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Fonseca Show Trending 06/26/23 (Aaron Fonseca)


- Hasbro is bringing back the Furby. It will arrive at retailers on July 15th. The new Furby comes in purple and coral and can say over 600 phrases and jokes. The Furby will be able to respond to hugs, pats on the heads, shakings and feedings

- Louder Sound magazine says an Australian punk rocker has set a new Guinness world record for eating the most hard-boiled eggs in one sitting. Josh Cottreau downed 143 eggs in less than four minutes. He beat Joey Chestnut's record by two.

- People magazine says Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are expecting a baby boy. Kourtney is several months pregnant

- Pop Culture magazine says NBC has canceled ''Magnum P.I." The series came over from CBS

- TMZ says Elvis Presley's signed Bible is going to be auctioned off. It's currently for sale for $95,000. A fan gave Elvis the Bible


Hooray for Hollywood: Here are this past weekend's box office results.

1. “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” $19.3 million.

2. “Elemental,” $18.4 million.

3. The Flash,” $15.2 million.

4. “No Hard Feelings,” 15.1 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $45 million to produce)

5. "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,” $11.6 million.

6. “Asteroid City” $9 million. (CINEMA SCOOP .. The film cost $25 million to produce)

7. “The Little Mermaid,” $8.6 million.

8. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3,” $3.5 million.

9. “The Blackening,” $3 million.

The Irish Mirror says Taylor Swift turned down an invite from Meghan Markle to appear on her now defunct podcast. Meghan wrote a personal letter asking Taylor to appear. Taylor's representative reached out to Meghan and respectfully declined.

Entertainment Tonight says Adele was performing in Las Vegas when she stopped her show to talk about the lost Titanic tourist submarine that imploded. She said, "So sad and so tragic. But I have been debating with my friends on our group chats. Everyone’s like, 'I would never do that.' But that’s a lie, 'cause a lot of people would do that. I wanna do a vote -- not in mind of what happened, 'cause that was so sad and so tragic -- but before this week, how many people would, if they could, would go down to the very, very bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic? Raise your hands. See, I knew it! Turn the lights on so I can see the balconies ... that's a very good proportion. I wouldn’t do it either but only because I’m a bit of a scaredy cat of everything. I wouldn’t even go on roller coasters. But also, I just genuinely don’t have an interest in the deep sea or space so that’s why."

Ed Sheeran tells the BBC that it's all right not to know how to be a parent. “I don't know what I expected. Like my daughter was going to be born and I was going to receive this manuel all about how to raise her right? THat didn't happen. Parenting is a very learn as you go thing. You're gonna mess up, but that's all right. No one gets it perfect." "

Pink tells Women's Health magazine that she loves playing tennis. "It's fun and a great way to stay in shape. You run around and smack a little fuzzy ball over and over with a racket. It's a great way to get your frustrations out too. Just imagine the ball is someone you hate."

Deadline Hollywood says Rihanna is stepping down as CEO of her company Savage X Fenty. She will concentrate on being a mother and is set to give birth to her second child. Rihanna has already hired her replacement and plans to stay with the company

KHOU says Lizzo recently created a scholarship program at the University of Houston. The $50,000 scholarship has been established for music students

Popsugar magazine says Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola married on Saturday in Big Sur, California. The couple met on their show "Mad Men". They wed at Anderson Canyon where the series finale was filmed. Paul Rudd and Tina Fey attended the wedding

The Irish Mirror says Taylor Swift turned down an invite from Meghan Markle to appear on her now defunct podcast. Meghan wrote a personal letter asking Taylor to appear. Taylor's representative reached out to Meghan and respectfully declined.

The Vigour Times newspaper says Nick Cannon is pursuing a degree in child psychology. They quote him as saying, “I was already planning to get a master’s degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in divinity. However, I shifted my focus to child psychology because it aligns with my life.'' Nick has 12 children.

Radar Online claims Vanna White allegedly wants to replace Pat Sajak as host of ''Wheel of Fortune''. A source tells the site, “Vanna believes it’s her time and thinks she is the natural choice. She temporarily took over as master of ceremonies of Wheel of Fortune in December 2019 after Sajak was hospitalized with a blocked intestine and needed emergency surgery. It’s unlikely an all-female hosting line-up would work. There is merit to Vanna taking on the role — and perhaps it could work if there is a format change, and the role of letter activator is removed completely in favor of a digital tool, like something that would reveal the letter at the host’s command instead of a host touching the letters."

