast that Brian had the procedure done when their son was eight weeks old. The vasectomy can be reversed if they change their mind.

The Daily Mail says Marvel bosses are unwilling to replace disgraced actor Jonathan Majors with Will Smith in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Majors, who was found guilty of harassment and assault against his ex-girlfriend, may face up to a year in prison. Smith's name has been vetoed because producers don't want to replace one actor with another with "more baggage."

Ace Showbiz says Usher has given up sugar and alcohol to prepare for his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance. He is rehearsing and has enlisted the help of his 14-year-old son as his "musical director" for the show.

10 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Taylor Swift’s Success … According to a new article by Finance Buzz

1. Own your work

2. Grow from your setbacks

3. Don’t be afraid to shake things up

4. Step outside of your comfort zone

5. Connect with your audience

6. Collaborate to reach a wider market

7. Create a recognizable brand image

8. Market yourself

9. Quality and quantity

10. Maintain a supportive circle

10 Dating Red Flags You Should Never Ignore ... According to a new article by Best Life.

1. They don't express any opinions.

2. They don't ask you any questions.

3. They ask too many questions.

4. They interrupt you.

5. They're pushy in any way.

6. The date seems too good to be true.

7. They treat the waitstaff badly.

8. They speak about others poorly.

9. They bring up an ex.

10. They flake on you.

Top 7 Least Obedient Dog Breeds ... According to a new article by 1. Afghan Hound 2. Akita 3. Basenji 4. Scottish Terrier 5. Bulldog 6. Borzoi 7. Siberian Husky

Believe Or Not Survey A new survey by MSN reveals that Americans believe some pretty outrageous things.

Survey findings ….

- 32% of Americans believe a second shooter was involved in the assassination of JFK

- 25% of Americans believe aliens have visited Earth

- 21% of Americans believe the moon landing was faked

- 20% of Americans believe the government adds harmful substances to our drinking water

- 11% of Americans believe the world is flat

Home Remedies Survey A new survey by KAL Vitamins reveals that 66% of people use home remedies that they learned from their parents. Other findings: - 55% of people say their parents got their approach to wellness from their own parents - 61% of people say their family set a good example of health and wellness when they were growing up - 52% of respondents prefer a mix of traditional and alternative remedies - 63% of people opt for traditional approaches like getting plenty of sleep and taking over-the-counter medications - 37% of people prefer alternative remedies such as honey or lemon

Low Energy Survey A new survey by OnePoll reveals that 38% of people feel low on energy at least four days a week. Other findings: - 63% of people increase their energy by drinking a caffeinated beverage - 47% of people increase their energy by drinking a glass of water - 46% of people increase their energy by consuming food with sugar - 50% of people rely on energy drinks to get through bad days - 39% of people have water near them throughout the day (ranking below coffee, juice, and soda)

Dear Fonseca

My wife is mad at me because I did not tell her that her New Year's eve dress was unflattering. She and her friends were looking at our New Year's Eve party pictures on Friday night. On Saturday, my wife said I should have told her that the dress was too small for her. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt her feelings. We had a huge fight about this. Is she scapegoating me? Did I do anything wrong? Should I have said something? What do women really want in this situation?

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