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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 07/10/23


- Radar Online claims Tina Turner has been cremated. Her family won't say where her ashes are or are being scattered. They held a private memorial service for Tina in Switzerland.

- KTVQ says grocery store meat and beef prices are going to rise because there is a hay shortage. Farmers are spending 20% more to feed their cattle now that hay is in short supply. They are buying corn and other expensive alternative grains

- Chain Store Age magazine says Walmart is launching its back to school sale.They are selling supplies and other items at last year's prices in order to help parents beat inflation.

- The Wrap says Jennifer Garner is going to play Elektra in ''Deadpool 3''. The film is expected to be released next May

- The Times newspaper says Tom Cruise gets weirded out by one ''Mission Impossible 7'' rumor about himself. They quote him as saying, ''That people on set were not allowed to look me in the eye.” The film opens Wednesday

- Totally the Bomb says Crocs is celebrating the release of the new live action Barbie movie by releasing a pair of pink Barbie Crocs. The clogs have pink purse, white boot, Corvette and disco ball pins. The Barbie Crocs go on sale tomorrow


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Insidious: The Red Door,” $32.7 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $16 million to produce. It earned $32 million overseas for a grand total of $64 million)

2. “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” $26.5 million.

3. “Sound of Freedom,” $18.2 million.

4. “Elemental,” $9.6 million.

5.“ Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” $8 million.

BEWARE - Amazon Prime Day Scams: Amazon's Prime Days are tomorrow and Wednesday. WHIO says the Better Business Bureau is warning people about Amazon Prime day scams. Scam artists are sending Emails with Amazon's logo. The Emails contain fake sales and a link that people can click on to enter their credit card information. The BBB is asking people to delete the Email so they don't get their personal information stolen

Kids Should Play Board Games Instead Of Video Games: A new study by Chile’s Pontificia Universidad Católica reveals that children, who play board games, perform better in school. Scientists studied several groups of 9-year-olds. They found that the group that played board games had better math scores than the ones, who didn't.

Dr Jaime Balladares says, ''Board games enhance mathematical abilities for young children. Certain games can improve counting, addition and the ability to recognize if a number is higher or lower than another, Using board games can be considered a strategy with potential effects on basic and complex math skills. Further studies should be designed to explore the effects that these games could have on other cognitive and developmental skills.''

TMZ says Kimberly Meyer was recently arrested for trespassing outside of Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home. Cops cuffed her because she refused to leave. Taylor was at home when the trespassing incident occurred.

The Inquisitor says Taylor Swift is earning $13 million from each of her concerts. MarketWatch estimates that Taylor will make $332 million this year from her tour, back catalog, new album and endorsement deals

The New York Post says Taylor Swift was recently performing in Kansas City when she brought her ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, on stage. The crowd went wild as they hugged. Swift said, “He was a very positive force in my life when I was making the ‘Speak Now’ album, and I want to say he did every single stunt that you saw in that music video. He and his wife have become some of my closest friends, and it’s very convenient because we all share the same first name.”

The Independent Newspaper says Pink was recently performing in London when she paid tribute to Gwen Stefani. She said, "I wish I wrote 'Just a Girl' ... can we give it up for Gwen Stefani! I also wish I wrote 'Baby Shark'."

The Wrap says Harry Styles was recently performing in Vienna, Austria when he was hit in the eye with a foreign object. He doubled over in pain and left the stage.

Female First says thieves recently broke into Beyonce's mother's home. They stole $1 million worth of cash and jewelry from a safe.

Just Jared says Janet Jackson has wrapped up her Together Again Tour. It earned $50.9 million from 37 shows

Geo TV, citing New Idea magazine, claims Kevin Costner may allegedly cast Meghan Markle in the sequel to ''The Bodyguard''. A source tells the news outlets, "The only thing Kevin loves more than an underdog like Meghan is a box office hit, Meghan is interested in the project. If so, the story would be even more remarkable as Princess Diana was previously being lined up for the role.''

TMZ says Victor Wembanyama’s security guard is not going to be charged for slapping Britney Spears. An eyewitness video was released on Friday that shows Britney tapping Victor before Victor's security guard bats her hand away. Britney's hand hit her face.

Las Vegas detective John Santos says, "Detectives and I were able to review surveillance footage of the event which showed Britney going to tap the Spurs player on the shoulder. When she touched the player (the security guard) pushes her hand off of the player without looking, which causes Britney's hand to hit herself in the face. Due to the fact that [Wembanyama's guard] DID NOT willfully or unlawfully use any force or violence upon Britney and probable cause did not exist an arrest was not made and a citation was not given."

