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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 05/15/23


- The Wall Street Journal says the newest fitness trend involves jumping like a bunny. Health clubs are offering Bunny Hop classes because they claim the hops burn more calories than other cardio exercises.

- Yahoo News says pasta prices are on the rise because of supply chain issues, higher energy costs and inflation. In Italy, pasta prices have jumped by 7.5% over the last year. Pasta makers are trying to find a way to lower prices

- Engadget says Tinder is removing people's social media handles from their bios. The dating app is no longer going to allow members to self-promote or advertise their products and services.

- CBS says the McCormick seasoning company is offering free Old Bay Seasoning tattoos. The Baltimore Tattoo Museum is offering the tatts on a first-come, first-serve basis. Old Bay's logo features crabs, crab mallets and Maryland's state flower, the black-eyed Susan. McCormick is offering the free tattoos to celebrate the upcoming Preakness horse race

- Totally the Bomb says Kit Kat is coming out with a new churro flavor that is going to be available for a limited time at Walmart.

- Tom Cruise attended Janet Jackson's concert in Charlotte last Friday. They posed for pictures. Janet captioned the shots with, "T, it was so good seeing you and nice spending some time together #TogetherAgainTour."

- Charlize Theron tells The International News that she wants Tom Cruise to join the Fast and the Furious franchise. “I mean, why not. Let’s send him an invite. If the fans want him then it’s done. He can't say no.” ''Fast X'' opens Thursday night

- Animated Times says Jennifer Lopez's new Netflix thriller, "The Mother", is the number #1 streaming movie in 83 countries

- WYFF says malls around the country are opening Pickleball courts in Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy and Sax Off 5th Avenue stores that have closed. Over 9 million people a year play Pickleball


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” $60.5 million.

2. “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” $13 million.

3. “Book Club: The Next Chapter,” $6.5 million.

4. “Evil Dead Rise,” $3.7 million.

5. “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.” $2.5 million.

6. “Hypnotic,” $2.4 million.

7. “John Wick: Chapter 4,” $1.9 million.

8. “Love Again,” $1.6 million.

9. “Air,” $875,357.

10. Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” $740,000.

Nike Selling Grinch-Like Green Fur Sneakers: The Sun says Nike is selling a new pair of sneakers that are covered in green fur. The Forest Green sneakers cost $1,750. The shoe's description reads; ''A faux fur construction inspired by an overgrown plant”.

The Internet reacts ...

“Nice shoes, who shot the Grinch?”

''Looks like Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch''

The Daily Mail says The Kid Laroi was spotted shopping for engagement rings at a Tiffany and Co store in Los Angeles. He and his girlfriend, Katarina, have been dating for three years

TMZ says Britney Spears is in the early stages of a recording comeback. She has no interest in touring or doing any more residencies because of the long rehearsals and choreography involved.

TMZ says Taylor Swift's boyfriend, Matt Healy, watched her Philadelphia concert with her father, Scott. Fans taped the duo dancing and singing Taylor's songs.

Post Malone tells that he's tempted to make a country album. "To be honest, there’s nothing stopping me from taking a camera or setting up in my studio in Utah and just recording a country album on YouTube. I’m allowed to do that, I’m a human being. If the country vibes get to me, I might just do it.”

Business Insider says a couple recently got engaged at Beyonce's concert in Stockholm, Sweden. Tyler Perry and Jay Z were nearby and clapped after the bride-to-be accepted the proposal.

Metro Boomin tells that his mother wanted to give him a sophisticated name. “My mom wanted to give me a name where, no matter what I wanted to do, I’d be able to do it. An astronaut. President. Whatever. Leland Wayne is the name she chose. She put all that thought into it and no one calls me by that. They all call me Metro. Sorry mom.”

Urban Islandz says Jamie Foxx has been released from the hospital following several weeks of treatment for an undisclosed medical illness. His daughter, Corrine, posted; “Update from the family: Sad to see how the media runs wild My Dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thanks for everyone’s prayers and support! We have an exciting work announcement coming next week too!”

Rolling Stone magazine claims Kelly Clarkson's talk show allegedly has a toxic work environment with employees, who are overworked and underpaid. One employee is quoted as saying, "I remember going up on the roof of the stage to cry, being like, 'Oh, my gosh, what am I doing? Why am I putting myself through this?'"

