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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca)07/11/23

Today's Fonseca Show Podcast


- TMZ says Jamie Foxx is continuing his recovery from his alleged stroke. He was spotted at a Topgolf in Naperville, Illinois. Eyewitnesses say his swing looked strong

- WICU says participating McDonald's restaurants are celebrating National French Dry Day on Thursday by giving away free French fries. The free fries can be obtained through the McDonald's app

- The New York Post says McDonald's fans are mad because the company is discontinuing it's McCafe Bakery items. The apple fritter, the frosted cinnamon roll and the blueberry muffin are being axed. McDonald's released a statement saying, “We know goodbyes are never easy – but fans can still satisfy their sweet tooth with our iconic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Baked Apple Pie and frozen desserts at restaurants nationwide.''

- The New York Post says sports announcer Erin Andrews and her husband, Jarrett, are the proud parents of a new baby boy. Mack was born via a surrogate

- The Daily Mail says Jennifer Garner is taking boxing classes in Los Angeles to prepare for her role as Elektra in ''Deadpool 3''.

- Open PR says the Blue Sun Corporation has created a new nicotine-infused energy drink called BLUE SUN Energy Drink + Nicotine. The company is targeting smokers and says their drink increases mental alertness, enhances concentration and elevates energy levels. The company won't say how many cigarettes their drink is equivalent to


The Inquisitor says Harry Styles may have a new girlfriend. He and model Taylor Russell were spotted walking hand in hand in Vienna, Austria. She also attended his concert there and was seen dancing with friends

Ed Sheeran tells The Daily Mail that having children makes people want to better themselves. "I had so many bad habits that I gave up cold turkey when I found out I was going to be a father. If you're debating on whether to have kids or not, go for it. There's no love in the world like it, and you'll improve yourself for their benefit."

Ace Showbiz claims Selena Gomez allegedly thinks it's creepy that her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd, used her as inspiration for one of his characters in his TV series ''The Idol''. A source tells the website, "The similarities between Selena's life and Jocelyn's life are just uncanny. Being [that] she actually dated The Weeknd, it is even more creepy for her. Her real-life pain was used for entertainment value and that really irks her out. Everyone in her team who has known her for a very long time is dumbfounded by this, but at the end of the day Selena is going to do what she always does - rise above and move on."

Pink tells Variety magazine that her step-mother is the reason she doesn't tell lies. “My stepmother once had a quote on her wall that said, ‘If you never tell a lie, you never have to remember anything.' I was like, ‘Huh, that’s good because my memory [stinks]! I’ll do that then!’ This is who I am, and I refuse to let anyone put me into any other mould.”

Taylor Swift tells Elle magazine that she's learning how to forgive herself. "I've come to a realization that I need to be able to forgive myself for making the wrong choice, trusting the wrong person, or figuratively falling on my face in front of everyone. Step into the daylight and let it go."

Rema tells W magazine that he expresses his emotions through his music and his artwork. “I'm not always the best talker. I express myself better through my art. There are certain things I can’t say through my music and certain things that people would understand more if they just saw a picture of it. That’s what I tend to do in my artwork.”

The Daily Star says Madonna, who continues to recover from her serious bacterial infection, has allegedly given instructions to her family on what to do in the event something happens to her. A source tells the newspaper, "The use of holograms to bring performers to life has been questionable, to say the least. Whitney Houston’s hologram tour was panned by critics and Madonna refuses to let money-hungry bosses do the same to her. She has spent her whole life calling the shots and maintaining cultural relevance — and there is no chance she’s letting all her hard work be tarnished."

Madonna released a statement yesterday that read: "My first thought when I woke up in the hospital was my children. My second thought was that I did not want to disappoint anyone who bought tickets for my tour. I also didn't want to let down the people who worked tirelessly with me over the last few months to create my show. I hate to disappoint anyone. I couldn't be more grateful for your care and support. Love, M."

The Daily Mail says Tori Spelling and her children are allegedly staying in a $100-a-night motel because she is having issues with her husband, Dean McDermott.Tori grew up in a $165 million mansion that had 123 rooms and 14 bedrooms. The paparazzi took pictures of her and her kids leaving the seedy motel.

