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Fonseca Show Trending 11/16/22


- Deadline Hollywood says 4.8 million people watched Dave Chappelle host ''Saturday Night Live'' last weekend. The show was a ratings high for SNL this year.

- NBC says Taylor Swift concert tickets went on sale yesterday. Some seats sold for as much as $9,495.

- Business Insider says Sam's Club under cut Costco yesterday and lowered the price of it's hot dog and soda combo to $1.38. Costco still charges $1.50.

- The Daily Record says the Heinz website has revealed what the number 57 on their bottle means. "Henry Heinz claimed five was his lucky number, and seven was his wife’s. But he also believed seven was a significant number for people of all ages. Whatever his reasons the number stuck!"

- CNN says Subway is debuting new vending machines that contain pre-made sandwiches. They are going to be installed on college campuses, at airports and in hospitals.

- Concrete Playground says Krispy Kreme is celebrating the holidays by releasing a line of holiday-themed dog biscuits. The doggie donuts resemble real donuts. They are made with peanut butter, carob and other dog friendly ingredients. The doggy biscuits are available for a limited time at participating Krispy Kreme locations

- The Verge says DoorDash now lets drivers block rude customers without penalty. Drivers also now have a button they can hit if they feel unsafe or threatened by customers.


Jay Leno Update: The NY Post says Jay Leno may need skin grafts because of the third degree burns he suffered over the weekend in a gas fire. He was fixing a clogged fuel line on his 1907 White Steam car when gasoline sprayed on his hands and face and ignited. His friend, Dave, put out the flames.

Thanksgiving Gas Prices Are Highest Ever: GasBuddy says this year's Thanksgiving gas prices are going to be the highest ever. The national average for a gallon of gas is expected to be $3.68. That's 30 cents more than last year. The previous record was $3.44 a gallon in 2012.GasBuddy says their app can save drivers as much as 30 cents per gallon

WGTC says Ticketmaster crashed yesterday shortly after putting Taylor Swift concert tickets on sale. Taylor posted, “So many reasons to lose my damn mind today. All Too Well 10 is the song I’m the most proud of, out of anything I’ve written. The fact that it’s nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammys, an award I’ve never won, that honors the songwriting… it’s momentous and surreal.”

Female First says Pink is going to perform a tribute to Olivia Newton-John at the American Music Awards on Sunday

OneRepublic star Ryan Tedder tells GQ magazine that a Ben Folds Five album made him want to be a musician. “it was thanks to a Ben Folds Five album in the late 90s, when I was 14. This guy was just on a piano, doing these crazy songs. For some reason, the fact that he was singing and playing piano which is what I did, and he has a quirky voice, whereas I thought I had a decent voice, made me think, well, “if he can do it, I can do it."”

Kim Petras tells The Guardian newspaper that she was driven to improve her songwriting. “I can’t tell you how driven I was. It’s the only thing I woke up for. I wrote song after song, desperate to get good. That practice and perseverance paid off. If you have a dream, work hard at it and you will succeed.”

WPEG says Beyonce spends $800,000 a year on nannies. She has eight of them. All of them must speak French because Beyonce's cousin speaks the language

Post Malone tells GQ magazine that he's been working on his dance moves. "Everything I do, I go super hard, even my dance moves—and I’ve been working on those for a long time. It’s important that I go full force, but I kind of laid back a little bit, and now I think we’re ready to go."

OK! magazine, citing Radar Online, claims Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall have allegedly broken up after seven years together. A source tells the websites, "It's widely known Bryan wanted to make things official with Sandra, but she didn't see a need to go down that path. It became quite an issue as time went on. There's still a great deal of respect on both sides. Sandra will always care for Bryan and wish him nothing but the best and vice versa. Sandra didn't need a piece of paper to plan a future and be happy, but he felt differently. Sandra wants to hang with her kids and catch up with her friends and kick back a little. Eventually, she'll start dating, but it's going to take a while for her to heal. She loved Bryan very much, and had a lot of hopes and dreams tied up with him."

Bryan has allegedly moved out of Sandra's home and is living with his mother.

Body language expert Judi James says she knows why beautiful Hollywood actresses and celebrities are attracted Pete Davidson. She tells the Daily Mail, ''In a world of controlling ex's this could be like therapy for the women. Pete is the guy with the goofy grin and the body language and fashion finesse of a party-loving teenager. Not only does Pete look like a man who is continually punching above his weight, he acts like it too with his body language. He tends to look star-struck in a very flattering way. The more beautiful a woman is the more she tends to attract the arrogant Narcissist. Pete looks like the opposite, which could be refreshing. 'Jokes can be as powerful as muscles when taking somebody down and Pete's ability to crack great one-liners might be super-attractive, especially if he's bringing a toxic ex down to size.''

