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Fonseca Show Trending 03/10/23


- Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday. A survey by GrubHub reveals that 62% of people say it takes them at least a week to adjust to Daylight Saving Time. 55% of people need more coffee to keep up with the time change

- A study by Chmura Economics and Analytics reveals that springing ahead to Daylight Saving Time costs the U.S. $434 million in productivity each year.

- Fortune Magazine says some Summer vacations may be canceled or delayed because of broken airplanes. The airlines are having trouble getting enough jet engine parts to fix their planes.

- Parade Magazine says Lady Gaga will not be performing her Oscar nominated song, "Hold My Hand", at the Academy Awards because she is busy filming the new Joker movie.

- Deadline Hollywood says Harrison Ford, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, Kate Hudson and Julia Louise Dreyfus have been added as presenters for Sunday night's Academy Awards on ABC

- Yahoo News says this year's Academy Awards gift bag is worth over $100,000. Nominees will receive a vacation to Italy, three nights at a private estate in Ottawa Canada, gourmet fruit from Saudi Arabia, a plot of land in Australia, skin care products, flip flops, edible massage oil, tequila, wine, chocolate, popcorn and vegan body butter, among other things. The Oscars are Sunday on ABC

- The Daily Mail says Cher has introduced her boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, to her children. Two of Cher's kids, Chaz, 54 and Elijah, 46, are older than Alexander, 37.

- Mashed magazine says Jack Link's has created a Doritos-flavored beef jerky


The Daily Mail says Meghan Trainor can't sleep because her unborn baby is kicking her. She posted; 'Trying to tell my unborn kid to stop waking me up with kicks all night. I am your mother, you listen to me'

Meghan Trainor tells Ace Showbiz that her goal is to perform on ''Saturday Night Live.'' "My goal in life, the only thing I haven't done…I've literally done everything. I have not done SNL, and that's a big bucket list for me, even though it terrifies me because it is live. That's a goal. If I went there and did 'Made You Look' and 'Mother.' I'm gonna be like eight months pregnant by the time this song is poppin', hopefully... so that's the only other place I could perform.''

Bebe Rexha tells NME magazine that her first band nurtured her love of songwriting.“The first band I was in was a girl band and our name was Allura. It was just three of us and we would stay after school writing songs, thinking up concepts and outfit ideas. I would stay after school for hours and we would just write and write and write, and record ourselves on these little tape recorders.”

Kim Petras tells that she had to deal with a lot of rejection in her career."Labels didn't know what to do with me, so they all told me no. I could have let that discourage me, but instead, I took it as a challenge. I thought to myself 'I'm not gonna let these no's stop me. I'm gonna keep putting out music until they have no choice but to sign me.'"

The Weeknd tells that the goal of his shows is to make people forget their issues for a few hours. “When I’m performing, I am intent to bring people into a story and a world to be lost in for those few hours. It’s not about understanding me as much is it is about feeling a state of being that isn’t your usual.”

Metro Boomin tells Flaunt magazine that he's glad people connect with his music. "It’s a blessing, more than numbers, just to be reminded that people are enjoying the music and receiving it as I intended. I just be wanting people to feel my music flow in them. I don’t care if it’s a hundred streams at a time, or a hundred million streams at a time. I just want people to flow with it genuinely."

KTVU says the city of Glendale, Arizona is temporarily changing their name to honor Taylor Swift. Taylor is kicking off her next concert tour in Glendale on March 17th and 18th. Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers is going to announce the city's new name on Monday. He posted; "There is no need to calm down, we’re fearless and doing something highly unusual to celebrate the fact that Taylor’s concerts start right here! We know all too well that she’s one of the most influential artists of her generation and we are writing our own love story for her and greeting every Swiftie in style!"

Zach Galifianakis tells the Fly On The Wall podcast that he pranked Jennifer Aniston when she was a guest on his web series "Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis". "I interviewed Jennifer Aniston, you know from SmartWater? And in the wings I had a Brad Pitt lookalike. I wanted to tell her about it before we started filming. So I kind of asked her if I could have a word with her, you know, like a vice principal. And I said 'I have a Brad Pitt lookalike here.' And as soon as I said, I read her face. And it was her—I felt so bad. I don't even know anything about that thing [their relationship]. I know that was in the papers but I don't know much about it. But so, of course I called it off."

The Daily Star says a UK barista has quit her job at her coffee shop because she makes more money posting topless pictures as a Megan Fox look-a-like. Taylor Ryan is 11 years younger than Megan at 25. She says, "It's kind of laughable when I say I look like Megan Fox – I mean it's Megan Fox. But people on TikTok started saying it and commented on my posts. Once the comments started coming in, I started wearing my hair extensions more and wearing a cat eye. I've always been destined to be a performer. Taylor makes $30,000 a month

Busted Coverage says YouTube star Jake Paul has challenged Floyd Mayweather to a fight. Both men were at the Miami Heat game on Wednesday night when Floyd and his friends chased Jake after the game.

