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Fonseca Show Trending 05/11/23 (Aaron Fonseca)


- Parade Magazine says the Barbie Frappuccino has become one of Starbucks' most talked about drinks. It's available on their secret menu. The vanilla bean cream Frappuccino contains milk, raspberry syrup, vanilla syrup, dragon fruit and whipped cream. Fans came up with the drink to celebrate the release of the new live action Barbie movie

- The NY Post says Tom Holland has been sober for one year and four months. He stopped drinking because of the pressure of Hollywood and his jobs.

Access Hollywood says a ''Freaky Friday'' sequel, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, is now in development. The two will reprise their roles as mother and daughter. The original film made $160 million in 2003

- Uproxx says Disney+ and Hulu are merging into one streaming service. The change will happen later this year

- Brand Eating says McDonald's has launched a new McFlurry in Canada called the Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurry. The vanilla soft serve is infused with candy confetti dots and cookie dough. The dessert is available for a limited time. Americans are calling for McDonald's to serve the dessert in the States

- Kellogg's is launching a new Maple Raisin Bran flavor. A box costs $6.49


Ed Sheeran tells Apple Music that he is unhappy when he's not recording or performing. ''I’m either in studio or I’m on stage. When I stop those two things, I get really, really unhappy because I’ve got no purpose. Professionally, I’m talking about. I’d say personally, obviously there’s always stuff to do because I have a family and stuff. But professionally, there’s nothing else I want to do. I want to make records and I want to be on stage.''

Ed Sheeran tells that he's a big fan of the Pokemon series. “I’ve played Pokémon since I was in primary school. Me and my brother used to have different versions of the games and would trade Pokémon together ‘til we each completed our Pokédex. I loved the cards, but the games are what I lost myself in. I loved the whole world they created; it kept me distracted if there was negative stuff happening in my life/school that I wanted to avoid. It was a world I could escape into, and I’ve played it ever since. I still own the same Game Boy Color and play Pokémon Yellow or Silver on planes and trains when I’m on tour.”

Taylor Swift tells Billboard magazine that she's a decent cook. "I love to create and cook.It's fun making something really yummy and eating it. It's like music. You create something people love and then they get to enjoy it. It's really satisfying."

Post Malone tells NME magazine that he had a fanboy moment when he met Ozzy Osbourne. “I was nervous meeting him, not as much performing with him. Meeting him is terrifying, ’cause, you know, what do you say to Ozzy Osbourne, you know? ‘I like your pants’!? You have no idea what to say to him. I think I just smiled and stared at him for like 10 minutes.”

Ace Showbiz says Usher has gotten engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Goicoechea. The couple have two children together.

BroBible says Dolph Lundgren has been battling lung cancer since 2015. During an interview with reporter Graham Bensinger, Dolph said he originally beat cancer before it returned in 2020. He was told he had two to three years to live because his kidneys, lungs and spine all had tumors. Dolph is receiving treatment to shrink his tumors.

US Weekly Magazine says Shakira has no interest in dating Tom Cruise after meeting him on Sunday at the F1 Grand Prix race in Miami. A source tells the magazine, “Shakira had a great time hanging out with Tom at F1 but she has no interest in dating him. He was really nice and she enjoyed his company, but she isn’t focused on dating him or anybody else at the moment. She has a lot on her plate and is focused on her kids and career for now. Shakira has seen the online rumors that Tom has been courting her and how fans are chiming in with their opinions, but she thinks it’s hilarious because it’s just not true. She had a fun time when they chatted, but that’s as far as things have gone.”

Marca magazine says Britney Spears has allegedly been staying awake for several days at a time because she is drinking large amounts of Red Bull, coffee, Celsius and dandelion tea. The large amount of caffeine may explain the wild dance videos she's been posting.

US Weekly Magazine says Kevin Costner is allegedly trying to save his marriage. A source tells the magazine, “He is apparently still trying to save his marriage. Kevin loves his wife and children so this has been very hard on him. He is saying that this is his worst nightmare and he would do anything for his family. Everyone thought Kevin and his wife were super happy, so it’s all surprising. He truly loves her and is trying to get her back. He’s been blindsided by this.''Several reports claim Kevin's busy work schedule is the reason his wife, Christine, filed for a divorce

American Idol judge Luke Bryan tells People magazine that he thought Lionel Richie was lying when he said he was friends with King Charles and was going to perform at his coronation. 'It just shows you the scope and the power of who Lionel Richie is. When you think about when Lionel wrote and performed We Are the World, that put him in a situation where he wrote a song for the world. I always felt Lionel was maybe lying and fibbing a little bit about his relationship with all the royals but I gotta say he's telling the truth now. It was fun.''

Jennifer Garner tells Allure magazine that her children would rather watch their father Ben Affleck's movies than hers. "They don’t mind watching their dad, but they kind of want me to be their mom. They don’t want to see me upset and women cry more in what we do. And they don’t really want to see me in a romantic thing."

The Daily Mail says contrary to published reports, Robert De Niro is not the world's oldest new father at age 79. The Guinness Book of World Records says Les Coley, of Australia, fathered a child at age 92. Other men claim to have been older when they fathered a child, but couldn't officially prove their age

Mama June tells the Daily Mail that she has become a penny pincher because she blew $1 million on drugs and booze. “Now I’ve gone back to being like penny pinching. My husband Justin [Stroud] tells me I’m a money hoarder. I think about a lot of things I could do with that money. My husband tells me all the time that I can’t dwell on it. I don’t remember like a lot of that time frame. Just bits and pieces and stuff, but the biggest, stupidest thing I’ve done is spend that much money on drugs. I went into rehab with $1.75 to my name, and I came out with nothing.”

What People Would Do If They Woke Up As Their Dog … According to a new survey by Solid Gold pet food

Play all day long - 47%

Sleep in until noon - 42%

Sleep where I usually don’t sleep - 37%

Beg humans to play with me - 34%

Bark at a stranger - 32%

Roll around in the nearest patch of grass - 32%

Chew on my favorite toy - 32%

Demand to be carried everywhere - 29%

Beg for pets - 23%

Get as dirty as possible - 22%

Top 10 Most Popular Bucket List Vacation Destinations ... According to a new survey by Fair FX

  1. See the Northern Lights

  2. Go on safari in Africa

  3. See the Statue of Liberty in New York

  4. Visit the Colosseum in Rome

  5. Drive Route 66

  6. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

  7. Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice

  8. Explore the ruins of Pompeii

  9. See the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

  10. Go to Disneyworld in Florida

5 Signs Your Work Friend Is Actually Your Enemy … According to a new article from E! Times

They gossip about you

They take credit for your work

They criticize you

They exclude you

They bad-mouth your other colleagues

Dear Fonseca

I went into a well-known store yesterday to have some pictures printed from my thumb drive. The clerk gave me a hard time and threatened to call the police because the pictures showed my smiling grandson making a funny face in his bathtub. The clerk said I shouldn't be printing bare butt baby pictures because they are inappropriate. I laughed because I thought she was joking. I then realized she was serious. She started ranting and raving and trying to make me feel like I had done something wrong. I was totally embarrassed and left the store. I don't think there's anything wrong with cute baby pictures like that. Do you? Is it wrong to have those?

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