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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 06/29/23


- The Daily Mail says the FAA has approved a Back to the Future-like DeLorean that can fly. The electric car costs $300,000. The two-seater is called the Alef. The car can vertically take off and land.

- The Sports Daily says Joey Chestnut has a 96% chance of winning the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th.

- The Sports Rush says Shaquille O'Neal has purchased a $27 million private plane. His Dunkman logo is featured on the tail. Shaq is worth more than $400 million.

- Geo TV says Tom Cruise recently congratulated Harrison Ford on the release of ''Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny''. He posted; "Congratulations, Harrison Ford, on 40 years of Indy and one of the most iconic characters in history."

- The Daily Mail says Chrissy Teigen and John Legend recently welcomed their fourth child. It was born via a surrogate. The baby is named Wren Alexander Stevens.


The Daily Mail says Pink was recently performing in the UK when a fan gifted her with a large wheel of Brie cheese. Pink thanked the fan and gave them an air hug.

Ace Showbiz says Tom Holland and Zendaya recently saw Beyoncé perform in Warsaw, Poland.

Taylor Swift tells Rolling Stone magazine that you shouldn't be stingy with your love. "I think that you can love people without it being the great love. I love my parents, I love my fans, I love my friends. You can love as many people as you want. You don't have to save it for just one person."

Miley Cyrus tells Teen Vogue magazine that her father isn't great with technology. “He'll try to send me a picture in a text and he'll mess it up. I'll tell him "Dad, just take the picture and share it with me! It's not that hard!" There was one time I had to drive over to his house and show him how to do a voice memo. I told him he needs to hire his own tech guy for when I'm not available."

Dua Lipa tells Vogue magazine that she gets uncomfortable when people tell her how attractive her father is. "I've had friends come up to me and tell me how hot my dad is and if I could introduce them to him. I'm like 'Ewww!!! That's my dad you're talking about! I'm not gonna set you up with my dad! Besides, he's married to my mom!""

Metro Boomin tells that he loves watching people react to his music. “One of the things I love about music and making beats is making something and watching someone's reaction, knowing you can do something to manipulate the way people move or act. That is crazy. That's really why I love the [stuff], that's like the main reason. ”

Rema tells The Guardian newspaper that he was surprised Barack Obama listened to his music. "Someone told me my song Iron Man was on President Obama's Summer playlist back in 2019. I was surprised because I was like how did my song travel to the White House? That just shows what good music can do."

The New York Post says Madonna was rushed to the hospital after being found unresponsive. She was intubated for at least one night. Her manager says she developed a serious bacterial infection. Her tour has been postponed until she is better

Kelly Clarkson tells Bravo that she and Carrie Underwood have no issues with one another because they don't know each other. “I DON’T KNOW her. There’s no beef between us — well, there’s nothing between us. We don’t know each other. “Look, everyone always asks me the pitted against each other question. It was great to have her on the show. I think the thing that was cool about it is that everybody always pits us against each other, and I don’t know why they do that — they don’t do that with dudes. We don’t even know each other well enough to do that. But I’d love to have her there in person. It was during Covid, so it was over Zoom.”

The Daily Star says 92 year-old William Shatner allegedly wants to get a facelift because he wants to look younger for his 64-year-old wife, Elizabeth. A source says, "He still thinks of himself as a suave ladies. the only woman he’s interested in is Elizabeth. He wants to look nice and youthful for her".

The Daily Mail says Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck want to renew their vows at their $60 million mansion. A source tells the newspaper, ''Jen and Ben are as much in love as they ever have been and this last year of marriage has been, in a word, spectacular. All their kids are doing great, the families are all in sync. And to celebrate all that, as they get closer to their first wedding anniversary, they both want to renew their vows and show how much in love they are with each other. They are not taking this second chance for granted. They both are in such a great place romantically and emotionally with each other that it is spilling over to their professional lives as they both think they are doing some of the best work that they have ever done. That is because they have each other's backs and they fully support each other in everything that they do, which makes such a limited amount of stress for them to deal with.''

Elon Musk's father, Errol, tells The Sun newspaper that his son is entering a no win situation by fighting Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. “The thing is if this crazy fight goes ahead, if Elon beats this guy, Elon will be called a bully, being so much heavier and taller, while if he loses the humiliation would be total. It's a no-win situation for Elon. Elon loses if he wins and loses if he loses. Wins, he's a bully. Loses, he's a loser. I think Elon has got himself into a difficult situation as a result of high school behaviour. They both have.”

Hard Drive says Hulk Hogan has been spotted in Hollywood pitching a biopic about his life. He says, “Let me tell you something about today’s Hollywood landscape, brother. There’s not enough movies featuring heroes with 24 inch pythons that aren’t araid to take on villains like Andre the Giant and that snake The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase! Before you ask me what I’m doing here, let me ask YOU something, brother: Whatcha gonna do when the best biopic of all time opens wide and outgrosses everything else in sight?”

US Weekly Magazine claims Brad Pitt has not introduced his new girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, to his children. A source tells the magazine, “Before Brad introduces Ines to his kids, he wanted to make sure their relationship had longevity because that’s not something he takes lightly. Brad and Ines haven’t gotten there yet in terms of moving in together, but it’s going in that direction. The duo is planning to travel to Europe together this Summer.''

The New York Post says Ines is wearing a necklace with the initial B.

The Daily Mail says Pete Davidson has checked into rehab to be treated for borderline personality disorder and PTSD. A source tells the newspaper, ''Pete regularly goes to rehab for tune ups and to take a mental break, so that’s what’s happening. Anyone who knows Pete knows that he will always step up and get help when he knows he needs it. He has a lot of people in his corner who love him and support him, and are proud of him. He's taking a well deserved break so he can focus on himself and learn to better deal with his PTSD issues.'' Pete's girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders, is standing by him

Single Dads Are A Hot Commodity

The Daily Star says single fathers are a hot commodity this Summer. Single women are seeking out single fathers as part of the Hot Dad Summer Trend on Tik Tok. The women are calling themselves Dadvocates. One single woman, named Lauren, says, "Dads are so attractive to young, single women because, at the end of the day, most women want a man who holds all of the characteristics of a good father anyway, so getting to see him in action is like having a cheat sheet into that side of him."

Ice Cream Survey

A new survey by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association reveals that 77% of people think ice cream is part of a balanced diet. Other findings:

- 43% of parents have hid ice cream from their kids

- the average adult eats ice cream nine times per month

- 75% of parents always serve ice cream with birthday cake

Least Trusted Professions ... According to a new survey by Gallup #1. Telemarketers

#2. Members of Congress

#3. Car salespeople

#4. Business executives

#5. Advertising practitioners

Most Trusted Professions ... According to a new survey by Gallup

#5. Police officers

#4. High school teachers

#3. Pharmacists

#2. Medical doctors

#1. Nurses

Dear Fonseca.

My wife came home in a bad mood from work last night. We both plopped down on the couch, opened our laptops and started working while watching some mindless reality TV. She was really irritated and at one point, accused me of micro cheating. I had never heard the term before and looked it up. She says I'm being unfaithful because I'm liking other women's pictures on social media. Some of the women I know and some I don't. She said this is a form of cheating. I defended myself and told her it isn't because there is no physical act involved. I told her it's like going to the mall with no money. You can browse, but you can't buy. She disagrees. What do you think about my 'micro cheating'? Am I being unfaithful? I think I'm doing what any other guy does.

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