Tom Holland says getting sober has been one of the best things he's done in his life. Entertainment Tonight quotes him as saying, “I didn’t one day wake up and say I’m giving up drinking. I just, like many Brits had, had a very, very boozy December, Christmas time I was on vacation, I was drinking a lot, and I’ve always been able to drink a lot. I think I get my genes from my mum’s side in that thing, not I can, I can drink. And I decided to just give up for January. I just wanted to do dry January and all I could think about was having a drink. That’s all I could think about. I was waking up thinking about it. I was checking the clock, when’s at 12pm? And it just really scared me. I just was like, wow. Maybe. Maybe I have a little bit of an alcohol thing. So I sort of decided to punish myself and say, I’ll do February as well. I’ll do two months off. If I can do two months off, then I can prove to myself that I don’t have a problem. Two months go by and I was still really struggling. I felt like I couldn’t be social. I felt like I couldn’t go to the pub and have a lime soda. I couldn’t go out for dinner. I was really, really struggling and I started to really worry that maybe I had an alcohol problem.”

Radar Online claims Natalie Portman's husband, Benjamin, has allegedly given her his passwords in an effort to regain trust and save their marriage. A source tells the website that Ben allegedly had an affair. "There's obviously going to be conditions, and apparently, he's fine with whatever rules she wants. If he messes up again, she'll likely pull the plug. Natalie believes Benjamin's affair was a brief and stupid liaison that means nothing to him."

The Daily Mail says Tom Cruise wants to star in a movie with Margot Robbie. A source tells the newspaper, 'He's got his eyes on his next project and wants Margot to be his leading lady. Tom and Margot made 'tentative plans' to meet up and discuss the project when they return to Los Angeles,

Ryan Gosling tells Entertainment Tonight that his children think it's weird that he is playing Ken in the new live-action Barbie movie. "Well, it was, I think, weird enough for them that I played Ken anyway. I might just hold off on them seeing the full Ken energy. They've seen a lot of pieces of [the film], and helped me a lot with it. They were a huge inspiration for me."

Jamie Lee Curtis tells Entertainment Weekly that ''Freaky Friday 2'' is in the works. “Oh, it’ll happen. For sure. Oh, for sure. There’s no question. Stories require writers, and right now there are no writers because they’re all fighting for their lives, for their creative lives, for their emotional lives, and for their financial lives. We’re in the middle of a contract dispute. And so, until those writers get paid correctly and protected by the producers that make billions off of them, we will not be able to tell you any more about the Freaky Friday sequel, except that it is happening.”

TMZ says a judge has tossed Jennifer McBride's lawsuit against Lady Gaga.McBride sued Gaga for $500,000, which is the reward Gaga promised to anyone, who helped recover her stolen dogs in 2021. The judge tossed McBride's lawsuit because she was connected to the crime and pled no contest to being involved in it.

The 10 Most Unusual Room Service Requests Hotels Have Received ... According to a new survey by

Diet water.

Melted ice cream.


Boiled bottled water.

A cooked fish that the guest brought with them.

Cockle popcorn.

No-egg-white omelette.

Rice bowl for a dog.


Eggless eggs in hell (shakshuka).

TOP 10 WAYS PEOPLE ARE COOLING DOWN THIS SUMMER .. According to a new survey by Pret A Manger

1. Drink lots of iced drinks (73%)

2. Eat more ice cream (53%)

3. Wear no pajamas (38%)

4. Close the windows and curtains all day (32%)

5. Take ice cold showers (28%)

6. Drink a cup of tea (24%)

6. Position multiple fans at you (24%)

7. Take a frozen bottle of water to bed (17%)

8. Wear cotton pajamas (15%)

9. Put a wet towel on your head (14%)

10. Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan (13%)

Top 10 Most Stressed Cities ... According to a new survey by Wallethub based on 39 metrics including work stress, financial stress, family stress and health and safety stress.

1. Cleveland, Ohio

2. Detroit, Michigan

3. Baltimore, Maryland

4. Birmingham, Alabama

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. Shreveport, Louisiana

7. Memphis, Tennessee

8. Fayetteville, North Carolina

9. St. Louis, Missouri

10. Augusta, Georgia

Top 10 LEAST Stressed Cities ... According to a new survey by Wallethub based on 39 metrics including work stress, financial stress, family stress and health and safety stress.

10. Nashua, NH

9. Rapid City, SD

8. Bismarck, ND

7. Burlington, VT

6. Lincoln, NE

5. Fargo, ND

4. Overland Park, KS

3. Sioux Falls, SD

2. Fremont, CA

1. South Burlington, VT

Dear Fonseca,

I think my ex-husband is trying to bait me into a trap. I have two teenagers that are terrors. They have asked me if we can have a YES DAY where I have to say yes to anything and everything they want. My friends are warning me not to do it. My ex-husband is egging on our teenagers and making me look like the bad guy for not wanting to grant their request. My friends have made me nervous. I don't want my ex to get the best of me. Should I cave in and do the YES DAY? I'd like to hear from other parents to see if this is a good idea. I've heard horror stories. How do I turn this around and make it a win for me?

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