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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 06/21/23


- People magazine says comedian Whitney Cummings is pregnant with her first child. She posted a bikini picture that showed her baby bump. No word on who the father is

- KXGL says Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream, in Columbia, Missouri, is going viral because they are selling a Mountain Dew and Doritos ice cream. The ice cream is green - Dished magazine says McDonald's has launched a new Caramel Popcorn McFlurry in Canada. The vanilla soft serve treat is infused with caramel popcorn and topped with a caramel sauce

- Seriously OMG says French's is selling ketchup-flavored cotton candy in Canada. It is available for a limited time. French's says, "This sweet, savoury candy is made with French’s Ketchup, featuring 100% Canadian tomatoes.''

- WLKY says a Thibodeau, Louisiana woman recently found a pink grasshopper in her yard. Mary Phuphanich took the grasshopper to an insecticarium. They said only two other pink grasshoppers have been found in the United States


Summer Trending ...

- 53% of wine connoisseurs say rosé wine is more refreshing than a popsicle in the summer (Barefoot Wines)

- 75% of singles conquer their bucket list during the summer.(

- 60% of women slim down before Summer holidays (

- 33% of people will call in sick on a sunny Friday this summer.(Malibu Rum)

- A survey by Nutrisystem reveals that 50% of women would rather go without sex for the summer than gain 10 pounds. 25% of men feel the same way.

- 55% of Millennials have had a summer fling (Yelp)

- teen snacking jumps by 50% in the summer.(Farm Rich)

- Summer is the most popular time of the year to break up with someone. 33% of people have dumped a partner during June, July or August. (HB)

- 70% of women and 48% of men diet in the spring so they can get in shape for the summer (Pizza Express)

- 65% of people say Summer makes them want to take part in a Happy Hour (Bevy Long Drink)

- 15% of people will hook up with an old flame this Summer (

- A survey by Nutrisystem reveals that 50% of women would rather go without lovemaking for the Summer than gain 10 pounds. 25% of men feel the same way.

- More people would prefer to shed 10 to 20 pounds this Summer (25%) than get promoted at work (20%) (Nutrisystem)

- 60% of people would dump their partner if their partner refused to run their air conditioner during the Summer (energy technology company Sealed)

- A survey by Olbas reveals that 70% of people hate Summer because of hay fever.

- A survey by Oatly reveals that 45% of people eat more ice cream in the Summer than at any other time during the year. 47% of children will visit an ice cream truck this Summer


Missing Titanic Tourist Submarine Described As 'Flimsy': The Daily Mail says dive experts are criticizing the company that assembled and built the Titanic tourist submarine that is missing off the coast of Newfoundland. The newspaper quotes former Tear Admiral Chris Parry as saying, These crafts like Titan 'are essentially kit cars, they're not normal submarines'. They're built in an experimental way, and this particular one is, shall we say, built from components you can get off the internet, from Amazon - they're very flimsy, very fragile, and you can't allow a lot to go wrong before you're in danger. You can't possibly put another vehicle over the top of it and get people out at that depth - it has to be brought to the surface.'' The Titan only has one toilet. It also has no seats

LAD Bible says the submarine passengers are locked in from the outside with no way to escape.

The Coast Guard has searched 10,000 square miles for the sub

The Daily Star says the chance of survival for the submarine passengers is 1%

LAD Bible says two separate search crews are hearing banging and tapping sounds coming from an area where the submarine went missing. A Canadian aircraft with sonar technology was the first to hear the banging sounds. The travel and research group The Explorer Society also heard a tapping noise.

The NY Post says Nicholas Malvagna, the man charged with assault for throwing a phone at Bebe Rexha during her concert on Sunday, says he did it for fun. “I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny”

The NY Post says Bebe Rexha is resuming her world tour after being hit in the face with a smartphone. She posted, “Although the show ended in an unfortunate way it was still an amazing show in my hometown. Thank you so Much New York. I love You. The Tour must go on!!! Philly next!”

Sylvester Stallone tells the Wall Street Journal that Adele wanted to keep his bronze Rocky statue when she purchased his Los Angeles estate for $58 million.The poolside statue shows Rocky reaching to the stars with one of his gloves. Sly says, I wanted to keep the work. I did. But she said, ‘That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal.’ She wanted the statue.”

US Weekly Magazine says Camila Cabello, and not Shawn Mendes, was the one, who ended their relationship for the second time. Sources tells the magazine, “Camila was the one who ultimately decided to end things. A lot of their old problems started coming back after spending so much time together. It felt really nostalgic and all those initial feelings they had for each other when they first started dating came flooding back. But after a few months, they remembered why they split in the first place. They realized they’re better friends than romantic partners. There’s no bad blood between them, but their relationship has just run its course.”