Britney Instagrammed, ''I also don’t appreciate nor do I think this is a laughing matter. Watching the player smile and laugh was cruel and demoralizing with the situation that took place. I am 5’3 and he’s 7’4…”

TMZ says Jamie Foxx was seen in public for the first time in almost 90 days yesterday. He was cruising the Chicago River on a large boat. Jamie waved at fans and appeared to be in good health. Several media outlets claim he allegedly suffered a stroke on the set of a Netflix movie he was filming.

Radar Online claims OJ Simpson allegedly had emergency heart surgery. Doctors placed a stent in his heart in order to keep his arteries open. A source tells the website, "The doctors want him to rest at home because there isn’t much they can do for him. He is “terrified” he’ll meet his maker soon. O.J.’s got it in his head that he’s going to die from a massive heart attack. It’s driving him crazy and adding even more stress to his troubled life. He believes he is dying in plain sight and the end is near. Now he can’t even finish a round of golf – I don’t even think he golfs anymore because he can't even finish a half a round of golf two months ago when I was talking to him.''

BroBible says Dennis Rodman recently got a tattoo of his girlfriend's face on his right cheek. He posted a video of the finished work. No word on how long Dennis has been dating his girlfriend for. Rodman's girlfriend tells TMZ, "I actually told him not to do it. I'm like, 'What're you doing!'" Rodman says, "This is my last dance with a woman. She's very lovely. And I thank her for loving me the way I am -- and that's why I did it for her."

The New York Post claims Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian have no plans to date even though they allegedly flirted at a July 4th party. A source tells the newspaper, “Kim and Tom are friends and have a lot of respect for each other”. A source tells the Daily Mail, “'I don't know why there are all these rumors about Brady and Kim Kardashian – they barely interacted at all. He actually spent the evening with Emily Ratajkowski – they were together most of the night and looked very cozy. They didn't leave together but if anyone was getting close, it was them."

The Daily Mail says Vanna White is allegedly upset that the producers of ''Wheel of Fortune'' did not ask her to replace Pat Sajak.

A s ource tells the newspaper, 'She was disappointed that they didn't give her more of a chance to take over Pat's job, or that she wasn't able to give her two cents on the replacement. She didn't assume they would be making the announcement of his replacement so soon. White has nothing but respect for Ryan and will be happy to work with him, but it just shows a lack of respect in her eyes that they have for her. She wants to be with the show for as long as she wants to be on the show, on her terms. She believes she deserves it. It is a major uphill battle, especially when money is involved and she sees the writing on the wall that they think she is replaceable. There will be lots of negotiations, but if she gets replaced and is not given a new contract, she will be beyond heartbroken. This has been her life, it would be just as powerful as a death if she doesn't continue with the show.''

Radar Online claims Sarah Jessica Parker is allegedly unhappy with Kim Cattrell for stealing the show with her cameo in the Sex and the City series ''And Just Like That … '' A source tells the website, "It's very frustrating for Sarah. She's put her heart and soul into this project — and Kim's stolen the show! While Kim takes this bow and counts her bash, Sarah's been busting her butt promoting the show nonstop and fending off questions about Kim's cameo.''

OK! magazine claims Cher allegedly called her ex-fling, Tom Cruise, to see if he was interested in doing a movie together. A source tells the magazine, "Cher has always loved acting, She totally loses herself in the parts she plays — which is just what she needs. She called Tom out of the blue in the hopes of possibly working together. Tom is loyal to people who don’t sell him out, And Cher is one of his biggest supporters."

Top 10 Chocolate Bars … According to a new survey by Menu Price

1) Milk Way

2) Hershey’s

2) Twix

4) Kit Kat

5) Snickers

6) Reese’s

7) Skittles

8) Bounty

9) Butter Finger

10) 3 Musketeers

Dog-Fishing Is Trending Again

WJBK says the dog-fishing dating trend is becoming popular again. The trend has been around for years and involves online daters posting pictures with dogs that are not their own. They do this so they can pull on the heartstrings of potential dates and get more matches.

10 Surprising Foods People Think Are Healthy, But Aren’t … According to a new article by MAX MY MONEY

1. Vitamin Water

2. Vegetable Tempura

3. Nutella

4. Turkey

5. Jamba Juice

6. Yogurt

7. Salads Covered in Dressing

8. Gatorade

9. Muffins

10. Margarine

Dear Fonseca,

The guy I went out with on Saturday night says I ruined our first date because I asked him about his political preferences, his job and salary and his religious beliefs. He told me you never ask anyone about that especially on a first date. I disagree. I think you need to learn as much as you can on a first date because you need to see if your core values and beliefs align. If they don't, a second date isn't necessary. He disagreed and said two people can date without having similar religious and political beliefs. I think you need to know these things sooner rather than later. Did I overstep my bounds? Is it wrong to ask about religion, politics and salary on a first date? Why waste time!

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