TMZ says Maury Povich is launching a new at-home paternity test. He says the product launch makes sense for him because of how many paternity tests he did on his television show. Once taken, the DNA test is sent to a lab for testing. Results will be available in two to three days with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Maury says, "I've seen firsthand how DNA testing can change lives and bring families together. With 'The Results Are In,' we're making it easier and more affordable than ever before for people to get the answers they need."

Kelly Clarkson tells Howard Stern that she has no plans to use dating apps when she starts dating again. She also says she does not want to date Pete Davidson. "Pete Davidson? Here's the thing: He's cute, and he's funny. Pete Davidson, you are wonderful, but no, I'm not looking."

As for dating Tom Brady, Kelly says, "I have a lot of confidence, I am a very confident woman, [but] I don't think I'd like to follow [his ex-wife] Gisele Bündchen. How do you not think about [following her] when you're making out with him?"

Radar Online claims John Travolta is ready to date again. A source tells the website, "Kelly (Preston) would have wanted to see him happy. It's the single thought that's driving him at this point — that and being strong and healthy and happy for his kids, Ella and Benjamin. Being alone won't help that!"

Marijuana connoisseur Snoop Dogg tells Business Insider that he eats hard boiled eggs when he gets the munchies. "They're fast to make, and not hard to make, Can't really mess that up. I put the egg in the middle of the toast like the elementary school breakfast they used to give. We couldn't wait to get to school to get that hard-boiled egg and put it in the toast. A beautiful thing."

The Daily Mail says Prince Harry wanted to interview Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg about their upbringing and childhood traumas. He wanted the interviews to be a part of his podcast. The idea was scrapped because the interviews could not be booked.

Tom Holland tells Unilad that he got Zendaya to fall in love with him by fixing her door. “Carpentry is something I just really enjoy. I made my mum’s kitchen table. I made my mum’s office. I built all the cupboards in my bedroom. I built a little birdhouse with my granddad. I fixed my girlfriend’s door once really early on in our relationship. I was hanging out at her house and her door was broken. I was like, ‘I’m gonna fix that door for you.’ And now we’re in love.”

Top 15 Things People Value When Seeking a New Partner … According to a new survey by NatWest

1 Good sense of humor

2 Friendship

3 Shared interests

4 Intelligence

5 Romance

6 Good sex life

7 Good financial health

8 In good shape

9 Good looks

10 Good financial knowledge

11 Same taste in music

12 Shared political beliefs

13 Wanting children/to start a family

14 Money/wealth

15 Wanting to get married

Foods That Hinder Fat Loss ... According to a new article by Market Research Telecast

1. Snacks

2. Healthy pastries

3. Gluten-free foods

4. Sweeteners

5. Foods rich in healthy fats

6. Fruit juices

7. “Light” products

8. Zero products

9. “Breakfast” cereals or cereal bars

10. Fruit or flavored yogurts

The 10 Most Searched Dreams …According to a new article by The Daily Mail

  1. Dreaming about teeth falling out

  2. Dreaming about spiders

  3. Dreaming about being chased

  4. Dreaming about hair falling out

  5. Dreaming about falling

  6. Dreaming about an ex

  7. Dreaming about flying

  8. Dreaming about death

  9. Dreaming about cheating

  10. Dreaming about partner cheating

THE 10 BEST THINGS ABOUT BEING A PARENT TO KIDS UNDER 13 …. According to a new survey by Calpol

1.    The cuddles 2.    Watching their personalities develop 3.    They make you laugh 4.    Hearing some of the funny things they say 5.    Having new experiences with them for the first time 6.    They make you appreciate little things in life more 7.    Reliving the magic of Christmas through a child’s experience again 8.    Seeing them do something you’ve taught them 9.    The many quirky and wonderful questions they ask 10.   Birthday celebrations

Dear Fonseca

I am trying to lose weight. One of the ways I cut calories when I go out is to order kids meals. I was out with some friends over the weekend when a restaurant refused to serve me a kids meal because they said it's only for kids. I told them I'm trying to lose weight and eat kids meals because the portions are smaller. They said they didn't care. I told them that nowhere on their menu is it written that adults can't order kids meals for themselves. The night ended with me and my friends getting into a screaming match with the restaurant and their managers. We left and went somewhere else. Was the restaurant wrong? Should adults be allowed to order kids meals without catching any heat from the restaurant? They should be glad we're eating there! Isn't the customer always right?

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