US Weekly Magazine says Avril Lavigne and rapper Tyga have broken up after four months together. A source tells the magazine, “Tyga and Avril were friends before they started dating so although they’ve decided to break up, they’ve remained on good terms. There’s no hard feelings and they plan on continuing their friendship. At this point, it’s just platonic.” A source tells the Daily Mail , "She didn't want to be tied down in a relationship with the rapper - who she only ever saw as a 'rebound' in the wake of her messy split with ex-fiancé, Mod Sun.''

Newsweek magazine says Kelly Osbourne was recently doing an interview with the I've Had It podcast when she slammed Prince Harry. She said, "He's a whining, whingeing, complaining, 'woe is me, I'm the only one that's ever had mental problems'...'my life was so hard'...Everybody's life is hard! You were the prince of a country, who dressed up as a Nazi, and now you're trying to come back as the pope? Suck it."

The International News, citing The Star, says Al Pacino is allegedly still stunned he has become a father at age 83. A source says, "Al was stunned by the baby news and didn’t believe he could ever get anyone pregnant. He requested a paternity test. Behind the scenes, he does feel that Noor is trying to trap him. By his account, the relationship was casual and now he’ll be tied to this woman for the rest of his life."

People magazine says Tori's Spelling's split with Dean McDermott came out of the blue. Sources tell the magazine, "If this had happened a year ago, it would’ve been expected because things were terrible between them. Sure, they still had their disagreements and didn’t always see eye to eye, but the past six months things had felt good between them. They were definitely trying in the last few months though, and things felt way less toxic. They also made an effort to make holidays and milestones special, and were much more in tune with each other. It’s been a night-and-day difference from the last couple years."

Sylvester Stallone tells the Wall Street Journal that Adele wanted to keep his bronze Rocky statue when she purchased his Los Angeles estate for $58 million. The poolside statue shows Rocky reaching to the stars with one of his gloves. Sly says, I wanted to keep the work. I did. But she said, ‘That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal.’ She wanted the statue.”

Radar Online says Cynthia Nixon put Kim Cattrall in her place when talking about her cameo in the upcoming season of 'And Just Like That'. The website quotes Cynthia as saying, "My overwhelming thought at the moment is that I'm so deeply disappointed that someone leaked it to the press. It was going to be such a wonderful surprise," Nixon explained. "I just worry that there's been all this buildup, and it's really just a small little cameo."

Most Anticipated Movies Of The Summer ... According to a new survey by Marcus Theaters (release dates in parenthesis)

  1. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (June 30)

  2. Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One (July 12)

  3. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (in cinemas now)

  4. Oppenheimer (July 21)

  5. The Flash (in cinemas now)

  6. The Little Mermaid (in cinemas now)

  7. Fast X (in cinemas now)

  8. Barbie (July 21)

  9. Haunted Mansion (July 28)

  10. Blue Beetle (August 18)

10 Things Men Do That Women Always Find Sexy … According to a new article by Best Life Magazine

1. Show off your hands

2. Wear black

3. Wear red

4. Wear musky cologne

5. Stand up straight

6. Flex those glutes and abs

7. But don't stress about being overly muscular

8. Keep a little stubble on your face

9. And make sure your chest hair is groomed

10. But be proud of your body no matter what

Romance Survey

A new survey by Lovehoney reveals that 25% of people think about household chores while they are making love. Other findings:

- 38% of people think about someone other than their partner when they are making love

- 83% of people say they are happy with their love life

- 36% of people say their lovemaking could be better

Cars That Depreciate The Slowest ... According to a new study by ISeeCars (amount of value a car loses over 3 years in parentheses)

yellow cars ... 13.5%

beige cars ... 17.8%

orange cars ... 18.5%

gray cars ... 22.5%

black cars 23.9%

brown cars ... 24%

gold cars ... 25.9%

Worst Cities For Mosquitoes ... According to a new survey by Orkin

1 Los Angeles

2 Chicago

3 New York City

4 Atlanta

5 Dallas

Dear Fonseca

I'm a stay-at-home mom of four children. I offered to watch two of my neighbor's kids because she is a single mom and just barely scraping by. My sister also drops her children off. It's a full house during the day and quite a lot in the backyard. Call me crazy, but I am thinking about putting up an electric fence and then putting the collars on my own children's wrists so they don't try and run off. This would make it a lot easier to watch all of the children. The shocks are minimal as evidenced by dogs. What do you think of my idea? Am I crazy or smart?

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