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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 07/14/23

Todays Best of Calls:


- CNN says the Secret Service has concluded its investigation into the cocaine found at the White House. They were not able to identify any suspects and believe the bag of drugs may have been left by a visitor.

- Mashable claims Amazon broke its sales record during its two Prime Days earlier this week. They sold over 375 million items on Tuesday and Wednesday and raked in $6.4 billion on Tuesday alone

- A new survey by the learning and assessment provider Renaissance reveals that parents are more at ease discussing sex ed than they are math problems. 30% of teachers say they feel anxious when they have to solve a math problem in front of their students

- TMZ says Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Samuel L Jackson are vacationing with their wives in Italy. They went to an Italian restaurant where the servers serenaded them with a traditional Italian song. The trio of stars sang along

- WGN-TV says Universal Studios Hollywood is adding a Fast and the Furious roller coaster to its theme park. The coaster is going to have a drift effect like the cars in the movie do

- The Blast says Britney Spears is planning to release a new perfume. It will come in a green bottle. No word on its name or a release date

- NBC says an autopsy has revealed that Lisa Marie Presley died from a small bowel obstruction.

- Ace Showbiz says Shakira and NBA star Jimmy Butler recently had a cozy dinner date in London. The two entered a restaurant separately, but then dined together.


Food And Drink Trending

- The Sun says some McDonald's restaurants are adding a $1 bag fee to customer bills. McDonald's customers have started a petition to remove the fee. McDonald's is refusing to comment on it.

- Totally the Bomb says Dunkin' Donuts has decided to start Fall early. Dunkin’ Donuts Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew has been spotted at several Dunkin stores even though it's only July 14th.

- Marketing Dive says the Bear Naked granola brand has a new app that helps people find nude hiking trails. Today is National Nude Day. Bear Naked says there are over 300 hiking trails that a person can hike naked on

- United Press International says a Mexican candy company, named Dulces Mazapán de la Rosa, recently created a record breaking marshmallow. It took a team of 100 people 53 hours to make the 1,429-pound marshmallow. The marshmallow was created as part of the celebrations for the state of Jalisco's 200th anniversary.


Company Fires 90% Of It's Staff Because AI Chatbot Answers The Phone Better:The Byte says an e-commerce company, called Dukaan, recently fired 90% of its staff because it's AI chatbot is performing better than the company's customer support staff. Company CEO Suumit Shah posted; "We had to layoff 90 percent of our support team because of this AI chatbot. Tough? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. Response times plummeted from over two hours to less than two minutes thanks to the AI chatbot.''

The Federal Reserve says Taylor Swift's Era's Tour is good for the economy because it is boosting hotel revenue. Hotel bookings are on the rise for the first time since the pandemic due to Taylor's tour. Visit Cincy says, "Taylor Swift is a force to be reckoned with. The economic impact Swift creates is staggering, as fans travel from far and wide to attend her concerts, filling hotels, restaurants, and local attractions. Swift’s influence on tourism is a testament to her ability to captivate audiences and drive economic growth."

Taylor Swift tells Variety magazine that she constantly wants to be the best that she can be. "I'm intimidated by the fear of being average. I want to give 150% every moment of every day. I want every song I sing, every show I do to be the absolute best. I feel if it isn't, I'm shortchanging the fans who paid to see me, or paid to listen to my music."

The Daily Mail says a wax museum in Germany has created a wax statue of Ed Sheeran. It shows him with bushy red hair, a gray t-shirt, blue pants and black and red Air Jordans. Ed is holding a guitar

Olivia Rodrigo tells Vogue magazine that her favorite vintage clothing find was a dress owned by Chloë Sevigny. "Okay, so I found this dress that used to be Chloë Sevigny's and she had a sample sale where she sold a bunch of her clothes and I've had this dress, the picture of her wearing this dress, saved on my Pinterest for years and I was actually able to get my hands on it and I am so lucky," Olivia gushed. "It's my most prized possession."

Post Malone tells Billboard magazine that he loves being a father. "My little girl is such a legend. I'm really tempted to have more kids. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll be doing an interview surrounded by my own flock of kids.”

Ace Showbiz says Rihanna has checked into Cedar's Sinai Hospital in anticipation of giving birth to her second child. She is staying in a $5,000 a night birthing suite. Her private security guards have sectioned off her entire wing of the maternity ward.

Billboard magazine says Elton John's farewell tour earned $939 million from six million tickets sold.

NBC says Burger King restaurants in Brazil are celebrating the upcoming release of the Barbie movie with a Pink Burger and French fries called Ken's Potatoes. The Pink Burger features a burger patty topped with cheddar cheese, diced bacon and an 'incredibly smoky pink sauce'. Burger King is recommending people wash their meal down with a Barbie Donut Shake. The shake's vanilla soft serve is swirled with strawberry Nesquik and topped with a pink donut.

Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning director Christopher McQuarrie tells Games Radar that he almost used de-aging technology to make Tom Cruise appear younger at the beginning of the film. "Originally, there had been a whole sequence at the beginning of the movie that was going to take place in 1989, We talked about it as a cold open, we talked about it as flashbacks in the movie, we looked at de-aging. One of the big things about [the de-aging] I was looking at while researching, I kept saying, 'Boy, this de-aging is really good' or 'This de-aging is not so good.' Never did I find myself actually following the story. I was so distracted by an actor that I had known for however long was now suddenly this young person."

