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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 07/25/23

Todays Best of Calls:


- MarketWatch says the IRS is ending their practice of unannounced visits to taxpayer homes. The IRS is ending in-home visits in an effort to improve relations with taxpayers

- TV Shows Ace says season 40 of Jeopardy may be pushed back because of the writer's strike. The new season is scheduled to premiere on September 11th, but may not because the show has no one to write questions

- Fortune Magazine says Disney may delay the release of some of their movies because striking actors refused to promote them.

- Giant Freakin Robot says the John Wick prequel, "The Continental", is going to premiere on Peacock on September 22nd.

- WFLA says Tom Brady's practice shorts are going to be auctioned off. He wore them in 2000 as a rookie for the Patriots. The blue Adidas shorts have Tom's number #12 and the Patriots' logo. No word on how much they are expected to sell for


Food And Drink Trending

- Trendhunter says DiGiorno is selling their pizzas out of vending machines. The pies cost $9 and are ready in three minutes. DiGiorno hopes to place some of their vending machines in convenience stores.

- Parade Magazine says Popeyes is launching a new dessert called the Oreo Cheesecake Cup. It will be available for a limited time. The dessert is infused with Oreo cookie pieces

- Yahoo News says McDonald's is testing a new plant-based McNugget in Germany. The nuggets are made from peas, wheat and corn. They have a tempura breading

- MarketWatch says Trader Joe's is recalling their Almond Windmill cookies and their dark chocolate chunk and almond cookies because they may contain rocks. The grocery store is asking customers to destroy the cookies


Astrological Signs Most Likely To Win A Lottery ... According to a study by The Lott ... WTVQ says tonight's Mega Millions lottery jackpot is worth $820 million with a lump sum cash payout of $422 million

Pisces (11.6%) Gemini (9.9%) Virgo (8.9%) Aquarius (8.5%) Scorpio (8.5%) Taurus (8.5%) Cancer (8.2%) Leo (7.7%) Libra (7.7%) Capricorn (7.7%) Aries (7.5%) Sagittarius (6%)

Man Orders Burger King Burger With 100 Patties: The New York Post says Burger King Thailand is following up their 20-slice cheeseburger with a new sandwich called the Real Meat Burger. It features three patties on a bun with no condiments. People can't add condiments, but they can add patties. A food blogger from Thailand wanted to test the restaurant so he ordered a Real Meat Burger with 100 hamburger patties. It cost him over $290.

His burger contained ...

1,500 grams of protein 10,000 fat grams

1,002,600 grams of carbohydrates

3,500 mg of cholesterol

25,800 calories

45,600 mg of sodium

The Daily Mail says former late night host James Corden was recently spotted dancing in a mosh pit at a Harry Styles concert in Italy.

Selena Gomez tells Vanity Fair magazine that some people just want to create drama. "I think there are some people who thrive on finding drama where there isn't any. Like if I post "I'm going out for some McDonald's", Someone's gonna interpret that as me saying I have beef with Burger King or something. Celebrities can't seem to post anything these days without someone making up some fake story about what we're 'implying' with our posts."

Ed Sheeran tells Billboard magazine that one of his career goals is to do a song for a James Bond movie. “I was so close to doing the theme for 'No Time To Die'. That's one of the things that's still on my bucket list. I would love to have one of my songs featured in a Bond movie. And if I could do the theme for one of the films, my life would be complete.”

Olivia Rodrigo tells Vogue magazine that part of her songwriting process involves going out for fast food. "Sometimes when we're having a songwriting session we'll go to In-N-Out and grab some food. We say it helps us think, but I think it's more we want to eat yummy food and hang out. Sometimes songs come out of one of those sessions, sometimes not. But we have fun either way."

The Daily Mail says Lizzo is currently touring in Australia. She recently met one of her super fans named Bridget. Bridget asked Lizzo to sign one of her butt cheeks.Lizzo did before Bridget got the signature permanently inked with a tattoo.

The Daily Mail says Lizzo was recently performing in Sydney, Australia when she did a tequila shooey. She filled a shoe with tequila before chugging it.

The Daily Mail says the release of Britney Spears' memoir was allegedly temporarily held up because lawyers for Justin Timberlake and Colin Farrell contested some of Britney's claims in the book. The attorneys for Justin and Colin threatened to sue Britney if some passages weren't removed. A source tells the newspaper, ''Lawyers demanded to see her book in advance and were adamant that some of the revelations were removed. There are still plenty of gobsmacking tales but Justin and Colin were conscious about what could be said about them. The legal process meant the publication was held up by four months as discussions went back and forth about what could be included. But that has finally now been settled and her autobiography is all ready to go. It has given Britney the chance to tell her own story,' the insider said, 'which certainly hasn't been easy but which will be incredibly enlightening for her fans.''

ABC says The Rock recently served lunch to one of his biggest fans. Twelve year-old Luna Peronne has been battling a rare bone cancer for years. The Rock invited her and her family to the famed Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles where he and chefs served her a five-star lunch of chicken fingers and fries

TMZ says Tom Brady and Bradley Cooper's ex, Irina Shayk, recently spent the night together at his home in Los Angeles. Tom picked Irina up at her hotel and then took her to his house. They stayed there until 9:30 the next morning. The paparazzi caught Tom stroking Irina's cheek while they were driving in his Rolls-Royce. Irina's manager previously called reports that she and Tom are dating "totally malicious and fictional."

Irina has also dated soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and Kanye West.

Perez Hilton claims Gisele Bundchen is happy that Tom is dating supermodel Irina. A source tells the website, “Why wouldn’t she be happy for Tom? She divorced him. It is helpful to her freedom that he moved on.”

