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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 06/14/23


- ESPN says the Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup last night by beating the Florida Panthers 9-3. Vegas won the series 4-1 and captured their first championship in franchise history.

- A new survey by the National Retail Federation reveals that the average person will spend $196 on their dad this Father's Day

- Happi magazine says Bath & Body Works is relaunching their popular Cucumber Melon Fragrance. The fragrance was launched in 1998 and is celebrating its 25th anniversary

- The Hollywood Reporter says Netflix is planning to open a pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles. The restaurant is called "Netflix Bites." It will showcase food from chefs featured on various Netflix shows.

- Neoscope says some doctors are using Chat GPT to deliver bad news to patients. Healthcare organizations are criticizing doctors for not delivering the bad news on their own.

- In touch Weekly says Pat Sajak announced his retirement earlier this week. The magazine claims he will leave the show with a net worth of $75 million. Vanna White has a net worth of 85 million/

- TV Line says Ryan Seacrest may replace Pat Sajak as host of Wheel of Fortune.Bloomberg reporter Lucas Shaw Tweeted; “Some sources say he’s the frontrunner. Others say he is just one of many interested.” People magazine says Whoopi Goldberg wants the job. She told her co-hosts on The View, “I want that job! I think it'd be lots of fun."

- WDIV says Disney has pushed the release date for ''Avatar 3'' to December 2025.

- TMZ says the owners of the Ottawa Senators notified Snoop Dogg yesterday that they were selling their NHL franchise to another bidder. Toronto billionaire Michael Andlauer is buying the team for $1 billion.


Taylor Swift was performing in Chicago last week when she swallowed a bug while on stage. WMAQ says a Chicago bar, called Replay Linkin Park, has created a cocktail in honor of Taylor. The 'Bad Bug' contains vodka, tamarind, chili pepper, watermelon, pineapple, ginger beer and gummy worms. The bar is hosting a party to promote the drink. The party takes place tonight and will feature bingo and karaoke.

Selena Gomez tells The Wrap that she was terrified when she first started working with Steve Martin and Martin Short on 'Only Murders in the Building'."Working with Steve and Marty, I was terrified at first, but relieved that comedy happened to be in my comfort zone. If anything, they've helped sharpen my skills. I hope to be as funny as they are one day. They are just really gifted at creating a situation out of nothing and making people laugh and I admire that deeply. We're constantly laughing on set. And I think that is coming from the top, meaning Steve and Marty really make sure that they are coming from a place of joy. They just want everyone to laugh. I'm picking on them, they're picking on me. Even in the morning, just walking into hair and make-up, sometimes I'll just look at Steve and laugh. And then he'll laugh because he knows I'm just laughing at him just being him. It's ridiculous. Both of us."

Selena Gomez tells that you have to learn to make time for yourself. “I don’t think balance is consistent for me because of my lifestyle. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve understood that this is my job and this is what I want to do with my life, so I want to enjoy it. And I make time for the things that are important. No matter how busy you are, you have to be able to carve time out for yourself.”

Nick Jonas tells Variety magazine that he and his brothers always make time for their families. "If they're not on tour with us, we always make time before bed to FaceTime or call them to tell them how much we love them. We never go to bed without talking to our families."

Pink tells The Guardian newspaper that relationships are a lot of work. "When you see a happy couple walking down the street, you wonder why they're so happy when you're not. The reason is they put the work in. No relationship is automatically perfect. You got to work hard at it, be there for your partner, learn their likes and dislikes. And they need to do the same for you. Both parties need to put in the work or a relationship isn't going to work."

Radar Online claims Taylor Swift allegedly dumped Matt Healy because of his sleazy past. A source tells the website, "The revelations apparently made Taylor sick to her stomach. She had to reconcile her own conscience with what Matty had said and she felt like a fraud to stoop to his level. She knew he was a bit wild, but she wasn't aware of all this."

Taylor Swift was performing in Chicago last week when she swallowed a bug while on stage. WMAQ says a Chicago bar, called Replay Linkin Park, has created a cocktail in honor of Taylor. The 'Bad Bug' contains vodka, tamarind, chili pepper, watermelon, pineapple, ginger beer and gummy worms. The bar is hosting a party to promote the drink. The party takes place tonight and will feature bingo and karaoke.

Radar Online claims Kevin Costner's estranged wife, Christine, is allegedly refusing to move out of their mansion. A source says, ''Kevin said Christine filed for divorce on May 1 but has not moved out despite “multiple requests that she do so and despite Kevin’s offers to assist her financially in relocating to a new residence. Christine has taken the position that she will not move out of Kevin’s separate property residence unless and until Kevin agrees to various financial demands.”

Entertainment Tonight says Johnny Depp is donating the $1 million settlement he received from Amber Heard to charity. $200,000 will be given to the Make-A-Film Foundation, The Painted Turtle, Red Feather, the Tetiaroa Society and the Amazonia Fund Alliance. The charities help sick children, the ecosystem and those in need of housing Depp received the money from his and Amber's defamation trial.

Decider magazine says Amy Schumer rips Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, during her new Netflix comedy special. The website quotes her as saying, ''Hilaria is in no way Spanish — her parents are not from Spain, no one in her life is from Spain. They have a von Trapp amount of children, and they named them all, I’m not sure, but very Spanish named like Jamón and Croqueta and Flamenco. I’m not trying to bully a sociopath, okay? I have a point. So I think, what had happened was, I think she went to Spain, I’ve been lucky enough to go to Spain, some of you have been, it’s great, don’t you love it? I love it, too. But Hillary from Boston looooved it. ‘I am going to be from it!’ This woman, since she met her husband, has straight-up pretended she is from Spain. And her husband shot someone. Now stay with me! My point is that neither of them give a ****".