Another employee says, "I think [executive producer] Alex Duda's a monster. I have a friend who's an executive producer who warned me about taking this job, because apparently she has done this on every show she's worked on."

The Wrap says Clarkson released a statement saying, “In my 20 years in the entertainment industry, I’ve always led with my heart and what I believed to be right. I love my team at ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show,’ and to find out that anyone is feeling unheard and or disrespected on this show is unacceptable”

NBC Universal says, "We are committed to a safe and respectful work environment and take workplace complaints very seriously and to insinuate otherwise is untrue. When issues are reported they are promptly reviewed, investigated and acted upon as appropriate. The Kelly Clarkson Show strives to build a safe, respectful and equitable workplace that nurtures a culture of inclusivity and creativity."

OK! magazine claims Tom Brady is allegedly not happy that Gisele Bundchen is excelling without him. A source tells the magazine, "Seeing Gisele flourish solo is eating away at him. She's back to work. When she was with Tom, she was just focusing on being a mom. With all their moves [because he changed teams] and everything, you have to be in mom mode. She's really happy just enjoying her new chapter."

The Daily Mail says Johnny Depp has signed a $20 million endorsement deal to continue as the face of Dior Sauvage cologne. Depp is making twice as much as Robert Pattinson to promote the Dior brand. A source tells the newspaper, "Most A-listers with fragrance deals pull in around $2 million-$4 million per year like Chris Pine, whose deal with Armani is valued at $4 million a year over 3 years.''

The Daily Mail says Billy Joel is selling his Long Island waterfront estate for $49 million. He bought the house in 2002 for $22.5 million. The estate sits on 26 acres. Billy is selling the home because his family has been spending more time in Florida as of late. The property has a beach house, a floating dock, a 20,000 square foot mansion, two pools, a helipad, a spa, a hair salon, a bowling alley, a wine cellar and a music room that can be used as a recording studio.

LAD Bible says 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin was recently at the Fuel Bar in Las Vegas. He hopped on a bar, slammed two cans of beer together, and then chugged them like he did during his wrestling days. The bar went wild. Steve is on a cross-country tour filming his new A&E series ''Stone Cold Takes on America''.

The Daily Mail says Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are not having marriage problems even though some believe they were arguing on the red carpet for Jennifer's new movie ''The Mother''. A source tells the newspaper, ''They were only talking about where to meet the rest of their family following the carpet for the screening. They’re in an incredibly good place, very loving and supportive of each other.''

TMZ says Jonathan Majors is dating actress Meagan Good. The two were spotted in Los Angeles at a movie and have only recently started dating. Majors is fighting criminal charges in New York where he is accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend in a taxi cab.

The National Enquirer says Mariah Carey allegedly thinks Nick Cannon is irresponsible for having children with six different women. A source tells the magazine, “Mariah worries Nick is not going to be the dad he needs to be to her children because he’s being pulled in so many different directions. He has been told that if he doesn’t take care of himself, the next big family gathering could be at his funeral.”

Worst Mother's Day Gifts ... According to a new survey of mothers by Cheapism

Cleaning Supplies

Toilet Plunger

Half-Dead Plants

Vanilla Candle

Plain Bologna Sandwich

Bath Bombs


Gift Card for Botox

Jar Full of Bugs and a Dead Mouse

Lost Child Survey

A new survey by Nick Watch reveals that the average parent will lose their child five times before the age of 10. Other findings:

- 41% of parents say their child has walked off without them knowing

- 20% of parents say their child has walked off with a stranger

- 57% of parents have had their child memorize their phone number in case they get separated

Dear Fonseca

Is it cheating if I'm married and have a secret crush? Let me explain more. I have been married for 16 years. A single guy in his mid 20s recently moved into our neighborhood. He is hot and works from home like I do. All of the women in the neighborhood are crushing on him because he is handsome and has a six pack of abs. I make it a point to get the mail at the same time he does and also find myself looking out the window to see if he's in his front yard. My husband has no idea. I feel giddy and like a little school girl when I see my new neighbor. We've only chatted briefly, but he's nice and definitely makes my heart race. Is it wrong that I'm secretly crushing on my neighbor? Is this cheating?

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