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Fonseca Show Trending 10/03/22


- The Daily Mail says some Fort Myers residents are kayaking on flooded streets. They are trying to get to their homes to see what is left following the destruction of Hurricane Ian.

- Fox Business News says Halloween candy prices are expected to rise by 34% this year due to supply chain issues.

- New Jersey Stage says White Castle is launching their own beer called It Hits Different. The beer has an alcohol by volume of 6.5% and hints of tangerine.


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Smile,” $22 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $17 million to produce)

2. “Don’t Worry Darling,” $7.3 million.

3. “The Woman King,” $7 million.

4. “Bros,” $4.8 million.

5. “Avatar" (re-release), $4.7 million.

Kanye Sneakers Selling For $3.5 Million: Netflix Junkie says a pair of Jordans by Kanye West are up for sale for $3.5 million. The shoes were never released and are now being sold by Christie's. The shoes are white and red and have a floral design on the front, sides and back.

Vibe magazine says Nick Cannon has become a father for the 10th time. Brittany Bell gave birth to their third child. The couple has named the child Rise Messiah Cannon. Nick posted; Another Blessing!!! As my journey on this planet becomes more and more remarkable and unfathomable, all I can do is thank God and continue to ask the Most High to order my steps. He has given me stewardship and dominion over a family dynamic that to some is unimaginable. But more importantly he has blessed me with loving individuals to guide me with care through this purposeful life. I am so indebted and grateful for the matriarch energy in my time of need.”

Adam Sandler tells Variety magazine that he wants to do a sequel to his 1998 comedy ''The Waterboy.'' “That would be fun. I love Mama. I love Henry Winkler. He’s always gonna be Coach Klein to me.” "The Waterboy'' earned $186 million worldwide on a budget of $23 million.

Christian Bale tells The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to play a Stormtrooper in an upcoming Star Wars movie. “All I ever wanted in Star Wars was to be in a Star Wars outfit and hit my head on a door or something as I walked through. The real nerds who watched Star Wars way too many times always knew about that one scene where the Stormtrooper hits his head on the door as he comes through. I wanted to be that guy. That was it. But look, if I’m fortunate enough to be more than that, oh man, yeah. What a delight that would be. I’ve still got the figures from when I was little. I also know Kathy Kennedy very well because she was working with Spielberg when I did Empire of the Sun, and now, she runs the Star Wars universe.”

Colin Jost tells NBC that he and Pete Davidson have named their $280,000 Staten Island ferry Titanic 2. “This is why idiots shouldn’t be allowed to do things. There’s so many immediate decisions you have to make, and one of them is you have to create a financial entity to deal with this boat. And so we’re on a call, and I’m just like, ‘Alright, well, how about naming it Titanic 2? So that goes into a contract, right? And so now, suddenly, we’re looking for insurance, which we have to buy because it’s a giant deathtrap boat … and every insurance company is like, ‘It’s called Titanic 2?!’”

Ralph Macchio tells Entertainment Weekly that he doesn't know if he is going to be in the new Karate Kid movie. “I know no other information, It’s too early to tell what that story is with the movie. This is all, like, happening in real time as you’re asking me this question. I think that will be figured out in the near future, or I may have nothing to do with it. We’ll talk when I know what’s going on.”

Shaquille O'Neal tells TMZ that he wants to form an inestment group with Jeff Bezos to buy the Phoenix Suns. "Nobody on this planet can compete with Big Man JB. Because you know what? I just ordered 50 things off Amazon today. Big Man JB got that money coming in! If he wants me on board, I would gladly like to talk to him. As far as trying to own a whole team by myself, and go up against -- let me tell you something, I'm scared of Big Man JB. Shaq O'Neal is scared of Big Man JB!"

