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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 06/20/23


- Distractify says female Uber Eats drivers are disguising themselves as men because they feel safer dressed as males while delivering food at night.

- WGN TV says Marie Callender's is recalling their frozen shepherd pies because they contain clear plastic pieces. No one has been injured as of yet

- Inside Edition says fifty Santa Clauses recently gathered outside a Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. The men sang songs and took selfies with tourists. The Santa's gathered to promote world peace. It was 80° when they sang

- Cinema Blend says Chris Hemsworth's movies, "Extraction 2" and "Extraction", are the top two streaming movies on Netflix.

- Joey Chestnut tells Yahoo News that he gains 24 pounds from the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on July 4th. The competition lasts for 10 minutes.


Titanic Tourist Submarine Is Missing: The NY Post says a Titanic tourist submarine has gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean. The Boston Coast Guard started searching for it yesterday. The Titanic is 12,500 ft below the surface off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Ocean Gate Expeditions says their vessel has four days worth of oxygen on it. Tickets to ride the submarine cost $250,000.

The Daily Mail says Adele was performing in Las Vegas this past weekend when she told fans she had jock itch. ''It is a bit crude but I never knew it existed! Obviously when I do my shows I wear Spanx and keep it all in and make it all fit me. And I sweat a lot and it doesn't go anywhere. So basically I just sit in my own sweat. And my doctor gave me Jock Itch.''

The NY Post says Bebe Rexha is recovering from being hit in the face with a smartphone. She was performing in New York City when a fan tossed their phone on stage. It hit BeBe just below her left eye. She crumbled to her knees as crew members rushed her off stage. BeBe needed three stitches to close her wound. Geo TV says the man that threw the phone has been arrested

Taylor Swift tells Variety magazine that she's learned to stand up for what she believes in. "Obviously, anytime you’re standing up against or for anything, you’re never going to receive unanimous praise. But that’s what forces you to be brave. And that’s what’s different about the way I live my life now."

Pink tells Music Mayhem magazine that her husband doesn't care if she writes songs about him. “He knows some of the songs are about him. He doesn't care. Nothing affects him. I think he actually gets a little thrill out of hearing people guess which songs are about him.”

Kevin Jonas tells Cosmopolitan magazine that his proposal didn't go as planned."I knew it was the right time, so I went to get the ring out of my pocket. I couldn't get it out of my pocket in my jacket. Literally could not get it out of my jacket. It was really bad."

Female First says a Los Angeles salvage company is selling Jay Z and Beyonce's bidet for $2,400. The couple used the bidet while renting a Holmby Hills, California home in 2015. The bidet's listing reads; "This is one of the prettiest bidets it features amazing Sherle Wagner hardware . SW was known for making beautiful Glamorous over the top hardware that was often gold plated. I'm not sure if this hardware is gold plated for we are unable to test it but it is highly possible that it is. This hardware is featured in the SW catalog it was salvaged out of the Holmby Hills area out of the $55 million home it was formerly occupied by Jay Z and Beyoncé this home was lavished with nothing but the best.''

Metro Boomin tells Billboard magazine that he feels called to be a light for other people in this world. “Knowing that I’m not the only one going through those types of things, I feel like it’s my calling to be a light and a vessel to let other people know that you can get through whatever and there’s still more life to live no matter tragic things may be. So I want just want to inspire people and show there’s always more life to living.”

The Daily Mail says Britney Spears' mother, Lynne, is begging Britney to reconcile with her sister, Jamie Lynn. A source tells the newspaper, ''Lynne is begging Britney to make amends with her sister Jamie Lynn now. They are both leaning towards a yes. Lynne knows that Britney does miss her sister and she told her that the feeling is obviously mutual. Britney still feels that Jamie Lynn is the one who messed up and, if they are going to meet, she would need to come to her and not vise versa. Lynne is figuring out now how to make this happen, but she is not going to rest until everything is perfect again.''

Sylvester Stallone tells the Wall Street Journal that he gives the following advice to his daughters' dates. “I know how these guys think. I happen to have been one. It’s nature, but I want to let them know. I say, ‘OK, when you’re trying to kiss her, it’s like you’re trying to kiss me at the same time.’ I’m very connected to my family, so if you do something that’s inappropriate, it’s like you did it to me. And there’s going to be an issue and it’s going to be a great deal of pain.”