Luke Bryan tells Fox News that Katy Perry gets unfairly picked on for the way she judges American Idol contestants. “Katy gets picked on for going out and trying to have fun making a TV show. The judges don’t expect to win over every viewer because their role on the show is critique kids that people at home fall in love with. I think we get set up, as judges, you know, we kinda fall on the sword a lot of times. And get set up to where people can get very vocal on socials and stuff.”

The Daily Mail says Prince Harry look-a-like, Rhys Whittock, is making $1,250 a day impersonating the former Royal. He says, ''I got my first job with the lookalikes agency just before Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018 - and it just blew up from there. I'm one year

older than Harry - I actually tell people he's MY lookalike because I got here first! I love the job - I'm very fortunate to look like one of the most talked about men in the world.''

The Daily Star says a new Beatles song is going to be released later this year. Paul McCartney says artificial intelligence technology is being used to bring back John Lennon's voice. ''When Peter Jackson did the film (The Beatles) Get Back, where it was us making the Let It Be album, he was able to extricate John's voice from a ropey little bit of cassette and a piano. He could separate them with AI, he'd tell the machine, 'That's a voice, this is a guitar, lose the guitar'. So when we came to make what will be the last Beatles record, it was a demo that John had that we worked on and we just finished it up. It will be released this year. We were able to take John's voice and get it pure through this AI so then we could mix the record as you would do. It gives you some sort of leeway. There's a 'good side' to AI as well as a 'scary side'.''

TMZ says Larsa Pippen kept her relationship with Marcus Jordan a secret by giving him a different name in her phone. She says, "I could never really put you under your name in my phone. So I had you under Marc Jacob. O didn't want anyone to know when you called me." Larsa also says she did not know Marcus when she was married to Michael Jordan's teammate, Scottie Pippen. "Like, I threw your 5th birthday or something. Like, no, by the way, I never met you before. I feel like a lot of people don’t know this, but when my ex and [Marcus’] dad played together, I was in college. It was my senior year in college. So when they played together, I was only there for one year. It wasn’t like I was there for the whole dynasty. I wasn’t a part of all that.”

Marcus says, “I think that’s a common misconception — that people feel like our families were very intertwined, you know, back in the day. And that Larsa was maybe babysitting me or maybe was at my child birthdays or something. And that’s totally not the case.”

Marcus says his father was shocked when he found out he was dating Larsa. “I think there was a little bit of shock value at first. But my dad, you know, he tells me all the time, ‘Look, you’re an adult.’ You know, you can make your own decisions, do your own thing. And so, I just feel like he wants to see me happy. I think both of my parents want to see me happy and my siblings happy. And Larsa is who makes me happy, so, you know, they’re cheering for us for sure.”

The Daily Mail says Eva Longoria suffered a "Marilyn Monroe moment" yesterday when her dress flew up while she was in New York City. She was promoting her new "Flamin' Hot" movie when a gust of wind blew into her cream-colored satin dress. The moment was similar to when Marilyn Monroe's white halter dress famously flew up while she was standing over a subway grate in 1954.

Radar Online claims Pat Sajak allegedly wants his daughter, Maggie, to replace him as the host of Wheel of Fortune. A source tells the website, "Pat's hinted he may retire when his contract expires in 2024 and clearly, he wants Maggie to carry on. Behind-the-scenes, it's turned into an all-out war. Pat's trying to elbow Vanna aside to make room for Maggie. Everyone's bracing themselves for battle."

Too Much Noise Is Bad For Your Health

A new study by Massachusetts General Hospital reveals that too much noise can shorten your life. Researchers studied the effects of sound on humans. They concluded; “Those who lived in areas with high levels of transportation noise were more likely to have highly activated amygdalas, arterial inflammation and—within five years—major cardiac events. Further, hearing loud noises can create the onset of cardiac events like a heart attack.''

TOP 10 MOST SATISFYING FOOD SOUNDS …. According to a new survey by Cadbury

The sizzle of bacon in a pan (33%)

Slicing of a crusty loaf of a bread (26%)

Steak sizzling in the pan (25%)

Butter being spread on toast (17%)

The snapping of a chocolate bar (16%)

Chips frying (16%)

The first bite into a crisp apple (16%)

Popping popcorn (13%)

Rustling of a snack or crisp packet (10%)

Stir frying vegetables (9%)

Money Survey

A new survey by Charles Schwab reveals that the average American thinks they need $2.2 million to be wealthy. Other findings:

- the average net worth of someone, who feels wealthy is just $560,000

- the average net worth of a millennial, who feels wealthy is $531,000

Dear Fonseca

I am getting married in two weeks. Some of my guests are upset with me because I have asked for cash rather than gifts. They say it's wrong that I'm asking for money because it puts pressure on them to give a large amount. They would rather pick from a registry and have various price points to choose from. The day is about me not them. I want the cash because I want to be able to buy what I want when I want. Is it wrong to ask for money as a wedding gift. Some of my guests are talking behind my back and saying I'm selfish? Am I? Is cash tacky?

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