Jake tweeted; “Floyd if you want to fight 1 on 1 we can do that but don’t try to hop out of 3 cars 25 dudes deep tryna to jump me while I’m tryna enjoy my Wednesday night. Floyd will not see me 1 on 1 in a real fight. That’s a fact. His team has hit my team numerous times to do one of his ‘exhibitions.’ Now he ambushes me. Come see me in the ring, real fight, no exhibition robbing fans BS.”

Daily Coffee News says Snoop Dogg has launched his own coffee line called IndoXYZ. He is sourcing beans from Indonesia

Drinkers react ...

"I cannot find a reason to pull off even a star. From my perspective it is yet another great everyday coffee."

"I seriously wasn't sure I'd be able to tell one cold brew from another but yours was noticeably better than anything I'd tasted before."

Radar Online claims Heather Locklear is allegedly planning a Hollywood comeback. A source tells the website, “Heather has put her health above all else these past couple of years. Her ultimate goal is to get back out there and do what she does best. Now it’s a case of schmoozing studio bosses and lining up some well-paid roles. Locklear isn’t rolling in the dough. She’s feeling the pinch after years of frivolous spending. “She needs the money.”

Courteney Cox tells the Gloss Angeles podcast that she had her facial fillers secretly removed. “You look in the mirror and go, ‘Oh, that looks good’ … You don’t realize what it looks like to the outside person. I had to have them removed. Thank God they are removable. I messed up a lot and now luckily … I was able to reverse most of that.”

Radar Online claims Barbra Streisand allegedly wants to clone more of her dogs. A source tells the website, "Violet and Scarlet turned five and Barbra feels the time is right to start the cloning process again since it takes at least several months. Everyone knows she cloned her dear dog Samantha and so she should be a pro at this now. Creating clones from cloned dogs is known to result in healthy offspring. James (brolin) must be having a fit. He thinks three dogs are enough. He knows by now to keep his mouth shut. When Barbra gets a bee in her bonnet, it's best to let her do what she wants. Barbra's hoping for two more at least. Violet and Scarlet are different in personality to how Samantha was, but they've got her curly hair."

10 Worst Sodas ... According to a new article by Eat This Not That

1 Crush Pineapple

2 Sunkist Pineapple

3 Crush Peach

4 Sunkist Fruit Punch

5 Fanta Pineapple

6 Mug Cream Soda

7 Mellow Yellow

8 Mountain Dew Live Wire

9 Mountain Dew

10 Fanta Mango

Prison Makeup Challenge

BuzzFeed News says the Prison Makeup Challenge is trending on Tik Tok. An inmate recently posted a video of themselves wearing makeup. A security guard requested a tutorial so the inmate told her she used red Fireball candy as lipstick, a graphite pencil as eyeliner and a blue M&M for her eyeshadow. Tik Tok users are now recreating the look and then posting videos of themselves online.

Top 10 Most Irish Cities … According to a new St Paddy's Day survey by Lawn Starter ...based on the Irish population, number of Irish pubs amd restaurants, number of St. Patrick’s Day events, number of Irish dance schools, and number of local Irish organizations.

1 New York

2 Chicago

3 Boston

4 Philadelphia

5 San Francisco

6 Pittsburgh

7 Denver

8 San Diego

9 Seattle

10 Omaha

Money And Happiness Study A new study published in the PNAS Journal reveals that money can't buy happiness after people earn more $500,000 per year. Researchers found that clinical depression, bereavement, and heartbreak is NOT alleviated once people are earning a salary of half-a-million or more. They determined that the emotional impact of having more money is small, compared to simple pleasures like having weekends off.

Doctoral student Matthew Killingsworth says, "For very poor people, money clearly helps a lot. But if you have a decent income and you're still miserable, the source of your misery probably isn't something money can fix."

Dear Fonseca

My 14 year old daughter is going through a door-slamming phase. I told my husband we need to take her door off the hinges until she starts acting more mature. He totally disagrees and says that will only inflame the situation. He says we need to continue to coach and cuddle her and help her work through her emotional problems. I told him that he doesn't know anything about girls because he grew up in a house full of boys. I suggested we put a shower curtain over her door. That would most certainly take care of the problem. He disagrees. How would you handle the door slammer? Do you agree with me or my husband? He is trying to be her friend. I disagree with this kind of parenting? Do you?

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