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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 08/10/23

Todays Fonseca Show Best Calls:


- HITC says Barbie fans are painting their dorm rooms pink in honor of the movie.

- The New York Post says Amazon is doing a second round of Prime Days. They will occur in October. The event is being called Prime Big Deal Days!

- Newsweek magazine says Disney+ plans to follow Netflix with a password sharing crackdown. Disney will begin their crackdown sometime in 2024. Disney+ has 146 million subscribers worldwide - CNN says wildfires are ravaging Maui. Residents are jumping into the ocean to escape flames. The 911 system is down. Over 14,000 homes and businesses are without power as the fire closes in.

- The Washington Post says the heat index hit 158 degrees yesterday in Iran.People are only staying outside for several minutes because of the intense heat

- A new Harris Poll reveals that 28% of Americans think people on a gluten-free diet just want attention.

- The New York Post says Cadillac's new electric Escalade is going to cost $130,000. It comes with a 55-inch LED dash screen, a 750-horsepower engine and the ability to go 450 miles on a single charge


WHDH says Angela Mercer recently went into labor at Pink's concert in Boston.She called her doctor from the show. He advised her to go to a hospital. Angela, her sister-in-law, and her mother walked to the hospital because traffic was so intense around Fenway Park. Angela gave birth to a baby boy.

People magazine says Meghan Markle recently attended one of Taylor Swift's concerts in Los Angeles. Prince Harry did not attend because he is traveling overseas.

Geo TV says Taylor received an eight-minute standing ovation after her performance. She told fans, “I think it’s safe to say that I, like all people, will experience a certain amount of emotional downward spirals throughout the course of the rest of my life and in those moments, you can rest assured I’m gonna think about what you just did. And I’m gonna feel better. So thank you. That was insane. That was crazy. I’m going to spend several decades trying to figure out words for how that just made me feel. I ’m trying to get it together. I’ve completely lost control over my brain — and that’s your fault.”

Miley Cyrus tells Harpers Bazaar magazine that she loves working out. “Outside of music, physical fitness is my most passionate creative outlet. I find so much fun in choreographing my workouts. I think there is a greater chance of maintaining a fitness commitment if you don’t think of it as work but as play.”

Selena Gomez tells that she has no regrets about her life. "No regrets whatsoever. I mean, there are certain things which I wish hadn’t happened to me. But without them I wouldn’t have been the voice I am for people who have gone through the same thing.

The Weeknd tells Interview magazine that Toronto is a much different place today than when he grew up there. “It looks very rich now. Before it used to have a lot of character, especially the Queen Street area. Scarborough, where I’m originally from, which is the outskirts of Toronto, was not as fun to grow up in. I guess it's a safer area now, but all the spice and flavor are gone."

Unilad says a Taylor Swift fan, named Isaac Jarman, is going viral because he sold one of her fourth row concert tickets for $14,000. He posted; 'Literally paid for my college tuition'. I hope you enjoy the show so much. I wish I could be there but also 14k is pretty nice too."

TMZ says Taylor Swift fans are allegedly bribing security guards at concert venues.The website says they are gaining access to shows by giving guards anywhere between $60 and $100. StubHub's least expensive seats for Taylor's shows are $700 a piece

Giant Freakin Robot says Brad Pitt is allegedly getting his own Mad Max-like movie on Netflix. The film is called "Desolation Run". Brad will play a wanderer, who teams up with a mechanic in order to escape a group of desert warlords.

The Inquisitor says Jennifer Lopez allegedly has strict house rules for Ben Affleck. The rules include no longer leaving dirty dishes in the sink, following a strict diet and no smoking. Jennifer has previously had a three-drink limit per meal for her partners. Ben is sober so he is not allowed to drink

WHDH says Angela Mercer recently went into labor at Pink's concert in Boston. She called her doctor from the show. He advised her to go to a hospital. Angela, her sister-in-law, and her mother walked to the hospital because traffic was so intense around Fenway Park. Angela gave birth to a baby boy.

OK! magazine says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle want to reconcile with Prince William. A source tells the magazine, "He and Meghan are offering to rent an apartment at Kensington Palace and furnish it themselves. He hopes that will please William and show that they’re serious about coming back. Harry doesn’t want to become a prisoner of the palace. The situation with his father and brother is still very difficult for him. Meghan is always supportive of it though. She used to be negative about it. It seems she has kind of moved on now."

HD Daily News says supermodel Brooke Shields has adopted a rescue puppy that no one else wanted. A source says, “Brooke was overheard telling pals, ‘Our new puppy’s name is Tuzi, and she has a twisted tail. … we picked her because no one else wanted her. She joked, ‘We have so many twisted tales in our family.’''

She Finds claims Kim Kardashian's fans believe she is seething now that Tom Brady is dating Irina Shayk and not her.

The Internet reacts ...

"Tom and Irina!?!? Kim must be losing it right now"

"I just know Kim’s PR will be up all night"

"Omg!!! This must be the biggest blow to her ego."

"I don’t think Kim cares at all. But she definitely will be embarrassed by the optics"

"He doesn’t want Kim. He had a type. She’s a beautiful woman, but he’s not into her. She needs to let it go. How embarrassing for her. I guess she’s learning that not everyone is lining up to date her."

Happy Hour Survey

A new survey by the event planning company Together reveals that 60% of people avoid going to Happy Hour with co-workers because they find it boring and non-inclusive. Other findings:

- 40% of workers go to Happy Hour on a regular basis

- 62% of workers would rather go to dinner with their colleagues than to a bar

- 35% of employees avoid workplace parties

Wedding Survey

A new survey by Lending Tree reveals that weddings are getting more expensive. 40% of people that have attended a wedding in the last five years have taken on debt just to attend. Other findings:

- 32% of wedding party members have racked up at least $500 in debt

- 66% of groomsmen go into debt

- 56% of bridesmaids go into debt

Height Does Matter A survey by the dating app Bumble reveals that only 15% of women would date a man that is 5-foot-8 or shorter. Other findings:

- 60% of single women are looking to date a man, who is at least 6 feet tall.

- 30% of women want to date a man, who is at least 5-foot-11

Dear Fonseca

I had the most awkward run-in yesterday. Me and two guys from work went to lunch. I got sick to my stomach after I saw my girlfriend having lunch with another man. I waved and sat down to eat with my friends. As she was leaving, she introduced her friend to the table. Last night, we had a long discussion about what she did. This man is someone she met on a dating site before me.. They have maintained a friendship and have been going to lunch and dinners on a regular basis. She never told me about him. Something doesn't feel right even though she claims they are platonic. She says she feels he came into her life for a reason. Should I end the relationship or not?

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