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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 06/15/23

Todays Best of Calls:


- The Daily Mail says graphic artist John Romita Sr, the man who invented the Marvel comic book characters Wolverine and Mary Jane Watson, has died at the age of 93. He and Stan Lee launched the Spider-Man newspaper comic in 1977.

- Yahoo News says Ben & Jerry's has a new flavor called Sunny Honey Home. The lemon ice cream has honey caramel swirls and lemon cookies.

- NBC Sports says Tom Brady was recently spotted wearing a $150,000 Rolex watch. The silver watch has an olive green dial and Arabic numerals.

- People magazine says Carrie Fisher's final movie is going to be released on Friday, June 23rd. Carrie filmed 'Wonderwell' weeks before she passed in 2016.

- United Press International says a semi recently overturned on Interstate 94 near Jackson, Michigan. Empty beer kegs spilled onto the highway and blocked traffic for several hours. No one was injured in the crash


Radar Online says Harry Styles is casually dating at the moment. A source says, “Harry’s playing the field right now, and he’s very upfront about it. The last thing he wants at the moment is another committed relationship.”

RADAR Online says Taylor Swift's life has crumbled since breaking up with Joe Alwyn. A source tells the website, "She would be loath to admit it, but Taylor's world has crumbled since she broke up with Joe. She's stressing out over her tumultuous love life and worried she'll never find anyone. Swift hasn't given up on finding the right person, but it's fair to say that in five years' time, she'd love to be married and a mom."

Ed Sheeran tells Rolling Stone magazine that he's not your typical rock star. “I live the opposite of the rock star lifestyle. I don't really party backstage or trash hotel rooms. I would rather do a show and then come home and play with my daughter in her wading pool.”

Miley Cyrus tells that she's not running away from her past anymore. "I used to do all these wild and crazy things to distance myself from who I used to be. Now I know who I was in my past shaped who I am now. I love myself now, so that means I have to love who I was. I'm at complete peace with myself right now."

Dua Lipa tells Billboard magazine that you should never let someone else define your worth. "I used to do everything I could to get people to like me. Changing my hair, my attitude, everything. I know now that changing yourself for other people isn't worth it. You are the only person who defines your self worth. If someone comes into your life and tries to change you, cut them out immediately."

Tom Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, tells the Table For Two podcast that many people don't know Tom could have starred in ''When Harry Met Sally''. “People, probably don’t know this, but Tom was offered ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and he turned it down because he was going through a divorce and he was very happy to be not married. And so he could not understand that a person going through a divorce would have anything other than just like, ‘I’m so happy.’ But I loved that script.”

Geo TV, citing Closer Weekly Magazine, claims Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are allegedly having disagreements over how to decorate their new $50 million Los Angeles mansion. A source tells the news outlets, "Jen's paid for most if not all of it, saying it was the small price to pay for their future happiness. If it means it gets her off the hook for having all of the expensive cars, the hired help, day-to-day outgoings on personal trainers, beauty treatments, chefs and fancy yachts then she's OK with fronting the money. Especially as she gets to call the shots and remind Ben that she's the boss.''

People magazine says Conan O'Brien recently officiated a wedding. He presided over Andy Richter and Jennifer Herrera's ceremony. The wedding took place at Andy and Jennifer's home. It's the second time Conan has married a couple. Andy says, “I knew he had done it [before] because he married our wardrobe designer on our show,” he told the publication on Tuesday at the Tribeca Film Festival. “So I asked him to do it and he did it!”

The Wrap says Lisa Marie Presley's daughter, Riley Keough, has settled her dispute with her grandmother, Priscilla Presley. She has given her $1 million from her mother's estate. Priscilla challenged Riley and a 2016 document that removed her from Lisa Marie's trust.

Ace Showbiz says Bill Murray is not dating rapper Kelis ("My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"). The rumors started after they were seen together in London last weekend. A source tells the website, ''The dating rumors are silly. They are working on a project together, and are friends. That's it. I have no idea where the rumors are coming from."

Nick Cannon tells the Language of Love podcast that God will tell him when he's done having children. ''Only God can let me know when I'm done. As much as I was open to every single child that I have, I can't say the majority of them were planned. If you would have told me in 2012 when I was still married and just diagnosed with Lupus that 10 years from now... that I would have 12 children, I would be like get out of here! here's no way in the world that I would ever plan that.''

US Weekly Magazine says Jennifer Aniston allegedly believes she will eventually find 'Mr Right'. A source says, ''In her gut, Jen believes she'll eventually meet the right person. If she never finds love again, she will be just fine as she has her fur children and buddies to warm her heart: She's not going to beat herself up if it doesn't happen. Jennifer is in a great place. She's happy, healthy and fulfilled by her career, family and friends. She's been through a lot, but she feels blessed to be thriving personally and professionally.''

Samuel L Jackson tells ET that he wants to star in more Marvel movies. “If had it my way, I would’ve been in every Marvel movie ’cause I mean he is Nick Fury, he knows everything that’s going on. I’m still trying to figure out why I’ve never been to Wakanda. They didn’t ask me to go, but I’m still trying to get there. I need a ticket.”

Radar Online claims Gwen Stefani has allegedly hired a personal trainer to help Blake Shelton shed weight. A source tells the website, "Blake's got no choice but to follow her instructions. When they go out to eat, he can't have anything with ice cream in it. Steak is also out of the question. He can have fish, chicken, vegetables and rice or a plain baked potato with no sour cream or butter. It's boring, but he has to admit he feels better. They still want a baby eventually, but in the meantime, Blake's got to get his priorities right."

Women Think These Are The Top 10 Sexiest Professions For Men … According to a new survey by Lovehoney

1 firefighter

2 builder

3 police officer

4 doctor

5 mechanic

6 paramedic

7 musician

8 electrician

9 farmer

10 lawyer.

Men Think These Are The Top 10 Sexiest Professions For Women … According to a new survey by Lovehoney

1 flight attendant

2 nurse

3 secretary

4 teacher

5 actor

6 police officer

7 doctor

8 bartender

9 maid

10 singer

LEAST Sexiest Professions … According to a new survey by Lovehoney

1 judge

2 web developers

3 politicians

4 marketing executives

5 designers

Gen Z Shoppers Ditch Designer Brands For Knockoffs

The NY Post says members of "Generation Z" (born between the mid-1990s and 2010s) have been saving money by leaving brand names behind. Gen Z shoppers, who are also called "Zoomers," have been purchasing everything from fake Balenciaga handbags to knockoff Oreo cookies. They often share their finds on TikTok using the hashtag #dupe. Some fashion designers are reportedly upset that Gen Zers don't value the importance of buying "high quality products." Social media influencer Denise Duran says, "This generation doesn't really care that much about brands. A lot of the younger generation just want the look. There's no shame in the dupe or the knockoff. They wear it with pride and they don't really care."

Dear Fonseca

A friend and I are in a huge fight because I am dating her father. I am 26. He is 52. I met him at the car dealership where I work. I had no idea he was my friend's father because I had not previously met him. She called and was screaming at me when she saw a picture of us on his phone. She is demanding that I break up with him or lose her as a friend. She says it's creepy and disgusting that I'm dating her father and such an older man. I've never dated an older guy before. He treats me like gold and much better than anyone I've ever dated my own age. I don't want to lose my friend, but also don't want to lose my boyfriend. I know I need to make a choice. What would you do if you were me.. boyfriend or BFF?

PS: If it helps, this is not a good friend. Not sure if that matters or not?

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