Lea Michele tells NBC that her newborn son cries whenever she sings for him."Starting 'Funny Girl' was the first time I’ve gone back to work [since he was born]. I’ve been home with him for the past two years, 100 percent, and now I’m back to work. I’ve been home with him for the past two years, 100 percent, and now I’m back to work. So, my singing coach was like, ‘You could try to incorporate what you’re doing, like, try to incorporate him into it, so he can be a part of it and you can be not away from him as much. The other day, I hit some, like, high note and [Ever] started hysterically crying. I'm like, 'OK, that was a big fail!'"

The NY Post says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are looking for a new home in a private California community called Hope Ranch. The ranch is for members only and has a country club, golf club, tennis courts and equestrian trails. Homes in the area start at $22 million. They say their property no longer accommodates them

Brobible says Terry Bradshaw adressed rumors about his health over the weekend. Fans became concerned last weekend when he struggled during Fox Football's postgame show. Terry tells, “People are saying that I’m sick and I’m dying, okay, so let’s put that rumor to rest. I am not sick, I am not dying.I’m not gonna deny I’ve had two bouts of cancer, one in November and a different one in March — two different cancers. I have a lung issue from surgery where a nerve was blocked and what is happening primarily now is asthma. When I get to California I have a hard time out there. I’m tired about people speculating I’m dying because I lose my breath on the FOX show.''

Real Estate Agent Uses Halloween's Michael Myers In Zillow Ad: WMTW says a Weare, New Hampshire real estate agent named Tommy Bolduc is using the Michael Myers character from the ''Halloween'' movies to sell a house. He had someone dress as Michael for a local listing of his. Tommy says the home is not haunted. "It was something fun that we decided to do. I believe that we all need to take it easy and have a laugh every once in a while, and that was the intent."

Talking Pet Survey

A new survey by Healthy Paws reveals that 61% people wish their pet could talk so they could explain their food preferences. Other findings:

- 53% of people wouldn't want their pet to talk because they might reveal their secrets

- 46% of people don't want their pet to talk because they are concerned they would insult someone

- 58% of people wish their pet could talk so they could tell them when something is wrong

- 22% of people say they would scream if their pet just started talking out of the blue

PEOPLE’S HAPPIEST SPENDS …. According to a new survey by Happy Money

“My first car.”

“Leadership books."

“My German Shepherd puppy."

“A travel experience to the U.S. as an immigrant from my home country, Nigeria."

“A Disney cruise.”

“My house.”

“Pizza and chicken.”

“Buying all the essential needs of my family: a home, good food, quality insurance."

“Paying off my loans.”

“My wedding.”

Style Survey

A new survey by the clothing company Charles Tyrwhitt reveals that 21% of men wear the same shirt three times a week. Other findings:

- 41% of men don't feel good in their current clothes

- 29% of men say a style overhaul would make them feel more confident

- 40% of men feel confident when wearing their favorite clothing item

- 28% of men struggle to dress themselves

- 38% of men have a lucky shirt

TOP 10 THINGS CATS DO THAT BAFFLE THEIR OWNERS …. According to a new survey by One Poll

1. How they can tell the difference between the treat packet opening and something that’s of no interest to them like a bag of salad

2. Why they ignore their scratching posts and go for the furniture instead

3. Why they get ‘zoomies’ at random times and seem to go absolutely mad for five minutes

4. Why they meow at you when you're eating, seemingly asking for some of your food, and when you give it to them, they just ignore it

5. Why they constantly seem to try and get in places you don’t want them to, like cupboards or under the bed

6. How they get comfortable sitting in really uncomfy looking places

7. Where they go when they’re out of the house

8. Why they always seem to lie down on clothes you’ve laid out to wear

9. Their obsession with empty boxes

10. Why they suddenly go from purring and cuddling to ‘attack mode’

Dear Fonseca

I am torn about whether or not to date a woman I recently met. She lives with a married man, who is currently separated from his wife. She claims they are just friends. I told her I think the living arrangement is weird. She said I need to stop being insecure and take it for what it is. She said she's been friends with the man for a long time and moved in with him to save money. I still think this is an unusual living arrangement that I'm not comfortable with. Do you think it's weird? Would you date her if you were me? What's really going on here?

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