The Daily Mail says Tom Brady and Irina Shayk's relationship is not a fling. A source tells the newspaper, ''Tom is really ecstatic that this is happening, he feels that they totally get each other, and he really finds her extremely interesting, entrepreneurial, and has a clever sense of humor that really appeals to everything he is all about. She is not just a fling; he really wants to make this work. He always told himself after his divorce that he would only get involved with someone that a future could be made, someone he could eventually introduce to his kids. He really thinks very highly of her and where this relationship could go. He has zero worry with her, they seem to get each other and get along quite well.''

Another source says, ''‘They’re dating and having fun. It was Tom who invited Irina to his home in LA after they really clicked in May [at Joe Nahmad and Madison Headrick’s wedding.] They’ve been in touch ever since then, trying to line up schedules to meet. They have a lot of chemistry. They’re excited to see where it goes but it’s still early days.’'

The NY Post says a photo has resurfaced of Tom Brady's new girlfriend, Irina Shayk, rooting against him during Super Bowl 52. She can be seen wearing a Philadelphia Eagles hat in the snaps that she took with her then-boyfriend, Bradley Cooper. The Eagles went on to beat Brady and the Patriots in their first-ever Super Bowl w

WCBD says Jeremy Renner has purchased a Charleston, South Carolina vodka company called Sweet Grass Vodka. The potato vodka is made from a Polish family recipe. It is locally sourced in South Carolina.

Media Entertainment and Arts, citing The Daily Express newspaper, claims Quentin Tarantino allegedly wants Bruce Willis to make a cameo in his next movie even though Bruce is suffering from dementia. A source tells the news outlets, "Quentin hasn’t approached Bruce’s family yet – and will completely bow to their wishes if they say he’s too sick. If that’s the case, he aims to try to work a brief clip from one of Bruce’s many previous movies into the film"

The Wrap says Ryan Reynolds' company has acquired the rights to license Alf. The fluffy alien was part of a popular 1980s sitcom. The sitcom can be seen on Fubu. Ryan plans to use Alf to push his cell phone company, Mint Mobile, and other products

Decider magazine says ''Law and Order'' star Ice-T recently slammed people, who claimed Jamie Foxd cloned himself following his stroke and re-emergence video on Sunday. He Tweeted; ''People would rather believe that Jamie is now a Clone or Ai, than the man was just seriously sick and near died… Cause he doesn’t look EXACTLY the same??? YOU look different after a bad cold! Smh weirdos..''

People magazine says Pete Davidson has been sentenced to 50 hours of community service for crashing into a Beverly Hills home in March. He was charged with reckless driving. Pete is going to complete his community service at the New York City Fire Department where his father worked before dying in the September 11th attacks on America.Pete must also attend 12 hours of traffic school and visit a morgue for educational purposes.

The Sun says a Larry the Cable Guy death hoax recently circulated on social media. Larry took to Twitter yesterday where he tweeted: "As much as some haters would love for me to have died, which I don’t know why other than being jealous of my 1980’s Dolf Lundgren (circa 1980’s) looking body, I’m still alive and currently putting icy hot on 65 percent of my body after trying to put on my socks. I’m fully mobile. The last time I laid motionless was on my honeymoon according to my wife. I’m not dead, I don’t have sleep Apnea or Diabetes. I do however have major farts from honey roasted pistachios. I love all y’all!"

The NY Post says Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has earned a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. He recently Instagramed a photo of himself showing off the new belt as he prepares for a potential cage match against Elon Musk. It is still unclear whether or not their fight will actually take place.

Instagram reacts ...

"Zuck ain't zuckin' around"

"Elon is in trouble"

8 Habits That Could Add 24 Years To Your Life ... According to a new study by the American Society for Nutrition

Being physically active

Being free from opioid addiction

Not smoking

Managing stress

Having a good diet

Not regularly binge drinking

Having good sleep hygiene

Having positive social relationships

Secret Account Survey

A new survey by Aviva Life and Pensions reveals that 13% of people have a secret bank account their partner knows nothing about.

top reasons people have a secret bank account ...

- their partner is not good with money

- security in the event of a breakup

- don't want to share funds with their partner

10 Things Men Should Never Do To Look Attractive ... According to a new survey by Wealth of Geeks

1- Unkempt Beards

2- Biting The Lip

3- Putting Other Men Down

4- Being an “Alpha Male”

5- Choking People With Your Scent

6- The Comb of Shame

7- Oozing Out Nonchalance

8- Having Dirty Dracula Nails

9- Wearing Arrogance On Your Sleeves

10- Trying To Hide The Silver Fox

Most Common Driving Distractions ... According to a new survey by Finder

Eaten food: 42%

Driven in thongs: 23%

Texted, without voice control: 13%

Smoked: 13%

Reached in the back to deal with children: 9%

Used social media: 9%

Kissed a loved one: 8%

Changed clothes: 7%

Watched a movie, TV show or streaming service: 7%

Replied to an email: 7%

Dear Fonseca,

On Sunday, my husband and I received an offer on her house. We are going to accept it and are selling because our home is haunted. I know it sounds silly, but if you've experienced what we have you'd be selling too. There are at least two ghosts in the home that have been terrorizing us. This is the first time we are selling a home so I asked my husband if we have to disclose to the buyers that our home is haunted. He told me we need to stay quiet and just sell the house. He says it's their problem once they buy it not ours. I feel guilty and am wondering if we should say something. I'm not sleeping or eating because of the ghosts and whether or not it's wrong to stay silent. What would you do if you were us? I would want someone to tell me, but I also know we need to get out of here.


Guilty Conscious

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