The Sun claims Kevin Costner allegedly confronted a man living on his California estate. A source says Kevin was outraged when he found out his estranged wife, Christine, had been spending time with entrepreneur Daniel Starr. “Daniel was really happy living in the house. It’s right on the beach and he has a four-year-old son who he wanted to feel settled. After he moved in he became close friends with Chris and Kevin. They’d hang out together with their kids. But Kevin was always away filming, so Chris must have been lonely. Chris and Daniel hung out a lot. She would come into his house almost daily. But there was a fallout and Kevin got wind of it. There was a row between him and Daniel and things escalated from there. Chris didn’t like Daniel’s attitude towards their friendship. She texted him and said she wanted him out.”

OK! magazine claims Meghan Markle allegedly worries if Prince Harry still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy. A source tells the magazine, Meghan still thinks what would’ve happened in life if Chelsy Davy hadn’t decided to end things with Prince Harry, even though she isn’t worried about her ‘coming back in the picture. Of course Meghan knows it's over between Harry and Chelsy, but Meghan can never truly know what would have happened if Chelsy hadn't decided to call it quits.And even worse: Does Harry wonder that as well? A lot of people still think of Chelsy as the love of his life.”

OK! magazine claims Tom Brady and Leonardo DiCaprio are becoming close friends. A source tells the magazine, "Now that Tom is single and out on the social circuit in Miami, he’s been getting close with a lot of people Leo knows. That’s how they got connected. It was a little awkward at first but once they got past the whole Gisele thing, they really clicked. And the fact is, there’s an opening in Leo’s circle! Tom wants to get out and have fun and Leo’s more than happy to play the pied piper."

Ken Jennings tells the Deseret News that he should not have replaced Alex Trebek as host of "Jeopardy". “If I were hiring for that job, I would go with a sturdy broadcaster with decades of experience, not just somebody who happened to be good at the show many years ago. But luckily they took a chance on me. I kind of have to pinch myself every day. I do not take it for granted. I was 100% confident I would not get a shot at the job — because that would be insane.”

People magazine says Johnny Depp is touring again with his band Hollywood Vampires. The group postponed several shows because Johnny fractured his ankle. He is now performing with a walking boot. The band recently played in the Netherlands.

Radar Online claims Madonna is allegedly making her 29 year old boyfriend, Josh Popper, sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent him from talking about any of their bedroom escapades. A source tells the website, “The number one rule of dating Madonna is you don’t talk about Madonna. No one is more controlling of her image than she is. Everyone who works on her upcoming tour had to sign an NDA before they could even audition — and the same applies to boyfriends. Before they even know if they’re dating her, her lawyer is on the phone!”

Perez Hilton, citing the Italian newspaper La Nazione, claims a woman almost drowned during her attempt to meet Leonardo DiCaprio. The woman heard that Leo was partying on a boat off the coast of Tuscany, Italy. She dove into the water and started swimming towards Leonardo. The woman became ill and was rescued by two lifeguards. She was taken to the hospital with hypothermia

10 Signs You Might Be Addicted To Shopping … According to a new article by Finance Buzz

1. You are constantly preoccupied with shopping

2. You shop to alleviate bad feelings

3. You make a lot of impulse purchases

4. Your finances are suffering

5. You feel high after shopping

6. Your shopping high is short-lived

7. You feel guilt or regret after shopping

8. You're lying, hiding, and/or hoarding purchases

9. You're neglecting responsibilities and relationships

10. You can't stop shopping

Underwear Survey

A new survey by Newsweek reveals that 47% of people never wear their underwear for more than a day. Other findings:

- 14% of Gen Z'ers have worn their underwear for longer than a day

- 24% of Millennials have worn their underwear for longer than a day

Dear Fonseca,

I am currently casually dating two guys. They are both great, but it's time to make a choice and be exclusive with one. Both men are attractive, make good money and treat me well. They have many of the same great qualities except for one. One guy is Book Smart while the other is Street Smart. When I brought this up to my parents, my stepfather said the choice is obvious. He says I should date the Book Smart Guy because he will go farther in life. He is an educator and would say that. My friends say I should date the Street Smart Guy because I will get bored with the Book Smart Boyfriend. I am completely confused and don't know what to do. Help me make the choice. Book Smart or Street Smart?

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