The Daily Mirror says Madonna's children are worried about her health and her acting like she's in her 20s rather than 64. A source tells the newspaper, ''Her kids are now trying to talk some sense” into their mum while urging her to “pace” herself. Lourdes and Rocco have said for years that Madonna is one step away from disaster with the way she punishes herself, going overboard with the surgery and generally trying to act like she’s still in her twenties. Madge’s younger kids are telling their mom she needs to change things. It’s a serious intervention and they’re determined to see it all the way through.''

US Weekly Magazine says Leonardo DiCaprio is taking things slow the second time around with Gigi Hadid. A source tells the magazine, “They’re only seeing each other right now. It’s [still] casual, and they aren’t labeling it, [but] they’re dating [again]. Leo wants to take it slower with Gigi because there’s potential there, and he wants to preserve it. They travel so often so it’s best for them to keep their relationship open and fluid. Neither one of them wants to settle down at the moment.”

The Daily Mail says American Idol winner Iam Tongi has apologized for singing the National Anthem at the Home Run Derby earlier this week with his baseball cap on. He posted, 'First try at singing the National Anthem. So nervous that it was in front of such a huge crowd. And apologize for being so nervous and forgot to take off the hat.''

Radar Online has posted a story with a headline that reads "J Lo 'Driving a Wedge' Between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon". A source says, "It's no secret Matt can't stand Jennifer. He hates what she's done to the free-spirited buddy he used to know. Jennifer feels the need to micromanage Ben's life to an extreme degree, and now Ben's so badgered and browbeaten he doesn't have the strength to stand up for himself. Matt's told Ben he'll hand out with him again — after he tells Jennifer to take a long hike off a short pier! Matt remembers Ben as a macho guy who dictated his own behavior, but he changed as soon as he let Jennifer back in his life. Ben and Matt's friendship is fractured, and the only way it can get back to where it was is if Ben dumps Jennifer. But that's not going to happen. She won't let it."

The New York Post says 'Wheel of Fortune' host Pat Sajak recently responded to a funny tweet made by an account called Chicago History. Chicago History posted a meme that read; “If someone from 1981 suddenly woke up in 2023, what would surprise them the most?” Sajak responded; “That Pat Sajak was still hosting Wheel of Fortune.''

Radar Online claims Maury Povich's wife, Connie Chung, allegedly doesn't approve of him launching a line of at-home paternity tests. A source tells the website, "Connie has a great sense of humor, and she put up with Maury's tacky and trashy TV talk show for decades. But she told Maury they are just now being accepted into polite society again, and he's back to his sleazy paternity tests. She also fears wackos will come out of the woodwork when they buy a Maury test kit and don't like the results."

The NY Post says WWE legend Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair has released a new mushroom-based energy drink called "Wooooo Energy." He says, "Before I got sick about five years ago, I never used to drink energy drinks, besides coffee and Mountain Dew. This stuff actually lasts all day long. This is the God's honest truth. I drank two — one at 3 p.m. and one at 7 p.m. — and at 5 a.m. I was still staring at the ceiling. All it does is make you think!" Wooooo Energy comes in dragon fruit, lemon, and strawberry banana flavors.

10 Foods People Say They'd Keep Eating If They Won The Lottery And Were Rich ... According to a new survey by Cheapism ...

Tonight's Mega Millions lottery jackpot is worth $560 million with a lump sum cash payout of $281 million ... Saturday's Powerball jackpot is worth $875 million with a lump sum cash payout of $441.9 million

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup


Macaroni and Cheese


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich


Fast Food


Butter Noodles


Downtime Survey

A new survey by Corona beer reveals that 80% of people waste their downtime by scrolling on their phone. Other findings:

- 56% of people feel they spend less than half of their free time in a fulfilling way

- 57% of people spend their downtime watching TV

- 34% of people spend their downtime cleaning their house

- 34% of people have canceled plans to scroll on their phone

- 67% of people say they de-stress by watching a sunset

Top 10 Funniest Pick-Up Lines ... According to a new article by NBC

“I bet your daddy was a beaver, because daaaaaaam, you look good.”

“Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!”

“There you are! I’ve been looking for my heart for a while now. Glad to see you’ve kept it safe.”

“I bet your nickname is inflation the way you’ve got all these guys sweating you.”

“Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears.”

“Do you know how much an elephant weighs? Enough to break the ice. I’m [insert name].”

“Have a Band-Aid? Apparently I scraped my knee falling for you.”

“I thought happiness started with an ‘H’... why does mine start with ‘U’ and ‘I’?”

“Excuse me, I’ve got to know what your top is made of. Because you look like soulmate material.”

“Did you travel here by time machine? I had to ask, because you look like someone I want in my future.”

Barbie Survey

A new survey by Harmony Healthcare IT reveals that 50% of women have compared the way they look to the way Barbie looks. Other findings:

- 82% of women say Barbie dolls give unrealistic body images to live up to

- 62% of women say Barbie dolls encourage sexism

Dear Fonseca,

My wife and I got married three and a half weeks ago. Everything was perfect until her credit card bills and student loan started arriving this week. We got into a fight because she asked me to pay half of her bills. We agreed to split everything 50/50 when we married. I didn't think that included her debt. She says it does. This has caused a huge Grand Canyon-like rift between us. Am I responsible for her debt? How do I get out of paying yet still stay married and happy?

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