Female First says Dionne Warwick is following Pete and tweeted; "I will be dating Pete Davidson next."

Entertainment Tonight says 81 year old Martha Stewart recently went to a Bat Mitzvah with 26 year old rapper Yung Gravy. He says, “I rap a lot about cooking and cougars and a lot of things that Martha Stewart kind of embodies. So I named a song after her and people on her team heard it and showed her. They reached out and we made a whole commercial campaign and have hung out a few times. I brought her as my date for a bat mitzvah. Martha and I are close, yeah. We check in often. She’s great.''

PR Newswire says Paris Hilton has launched a new fragrance called Love Rush. She wore it on her wedding day. It has hints of apricot, Sandalwood and vanilla orchid. Paris says, ''Whenever I wear Love Rush, I feel immersed in true love and happiness."

The Daily Mail says Brad Pitt is dating again. He brought a 29 year old woman, named Ines de Ramon, to a Bono concert in Los Angeles. Brad introduced his new girlfriend to Cindy Crawford and Sean Penn. He is 58 while she is 29.

Wonderwall says Jim Carrey has responded to Vladimir Putin banning him and author Margaret Atwood from Russia because they have taken an anti Russian stance in the country's war with Ukraine. Jim Tweeted, "Yes @MargaretAtwood. I’m afraid the worst has happened. We’re banned from Russia…but the problems of 100 Canadians don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world! We’ll always have Paris. Here’s looking at you kid.''

John Stamos was doing an interview with Dax Shepard for his Armchair Expert podcast when he said he almost dated his wife, Kristen Bell. “I was freshly divorced — there was some award show or party or after-party or something, and my press agent, Lewis K., says, ‘There’s this girl that wants to meet you. You gotta meet her. She’s into theater, she’s fun, you guys will be great together'. It was Kristen. So I said, she’s so adorable, she’s so great, I am way too old. I was just so lofty and thought, I’m old — I don’t know how old she is. She’s five years younger than me, so she’d be 17 years younger than you. So that would be less than your current gal. Yeah, but I think I got over that.”

TMZ says Denise Richards was involved in a road rage incident on Monday in Los Angeles. She was headed to a studio when a driver behind her started shouting and yelling because she did not know where she was going. The other driver opened fire as he passed Denise and her husband. No one was hurt. Denise made it to the studio and worked 12 hours.

TMZ says Mariah Carey was recently denied some Christmas-themed trademarks. Mariah attempted to trademark the phrases, "Queen of Christmas", "Princess Christmas", and "Christmas Princess", but was denied. She claims she wanted to put the phrases on cups, mugs, and sweatshirts. Mariah received some pushback after announcing she was filing for the trademarks. Singer Elizabeth Chan is arguing no one should monopolize the word Christmas.


Top Dating Turn-Offs For Women … According to a new article posted by The Daily Mail

Dirty fingernails

Eating loudly


Bad hygiene


Road rage

Short temper


Voice Survey A new survey by Jakemans reveals that 79% of people exaggerate their voice when calling out sick from work. Other findings:

- 25% of people have a voice they only use when talking in their partner's ear

- 10% of people say they have a job interview voice

- 32% of people think a good voice should have a silky, smoothness to it.

Morning Exercise Good For The Heart

A new study by Leiden University in the Netherlands reveals that morning exercise lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke. Lead researcher Gali Albalak says scientists studied over 86,000 adults for eight years. They tracked their exercise routines and heart health. "It is well established that exercise is good for heart health, and our study now indicates that morning activity seems to be most beneficial. The findings were particularly pronounced in women, and applied to both early birds and night owls. Our findings add to the evidence on the health benefits of being physically active by suggesting that morning activity, and especially late morning, maybe the most advantageous.''

Holiday Gift Survey A new survey by reveals that 66% of people believe the amount of money spent on a holiday gift should depend on how long a couple has been exclusively dating. Other findings:

- 71% of people wouldn't spend any money on a gift if they were dating someone for less than seven months

- 43% of couples have agreed not to buy gifts for each other this year

- 38% of people would break up with someone if they didn't receive an appropriate gift from them. 35% of people have actually done so

Dear Fonseca

My fiance and I recently broke up. We are still in love, but have major issues we can't seem to overcome. I am thinking of going out this weekend and posting pictures of me having a wild time. Some of my friends say I should post pictures of me with other guys because that will make my fiance jealous and cause him to run back to me. My sisters say the stunt will backfire and push him into the arms of another woman. Who is right ... my friends or my sister's? Is this a good strategy?

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