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Fonseca Show Trending (Aaron Fonseca) 04/28/23


- Fox Business News says Big Lots and The Container Store will accept Bed Bath and Beyond coupons now that Bed Bath and Beyond has declared bankruptcy.The coupons will be accepted through May 7th

- Kay Jewelers, Jared and Zales say sales of engagement rings have plunged because of the pandemic. The average couple gets engaged after dating for 3.25 years The jewelers say singles socially distanced from 2020 to 2022. This has now caused a surplus of engagement rings.

- Fox Business News says The Gap is planning to lay off 1,800 employees because of inflation and the poor economy.

- Bloomberg News says regular, everyday people are having a hard time purchasing the diabetes drug Ozempic because it costs $10,000 a year for a prescription. The drug went viral after it was revealed that celebrities are using it because of its side effect of weight loss. Celebs have no problem affording the expensive drug.

- The Daily Star says a French Museum will not allow people to enter unless they are totally naked. The Museum for Contemporary Art in Lyon says, "It's interesting to experience an exhibition totally naked. That makes us focus on our own perception of ourselves, with a social artifice."

- Lehigh Valley Live says Sam's Club is going to start selling a Snickers iced coffee next month. The drink is going to be sold for a limited time and only at Sam's.

- The NY Post says a 24-eyed jellyfish was recently discovered in a nature preserve in Hong Kong. The jellyfish has a highly dangerous sting and is the most venomous marine animal in the world. The jellyfish is called the Tripedalia

- GEO TV says Facebook has canceled Jada Pinkett Smith's show "Red Table Talk". The cancellation occurred because Facebook's parent company, Meta, is cutting costs due to inflation and the poor economy.

- Vin Diesel tells the Daily Mail that the eleventh and final Fast and the Furious movie will be released in 2025. The new Fast movie, "Fast X," will be released on May 19th.

- says Pamela Anderson is launching a new swimwear line with Frankie's Bikinis. She promoted the line by wearing her red Baywatch swimsuit. Pamela also showed off her other swimsuits.


Student Identifies And Dresses As Staffordshire Bull Terrier: Coventry Live says a student from the UK is now attending school dressed as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Maki. Karolina Pedziwilk is a male, who identifies as non-binary and a dog. Maki has a fursona, aka a furry persona, and wears a bull terrier costume to class.

Maki says, “I have never hidden my inner furry – I see it as the best way to express myself. When one is a furry, they most likely feel like they can relate to animals more easily than humans. I remember being on my mum’s laptop, and I saw an advert on her Facebook page for Made Fur You, a website that sells fursuits, and I was truly excited. When I saw it, I was like, ‘Oh, I really want to do that’, and then I found out how much they cost, I thought I’d wait to make my own. I told my mum about it, and she just said, ‘Do it if that’s what you want to do’. I decided to make it a Staffy because I always had a connection with dogs – I always had dogs in my house throughout my lifetime. I carry my fursonas badge next to my college card so that way other furries in my college can identify me as one of their own and maybe even help some furries come out of their shell more. My friends (at college) don’t all understand why I’m a furry, but they support me as long as I don’t embarrass them.''

Miley Cyrus tells Rolling Stone magazine that she would be proud to play Dolly Parton in a biopic. "She's my godmother, my rock. It would be an honor to play her. I might need some extra padding in places, but I think I could pull it off."

Lady Gaga tells Harpers Bazaar magazine that she knows how lucky she is to do what she does. "I spend all day making art. All I do is create all day long. I just stare at it and listen to it and just worked… It is a labor of love. And it’s important to do that because it’s a real privilege to make art. So you have to work hard because some people don’t have the privilege.”

Meghan Trainor tells that she hit the jackpot with her husband, Daryl Sabara. "He opens every door and he gives me foot rubs almost every night. He loves me. He knows how hard I'm working. He takes care of our kid while I'm at work all day. We're just trying to make each other level up, like, in any, every category. Like, we went to the gym together this morning, and we're so cute doing our little crazy lunges, like we look like we were doing choreography, but he's my partner, and it's like, it's really awesome to have someone like, "Hey.""

Ed Sheeran tells Rolling Stone magazine that he's comfortable with his look.“Sometimes people from the record company ask me to dress up a bit more. I always say no. When I make an appearance or I'm on stage, I want the people to see that I'm just like them. I'm not too flamboyant with my clothes. I prefer to be comfy, and I think the fans appreciate that."

The Weeknd tells Billboard magazine that he gets song inspirations from everywhere. "You never know what's gonna inspire you. You may be driving and see a cool colored car and get inspired. You may get inspired running for a flight at the airport. Or when you're sitting on your front porch watching people walk by. Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to know how to recognize it."

Lizzo recently celebrated her 35th birthday with her friends. She was given a cake that had a picture of her on top along with five candles. Lizzo captioned a picture of herself with the cake with: ''I'm drunk and fine''

TMZ says Jerry Springer died yesterday at the age of 79 at his home in Chicago.The website says Jerry was allegedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer several months ago. Jerry had been hosting a folk music show on a local radio station in Cincinnati. He is survived by his daughter, Katie, and his older sister. Jerry died with a net worth of $60 million. Maury Povich tells Access Hollywood, “I am shocked and saddened by the passing of Jerry. He was not only a colleague but a friend. We worked for the same company for decades. He was joyful, smart and, in his own way, a unique showman. I will miss him.'' Jerry Springer fast facts ...

was born in an underground train station in London while Germany was bombing the UK during World War II

earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Tulane University and a Juris doctor from Northwestern

was once a political campaign advisor to Robert F Kennedy

was a lawyer in Cincinnati

was a member of the Cincinnati City Council, but had to resign due to solicitation charges

served as the mayor of Cincinnati for one year

worked as a news anchor in Cincinnati before getting his talk show. He hosted The Jerry Springer Show for 27 years.


