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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 08/11/23

Fonseca Show Best Calls:


- NBC says thrift stores are seeing a jump in business because back to school shoppers are heading there due to inflation. Some smart shoppers are heading to wealthy areas of their city because local thrift stores there sell high-end clothing for pennies on the dollar.

- Pop Iinsider says Hershey's and Warner Brothers are teaming up to launch a limited edition Harry Potter chocolate bar and Harry Potter Hershey Kiss. The Kisses feature 21 different wrappers.

- The Robb Report says a 1,080-carat diamond was recently found in Botswana.The stone is the seventh largest diamond ever found. It is the size of half a hand.

- Decider magazine says Jennifer Aniston confirmed yesterday that she and David Schwimmer had mutual crushes on one another while filming "Friends". She told Kelly and Mark, “Yes, we did. We just let it play out on TV.”

- Fortune Magazine says Amazon owner Jeff Bezos has purchased a $68 million Miami mansion. The house was built in 1965 and has three bedrooms, a pool and views of the water

- Business Insider says Cher's former Miami home is being sold for $42.5 million.It's located on a private island and has a pool, six bedrooms, a dock, a sauna, vaulted ceilings, an art deco bar and a cabana

- Deadline Hollywood says Sasha Baron Cohen is planning a comedy tour as his character Ali G. No word on when the tour will be launched

- Time Out magazine says a 10-acre Barbie corn maze is going to open in Manalapan Township, New Jersey this Fall. The corn maze has two different paths. Ken and Barbie's likenesses have been mowed into the maze along with Barbie's name

- Bro Bible says a Baltimore Orioles fan is going viral because he caught a foul ball with his plate of barbecue yesterday. Baltimore infielder Ryan O'Hearn hit the ball into the right field stands. The fan caught the ball with his plate and then stood up and took a bow


Russian Theatres Showing Pirated Versions Of ''Barbie'': The Moscow Times says Russians are so desperate to see the new ''Barbie'' movie that theaters there are showing pirated versions of it. Russian film distributors went to Kazakhstan to obtain digital copies of the film. The bootleg films are low quality, have poor audio dubbing and pop-up gambling ads. Theaters are trying to get better versions. Moscow cinemas are charging 1,000 rubles, or $10.28, to see ''Barbie''

Luke Combs tells Esquire magazine that he loves seeing an eclectic mix of fans at his shows. "You got the normal wild partying country fans, but there are also families bringing their kids to see me. I see them holding their kids up in the audience and they got those headphones on to protect their ears. And they're right next to the partying country boys, and they're just vibing together."

The Daily Mail says things are heating up between Harry Styles and actress/model Taylor Russell. He recently attended the debut of her new London play. James Corden was also there. Harry was photographed whispering into Taylor's ear as she laughed.

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that she wants people to be kinder to each other. “"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. There's too much anger in the world. Be a beacon of good and kindness and draw other kind people into your aura.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells that she stole something from the set of her show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series'. “I have like, you know, the director’s chairs how there’s your name on the back? I took my little director’s chair insert off. So, I have that with my name on the back. It's a fun little reminder of my time on the show.”

Dua Lipa tells Billboard magazine that she loves to travel. "I love visiting new places. The only problem is I usually have no time to sightsee. I really wish I could disguise myself and walk around a city like a proper tourist."

Rema tells that he loves seeing people with 'Calm Down' tattooed on their body. “It's not that I'm so egotistical that I love that they tattooed my song name on themselves. It's more that it's a reminder for people in this day and age. When life gets you stressed and you can't take it anymore, you look down at those two words and realize you need to calm down and not let life overwhelm you."

The New York Post says single women are fawning over a 59 year-old man, who raved that the "Barbie" movie is a "masterpiece." Dan O'Brien shared a glowing review of the film during a text message exchange with his son, Conor. He wrote, "I think 'Barbie' is going to change the world. We will think of life as BB/AB, 'Before Barbie' and 'After Barbie.' I can't stop thinking about it. Already in my Top 5 movies, I think ... we have not seen this in cinema before!."

Dan loved the movie so much that he returned to see it for a second time. His full review went viral after Conor shared the text exchange on social media. Women now want to date Dan, despite the fact that he is happily married.

The Daily Star says Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee is under fire for posting a picture of his dog with a cigarette in its mouth. Tommy was forced to turn off the comments on his socials because people are so angry with him.

The Internet reacts ...

“Not happy with the new pic Tommy Lee has posted with his dog and turned comments off I wonder why???? Young teens could copy him and put their pets in danger.”

“Same, people think it's funny etc but at the end of the day that poor dog... imagine if he accidentally lit it.”

