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Fonseca Show Trending 07/28/23

Fonseca Show Best of Calls:


- LeBron James says his son, Bronny, is recovering well from his recent cardiac arrest. He Tweeted; "I want to thank the countless people sending my family love and prayers. We feel you and I'm so grateful. Everyone doing great. We have our family together, safe and healthy, and we feel your love. Will have more to say when we're ready but I wanted to tell everyone how much your support has meant to all of us! #JamesGang". TMZ says Bronny has been discharged from the hospital

- WNCN says Michael Jordan's high school yearbook is going to be auctioned off. The 1981 book features pictures of him accepting an offer from North Carolina and posing with the baseball team. The starting bid for the yearbook is $1,000

- The Daily Mail says the six-carat diamond engagement ring Hulk Hogan gave to his girlfriend, Sky Daily, is worth over $100,000

- The Blast says ''Jersey Shore'' star Mike ''The Situation'' Sorrentino is going to release a memoir in the Fall titled "Reality Check"

- The New York Post says the #UnapproachableMakeup trend is becoming popular on social media. Women have found that undesirable men are less likely to talk to them when they wear dark eyeshadow, tinted bronzers and dark lipstick

- Unilad says the Opera GX Internet browser has a new feature called Fake My History. It replaces your questionable and dirty search history with wholesome ones after you die. Gamers are the biggest users of the Opera GX browser

- The Wrap says the Primetime Emmy Awards have been postponed because of the Hollywood writers and actors strikes. The show was set to take place on September 18th on Fox


Barbie Trending

- The Times Tribune says women are pre-gaming and tailgating before going to the new ''Barbie'' movie. Groups of women are dressing in pink and then drinking rosé wine. They are posting pictures of their parties online.

- Totally the Bomb says Spirit Halloween stores expect Barbie outfits to be this year's hottest Halloween costume. Stores plan to fully stock Barbie and Ken outfits from the movie when they open for the Halloween season

- LAD Bible says Mattel is planning to make movies based on the UNO card game and the Magic 8 Ball toy. They hope the films have the same success as the Barbie movie is having

- Footwear News says Adidas is trying to capitalize on the new Barbie movie by releasing Barbie Ultraboost Light running shoes. The body of the shoe is white with purple and pink accents. The shoe has blue laces and a pink, yellow and blue tiger print sole. The shoes retail for $190


Food And Drink Trending

- WFFF says McDonald's is going to launch a spin-off restaurant called 'CosMc's’ (Cosmics). CosMc was an alien character that appeared in McDonald's commercials and video games in the '80s and 90s. No word on what food CosMc's is going to serve

- NDTV Food says Oreo Fried Rice is trending on social media. People are cooking fried rice and then mixing in Oreo cookies. The amateur chefs crush the cookies, which gives the rice a dark brown color. The stir fry is finished with fresh veggies

- The Albany Herald says Jello is freshening up their logo and marketing approach. Their new tagline is 'jiggly goodness'.

- People magazine says Disney World is now selling a pickle milkshake. The green shake is topped with whipped cream, pickle spices and a sprig of dill.

- NBC says Trader Joe's is recalling their broccoli cheddar soup because it may contain insects. The grocery store chain is asking people to destroy the soup if they have it


Best Songs To Listen To While Studying ... According to a new study by College Rover

1 Taylor Swift's"Cruel Summer"

2 The Weeknd's "Less Than Zero"

3 SZA's "The Weekend:

4 Harry Styles' "From the Dining Room Table"

5 Post Malone's "Paranoid"

6 Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop"

7 Ariana Grande "No Tears Left To Cry"

8 Kendrick Lamar's "Count Me Out"

9 Rihanna's "Work"

10 Tyler the Creator's "What A Day"

Luke Combs tells The Washington Post newspaper that he's not sure if he's ready to have two young children running around the house. “We're about to have two kids under two tearing around. It's gonna be a challenge, but I think we're up to it. I told my friends we already weathered one, how much worse can two be? The way they laughed at me has me worried.”

Taylor Swift tells Variety magazine that songwriting ideas can come from anywhere. "I think songwriting is the ultimate form of being able to make anything that happens in your life productive. You get cut off in traffic? Song idea. Stub your toe getting out of bed? Get an email from an old friend? All of those can turn into songs."

Dua Lipa tells Elle magazine that you should never be afraid to try new things. “If there’s something that you like why not try it? See if you enjoy it. You’ll never know unless you just dive in and try something.”

Rema tells W magazine that all of his songs come from his soul. “I find my songs by looking deep into my soul and just searching whatever is in there and trying to bring it out as music, you know. Everything I write about comes from within me ”

The Daily Star says the trailer for the new Exorcist movie, ''The Exorcist: Believer'', is so scary that one person viewed it and almost had a heart attack. The movie is about two 12 year olds that go missing in the woods for three days.

Viewers of the trailer react ...

“I saw the trailer for The Exorcist Believer. I was terrified, and I could not sleep last night.”

“The Exorcist trailer came on. I almost had a heart attack, now I can no longer sleep.”

“I watched the new Exorcist trailer late last night and it gave me nightmares.”