WEHT says residents in Henderson, Kentucky recently got excited after word leaked that Jay Z was looking for a home in the area. What people failed to realize was that the Jay Z people were talking about was not the rapper, but rather a dog at the Saving Paws Animal Rescue of Kentucky. The four month old mixed breed was named after the rapper. He is looking for a permanent home. Residents thought Jay Z and Beyonce wanted a home in the area because of a headline that read: “This Jay-Z doesn’t have 99 problems, but he does have one — he needs a forever home!”

Uproxx says Rihanna is going to play Smurfette in a new Smurfs movie. She also plans to record music for the soundtrack and produce the film. Rihanna says “Getting to do animation is a fun journey for me. I’m usually front and center with everything with my likeness […] but this was fun. I got to imagine, I got to show up in my pajamas in my third trimester, and be a blue bad***. I hope this gives me a little bit of cool points with my kids one day.”

Radar Online says Alec Baldwin's friends and family are allegedly concerned because he has quickly dropped 20 lb over the last several weeks. A source tells the website, “He’s had a history of yo-yo dieting, and with his hot temper and eating habits, he’s a prime candidate for high blood pressure and potential heart problems. He’s gone cold turkey on carbs and sugar and shocked his system into losing 20 pounds of fat. But make no mistake, this is by no means a healthy guy! “Alec’s beyond stressed about [returning to shoot Rust]. Between his legal woes and the trauma of what happened, he feels sick to his stomach.”

Giant Freakin Robot says Nicolas Cage is in talks to star in the reboot of "Anaconda". The 1997 snake movie starred Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson, Ice Cube, and Jon Voight. The website thinks Cage is going to play Jon Voight's role of the snake hunter

Baller Alert says Floyd Mayweather is denying reports he recently purchased a diamond encrusted baseball cap, with his logo, for $1 million. He instagrammed, “I don’t know who started the rumor that my hat was a million dollars. But it was 30K.” In another post, Mayweather added, “30K is still a pricey number for a Snapback.”

The Wrap says Vince Vaughn has agreed to star in the sequel to "Dodgeball". The original film was released in 2004 and starred Vince and Ben Stiller as rival gym owners. The sequel's description reads: "It will continue the story of Vaughn’s prize-winning gym".

The Daily Mail says Leonardo Dicaprio and his ex-girlfriend, Camilla Marrone, are still seeing each other. A source tells the newspaper, 'They are on great terms, they see each other all the time because they share custody of their dog,'


Mother's Day Survey

A new survey by the National Retail Federation says people will spend $35.7 billion on Mother's Day this year. That's $4 billion more than last year's record high of $31 billion. Other findings:

- the average person plans to spend $274 on their mother

- most popular Mother's Day gifts are ... flowers (74%), greeting cards (74%) and special outings such as dinner or brunch (60%).

TOP 20 SONGS TO SING ALONG TO IN THE CAR ... According to a new survey by OnePoll

1. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

2. Abba – Dancing Queen

3. Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

4. Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline

5. Meatloaf – Bat out of Hell

6. Fleetwood Mac – Go Your Own Way

7. The Killers – Mr Brightside

8. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

9. Pharrell Williams – Happy

10. Bruce Springsteen – Born to Run

11. Spandau Ballet – Gold

12. The Beatles – Hey Jude

13. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain

14. The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

15. Culture Club – Karma Chameleon

16. Rod Stewart – Maggie May

17. Dire Straits – Money for Nothing

18. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

19. Steppenwolf – Born to be Wild

20. Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Top 10 Neighborly Annoyances … According to a new survey by the mobile network GiffGaff

1. Inappropriate parking 2. Loud music 3. Dogs barking loudly 4. Shouting 5. Noisy children 6. Noise from a house party 7. Doors being slammed 8. Loud TV 9. Messy exterior appearance e.g. not tidying up, leaving paint chipped etc 10. Animal faeces left outside

Dating Survey

A new survey by Plenty of Fish reveals that 63% of women and 38% of men have 'fleabagged' at some point while dating. Fleabagging is defined as someone who only dates people that are bad for them. Fifty percent of daters say they consistently date the wrong person

America's Airlines Ranked Best To Worst ... According to a new study by WalletHub 1. Delta Airlines 2. Spirit Airlines 3. SkyWest Airlines 4. United Airlines 5. Alaska Airlines 6. Hawaiian Airlines 7. JetBlue Airlines 8. Envoy Air 9. American Airlines 10. Frontier Airlines 11. Southwest Airlines

Dear Fonseca

I know Jerry Springer died yesterday, but I have a Jerry Springer situation on my hands. My ex-girlfriend told me she is pregnant with my child. She is planning to get married to another man in two weeks. He is smart and successful and will be able to provide a much better life than I can for my child. My ex-girlfriend asked me to stay silent so her new husband thinks the child is his. I'm leaning towards doing this because I only want the best for my child and ex-girlfriend. Is this the right course of action? What should I do? Do I break up the wedding and stay in my child's life OR stay in the background.

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