“That poor dog is going to catch an STD.”

“That poor dog”

“Peta, Peta, help!! Poor dog… give that dog a bath!”

US Weekly Magazine says Kaley Cuoco may not marry her boyfriend, Tom Pelfrey. A source tells the magazine, “After her split from Karl Cook, Kaley was adamant that she’d never get married again, Pals believe she could change her tune down the road, but right now, things are perfect with Tom. He completes her in a way no one else could. He’s the best partner, the best daddy, the best everything.”

UFC president Dana White tells the Hotboxin podcast that he's negotiating to have the Elon Musk-Mark Zuckerberg fight at the Coliseum in Rome. Dana has talked to the Minister of Culture in Italy about holding the Mixed Martial Arts fight in the legendary venue. Italy is considering it

The New York Post says ''The View's'' Joy Behar refused to film a segment with the cast of the ''Jersey Shore''. Snooki's makeup artist, Joey Camasta, says, "Behar decided to opt out of the interview because things got a little awkward between her and the cast during their last couple of appearances on the show. So then this time when we went back, she famously was not in the segment, so she stayed away. She didn’t want to be involved in that segment, apparently.”

ABC says Joey is not being truthful. “It was a production decision to have three of the five co-hosts in the segment to make space for their seven cast members so everyone gets a chance to talk.”

The International News says Barbie star Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom, are ready for kids. A source tells the website, “Margot wants kids and once her commitments with Barbie are out of the way, they are looking at getting things rolling before her next big project kicks in. She feels extremely grateful to have Tom by her side keeping her grounded and she loves the secret normal routine they keep as a couple amid all the craziness of Hollywood. They’re in a great place and, having worked through everything, they feel like they’re ready to start a family. She avoids putting any pressure on herself about it, but she’s been starting to feel that after Barbie is released it’ll be a good time for her and Tom to give it a try.''

In touch Weekly Magazine says Sofia Vergara may be trying to make her estranged husband, Joe Manganiello, jealous with her social media posts. A source tells the magazine, '' Joe is truly heartbroken. Sofía has been posting sexy bathing suit shots from her trip to Italy with friends. Is she trying to taunt or gaslight him? He held out hope that they’d work things out, even when it became clear their marriage was broken beyond repair.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune thinks a new Marvel movie may be shooting in secret this Summer in Utah. The Utah Film Commission says the movie is titled "Oops All Berry". It's executive producer, Brian Chapick, has worked on several Thor movies and the Black Widow film. Many believe "Oops All Berry" is the secret code name for the new Thunderbolts movie, which stars all villains and no superheroes.

8 Lifestyle Changes That Add Years To Your Life ... According to a new study published by Diabetes UK

Eat well

Don’t smoke

Get a good night’s sleep


Manage stress

Avoid binge drinking

Be free from opioid addiction

Have positive social relationships.

"Kidult" Survey

A new survey by MGA's Miniverse reveals that 59% of Gen Zers and millennials consider themselves "kidults." Other findings:

- 67% of people would try to buy a replica of something from their childhood

- 54% of people either "often" or "always" buy the things they could never have as children

- 41% of "collectors" splurge on expensive toys

- 68% of people have made or strengthened a relationship because of the toys or collectibles they display

Top Rules People Break On A Daily Basis... According to a new survey by the French gin brand G'Vine

Pretending to read the Terms & Conditions – 50%

Sneaking food into the cinema – 43%

Watching films when they were too young for the age rating – 38%

Talking in the library – 35%

Only brushing their teeth once a day – 34%

Using “Exit” doors as entrances – 32%

Touching things that say “Please do not touch” – 26%

Not showering before entering a public swimming pool – 25%

Not washing their hands after going to the toilet – 23%

Sharing passwords for streaming sites – 20%

Tattoo Survey A new survey by Advanced Dermatology reveals that 25% of people have a tattoo they regret. Other findings:

- 10% of people have gotten a tattoo for a significant other and then broken up with them

- 50% of people say they start to regret a tattoo two years after getting it

- 18% of people regret a tattoo just days after getting it

- 20% of people have gotten a tattoo while drunk

Dear Fonseca,

I have a problem many parents deal with. My daughter came to my husband and I and asked us if she could diet before school starts. She's 14 and self-conscious about her weight. My husband and I are split about what to do. On one hand, if we allow her to diet we can help her and monitor her. On the other hand, if we say no, she may do it on her own and harm herself. She's also asked us to buy her appetite suppressants. She doesn't need to lose weight, but won't listen to us. Should a 14 year old be on a diet? How do we handle this? Very slippery slope.

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