Radar Online says Sinead O'Connor was found unresponsive at her London home. The London Police say O'Connor's death is not considered suspicious. Entertainment Tonight says Pink was performing in Cincinnati when she honored O'Connor by covering ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’

Female First says Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganello are battling for custody of their dog, Bubbles. A source tells the website, "They still have a few issues to figure out, like custody of their dog, Bubbles. But Sofia hopes they can move forward in a calm, fair fashion."

Sofia previously told Ellen DeGeneres, "I don’t have a dog, it’s not mine. Joe has a dog. It doesn’t even look like a Chihuahua, it looks like some kind of teddy bear. The dog was for me, I got it for myself, she arrived and completely ignored me. Went straight to him. She has taken everything that was mine. It’s not a laughing thing - it’s horrible, she’s taken my husband, my bed. They sleep together and I sleep on the other side. It has become something so weird. But I have to say it’s not Joe’s fault, she’s obsessed with him."

Naughty Gossip claims Meghan Markle wants to be a power player in Hollywood while Prince Harry doesn't. A source tells the website, “She wants to be a power player in Hollywood and this is not the direction Harry has desired to go. The avalanche of these rumors… what they’re saying is that they are taking temporary time apart just so that Harry can—Harry does not like the chaos of Los Angeles. He doesn’t like the pursuits of Hollywood. One of the rumors is that Meghan has her eyes set on bigger opportunities… I can’t imagine what it’s like to have so much pressure on you. The entire world is watching and they have had a lot of failures professionally over the last few years and that’s going to create tense stress in their household.”

People magazine says Kristen Bell and her family were recently stranded at the Boston airport for nine hours due to flight delays. They sat on the floor and played Uno and Spades. There were no hotels available for 50 miles.

''Barbie'' director Greta Gerwig tells Indiewire that she almost included a fart scene in the movie. “We’ve always tried to get in a proper fart joke and we’ve never done it. We had like a fart opera in the middle [of Barbie]. I thought it was really funny. And that was not the consensus.” A producer says, “It was in the wrong place, too. We need to work it into a more significant narrative moment next time.”

The New York Post says Kim Kardashian recently brought a $380,000 handbag to a soccer game in Osaka, Japan. Her Hermès Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin bag is brown, white and cream colored. Jennifer Lopez owns a similar bag. It's made with crocodile skin and diamonds.

Sarah Jessica Parker says she didn't originally like the cosmopolitans she and the cast of ''Sex and the City" drank on the show. Ace Showbiz quotes her as saying, "I never drank cosmopolitans. [I] thought they were terrible. The ones on the show were that kind of cosmopolitan that you later learn are not the good ones. First of all, ours weren't real, they were cranberry juice and water. One day someone sent a cosmopolitan over and it was opaque, pale pink, fleshy, you could see a little bit of pulp of whatever citrus had been used, with a twist, freezing cold, and I was like, 'Oh, this is a cosmopolitan. I get it now.' I would say I really started drinking cosmopolitans that I chose on my own and would order, I'm going to say like six, seven years ago and I love them."

The NY Post says Tina Fey is allegedly being courted to take over as executive producer of "Saturday Night Live". This would happen when 78 year-old Lorne Michaels departs. A source tells the newspaper, "I would be surprised if it WASN'T her. Seth Meyers has his own show. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg won't come here. Judd Apatow passed on the job years ago. Amy Poehler has her own stuff. Bill Hader is directing a movie. Kate McKinnon is too hot."

Sweet Tooth Survey

A new survey by Veggies Made Great reveals that 74% of people have a sweet tooth. Other findings:

- 41% of people view sweets as a treat rather than part of their diet

- 42% of people believe sugar is the sole cause of their weight gain

10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Meeting Your Online Date ... According to a new article by Zee News

1. Pick A Public Spot

2. Virtual Date

3. Inform Trusted Friends And Family

4. Limit Alcohol Consumption

5. Trust Your Gut

6. Avoid Controversial Topics

7. Avoid The Ex

8. Listen

9. Ditch The Mobile

10. Be On Time

Top 10 Ways People Keep Cool During The Summer … According to a new survey by One Poll

Sleeping on top of the blankets

Keeping all the curtains closed

Sitting in front of a fan

Sleeping naked

Change to lighter blankets

Opening up the windows even if you sleep on the ground floor

Taking a cold shower just before bed

Putting a wet flannel on your head

Leaving your hair wet while walking around the house

Drinking a glass of iced water directly before bed

Bedding Survey

A new survey by Click Pharmacy reveals that 10% of people only change their bedding once a month. Other findings:

- 21% of people change their bedding every two weeks.

- 6% of people never change their bedding

Dear Fonseca,

My wife recently went to her doctor and was told she needed to lose weight. We both work from home and agreed to buy healthier food. The problem is we have a 16 year-old son in the house, who loves junk food. This isn't helping my wife. She sneaks into the kitchen and steals candy, cookies and chips. Her doctor bills are costing me a fortune. Yesterday, I went out and bought locks and chains for the cabinets and refrigerator. My son and I will be the only ones with keys and will control when my wife can and can't eat. I plan to tell my wife about my plan at dinner tonight. She won't be happy, but it's necessary because of her health and the expensive doctor bills. My two brothers say I'm headed for a divorce because my solution to her snacking is insulting. What do you think about my plan? I say it's 'tough love'. What do you think?

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